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  • Tom Thum - Beating the Habit


    Tom Thum Beating The Habbit

    Beatbox addict and star of Tom Tom Crew, TOM THUM returns with his 2012 sell-out Fringe hit ‘Beating the Habit’.


    Since his award-winning debut at Adelaide Fringe last year, THUM has been invited to tours in London, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Germany, and Singapore and now he’s returning to Adelaide.

    "Doctors need to study this young man, so unnerving are his vocal capabilities"

         THE GAZETTE

    ‘Artistry out of addiction’

    TOM THUM attempts Beating the Habit that no amount of rehab can cure. Armed with a healthy dose of humour and charisma, Thum solo show is a sonic journey into the mind and overworked vocal chords of Australia’s most prolific beatboxer.  An amusing and alarming story of the boy who developed a voice box with a mind of its own. 

    Packing an entire sound system into his throat, but with only a microphone in hand, Thum creates mind-blowing soundscapes of impossible beats, phenomenal sounds and a whole big-band’s worth of instruments. 







    TOM THUM achieved international status early on; winning Beatboxing World Championships from Berlin to Cincinatti, fronting sold out shows spanning from London to New York’s Broadway; Montreal to Bogota and even sharing a stage with hip-hop legends such as Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash.

    Winner of best noise and sound effects (2010) and Team Battle (2005) at the World Beatbox Convention (Berlin, Germany), Thum was Australia's best beatboxer five years in a row at the Oz Hip Hop Awards. Thum also received second place at the Scribble Jam Beatbox Battles (2006); America’s most prestigious hip hop competition. He is also a collector of fierce animals.

    Produced by award winning, internationally renowned production company Strut & Fret, the creators and producers of Cantina, Tom Tom Crew and Le Gateau Chocolat. "A brilliantly inventive company" THE GUARDIAN (UK).

    "The mic master seems to have an orchestra living in his throat: trumpet blasts, guitar strums and samples from classic songs including Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ effortlessly sprout from his mouth."


    "Tom Thum appears to have swallowed an entire orchestra and several backing singers."


    "If there is a better artist in his field anywhere in the world I would be surprised"



    ADDRESS: Rundle Park / Kadlitpinna Cnr East Tce & Rundle Rd ADELAIDE 5000

    DATES: 19 February – 3 March 2013

    TIMES: 19-24, 26-28 Feb, 1-3 Mar at 10.15pm

    TICKETS: Full $31, Conc $28, Cheap Tues $28

    DURATION: 60 mins

  • Matt Van Rooy Presents - Catchwreck



    Every so often, an event comes along with the purpose of cementing
    itself a place in history. In a time where large showcases are usually catered towards the more mainstream listener. Matt Van Rooy and Catch Wreck have proudly assembled an impeccable line up of artists revered by Hip Hop aficionados and fans Australia wide. This is a night put on by the fans, for the fans. Underground royalty, of this phenomenal caliber have never appeared together in this capacity to perform on the same night. Until now, Get ready to Catch Wreck


    Lazy Grey has been an Australian hip hop icon since the early 90's. With an unmistakable, impeccable delivery and reputation for witty and honest rhymes, Lazy has forged his way into the "Top 10 MC" lists of both artists and punters Australia-wide. Often partnering up with fellow Brisbane MC Len One to create music as Brothers Stoney, Lazy Grey brings the real BBQ funk with rare funk samples and gritty drums.



    When we attempted to hunt down Maundz's bio, well, we found this "Well, I've read all of your bio's on your music pages (cause everyone is a fuckin rapper nowadays) and i don't know what to say. I aint got a chance of standing up against any of you big time cats out there cause apparently its "Your year" and "You takin Over" with your bedroom raps. Whats a man to do? I cant compete with that shit..I'd buy you a trophy or a medal, but I'm sure you got enough ice comin out ya ass..Suck a dick....MAUNDZ THE HORRIBLE"


    Recognised by his peers Australia-wide as one of the hardest working Hip Hop producers, Simplex's guest appearances and production work reads like a who's who of the Australian Hip Hop landscape including the Funkoars, Hilltop Hoods (of which he is a fellow member of the Certified Wise Crew), Drapht, Pegz, Brad Strut and Reason. International artists including C Rayz Walz (NY) have also requested his unique production sound.

    In 2011 Simplex released his debut solo album on Obese Records titled 'Audio Biography' backed by a national tour. The album had been a long time in the making but Simplex shone as an emcee, vocalist & producer with supporting guests appearances by his crew Terra Firma, Delta (Nuff Said Records), Candice Monique (from M-Phazes' "Goodbye Gravity") and Ranto Bokgo (South Africa).

    K21 (SA)
    Raised in Adelaide since the early 90ʼs, K21 embarked on a diverse
    journey through hip hop entering battles, producing beats and
    recording songs since his early teens. Known well amongst the
    community for connecting with local artists and gaining crucial
    experience in the studio, K21 puts together lyrics and beats of a
    global standard and currently works with some of the strongest names in the Australian Hip Hop world.

    Although young in age, K21 shows progression at a level that many
    artists won't achieve in a lifetime, proving himself to be a powerful
    weapon for years to come. Having produced and featured for names such as the Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars & Clandestien, a journey into his own career through his self-ran record label has recently caused an eruption impossible to ignore resulting in overwhelming success for his first official solo release. Released in May 2012, K21ʼs debut album ʻSingle Minded Civilianʼ contains one-of-a-kind style production, brain shattering rhyme schemes and a vibe described as nothing short of astonishing.

    The first single for the album 'Won't Stop' features horns that will echo in your head for days complimented by K21's straight-to-point, raspy yet highly entertaining raps. Receiving support and praise all around Australia, the album shot up to number 3 on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts on the day of its release. Guest features on the album include Adelaide heavyweights Funkoars, Vents, Brad Strut and also production from Trials, Sesta, Vampts & mdusu.





    Smiley. From Perth W.A. comes this hungry and talented mc/producer who has been recording and performing live since early 2006.Smiley's debut solo album, 'The Suspended Sentence' was released through Firestarter mid 2010, featuring Dazastah & Optamus from Downsyde, DJ Perplex(6x Australian DJ Champ), Pirate Mafia and manymore.In december 2011 his song 'Imagine' was released on the 'Australian Hip Hop Supports Canteen' compilation along side Hilltop Hoods, Drapht, Layla, Koolism, Downsyde and Urthboy to name a few. That album has since placed in the top 10 of the iTunes hip hop charts.

    His versatile live show has seen him land support slots for many touring artists including Hunter, Drapht, 360, Optamus, Dazastah, Lazy Grey,Bias B, M-Phazes, Seth Sentry and so this list goes on. This experienced performer is surely one to look out for March 1st.


    In a world that’s constantly evolving, so too is the music scene!
    Enter Backyard Funk; a Frankston based Melbourne band defying all the norms with a raw blend of hip hop, funk and rock that set them apart from other hip hop artists, and into a league of their own.
    MC-SINS lyrics are perfectly complimented by EM- J’s soulful harmonies and with SHANo1 on lead, FUZZY-B on bass, and SLAMMIN-SAM on drums, you are sure to be entertained. Having played alongside Funkoars, 360, Briggs, Muph & Plutonic, and Regurgitator just to name a few, these guys are a live act with a
    strong local following that will always get the crowd moving on their
    feet! Be sure to get the funk in your backyard this summer!



    Def Men Walking are two mates from the unholy lower-middleclass slums of Brisbane who, after a long line of one failed school/garage band in their repertoire, realised rap might be what they should've been doing from the beginning.


    SLAP618's journey though hip hop is as interesting as it is diverse.
    Like many a hip hop head it all started with graffiti but not long
    after the art of DJing became a focal point. His first taste on the
    decks was back in 1990 co hosting a hip hop show on community radio a passion which spanned ten years and led him to purchasing his first set of decks in 1996, and taking his on air antics into the bars and pubs of Wollongong. In 1998 his crew Myspherical released their first cassette release "Journey to the Centre of..." SLAP618 worked alongside Sean Sheap and was inspired by the art of music production. Since then SLAP618 has been working long hours learning and perfecting his art.

    Slap 618 has produced beats and remixes on the iconic Culture of Kings 3 album, Bias B’s ‘B Mixes’, The Argonauts as well as being the DJ and hype man for Australian hip hop heavy weights Muph and Plutonic(2005 -2008). As a producer, Slap never limits himself to any genre, he listens and samples from the widest possible variety of music and styles. His beats are atmospheric. Inspired by up tempo funk, soul and rock, yet always interspersed with a traditional hip hop sensibility.

    This is gonna be a dope night ppl.Tickets wont last......

    Tickets available now from

  • Album Review - Read Between The Ryhmes


    The Allegiance have sourced the sounds behind their rhymes from both local and abroad with producers Ghosty, Mr Brown, Skinz Mark and internationals Contagious and Blunted Sultan. Both MCs are always on the hunt for quality beats in which they can sink their teeth into and over 17-tracks the diversity shows, with the soundscape ranging from a stripped backdrop to a flourishing melange to best describe the stories of these Brisbane MCs. Read Between The Rhymes is as much a tour guide through their struggles as independent MCs as it is a simple narrative about life on weekends, making it home and all the dramas in between. It’s honest and blue collar, as they put it; ‘no frills like Franklins’ - purely what The Allegiance is about.

    The introduction paints a pulsating inner-city apocalypse as Coops and Biotic bolt out of the gate with furious gusto on the piano-looped banger ‘Pledge Your Allegiance’ by Mizari showing a real fight for hip hop and their place within it. “I like my flows to be punchy and direct. You could have the tightest flow going round but if you’re lacking in delivery it won’t have anywhere near the same effect,” muses Biotic. “Mic control is very important if you want to capture your audience’s attention. You gotta spit that ish like ya mean it!” With this, the tone is set for their debut LP by which both MCs celebrate the spot they’ve earned themselves over years of hard grafting. “We certainly have always fought for the right to rap our way,” declares Coops. “A common theme in a lot of our tracks is about taking the next step, which can be perceived as us challenging other MCs when really i think it’s just us challenging ourselves, telling ourselves to do it right, because if you want to be taken seriously you have to be the real deal out there on the stage living it and doing it. It’s been six years for us so I feel we've earned the right to have our say and be heard.”

    Global politics are broached on this LP where The Allegiance offer an alternate way of looking at issues that affect us all with ‘Outside The Box’ produced by Contagious (US). “There's a difference between being ignorant and believing everything you're taught or spoon fed from birth and having a fully informed opinion based on all the evidence,” informs Coops. “If something just doesn't add up then I like to ask questions and we both use that methodology towards certain tracks on the album. That's why underground hip hop is so cool because it’s uncensored and real. There's something for everybody but you have to go looking for it otherwise you only get exposed to the flavour of the month that they feed you whenever you click that button.”

    Read Between The Rhymes takes the pair as far back as their burgeoning careers in the open mic circuit. After jumping into each other’s solo shows they decided to band together which resulted in recording tracks ‘Reflections’ and ‘Power Trippin Bouncers’ played live numerously over the years and widely recognised through Boomtown’s live indie scene. Adding these tracks plot the early stages of how far they’ve come with this album - reproduced for the LP with beats provided by locals Ghosty and Redshirt respectively. Both MCs are held in pause on ‘Streetlights Not the Stars’ as they reflect back on themselves struggling between their art and aspirations. The soul-piping tones of Aria nominee Jen Cloher serenade the hook between the melancholic noddings of US beatsmith Blunted Sultan (aka Vice Versa) who also provides on the ‘Modern Day Tragedy’ fable borrowing from Cat Stevens’ ‘Cats In The Cradle’.

    During the course of their journey, listeners are taken back to the lair to meet the Velvet Couch massive as Coops and Biotic throw down the ’VC Knights’ joints - both posse cuts with the whole family -Fundamental Elements, Sneaky-T, PJ, Ahrensy and the Doobalicious one. ‘VC Knights 2’ harbours a threatening heavy metal affair of hardcore chopping beat production from Skinz Mark of Kryptamistik.
    The album is held very close to the ground with tracks ‘Seedy Sundays’ and ‘Sorry Mr Cab Man’ hitting home to the hearts of fans who tribulate the same weekend trials. “We've all woken up the day after a big night and asked ourselves, ‘what the fuck happened last night?. These tracks are as much about telling a story as they are about telling people who we are. People can see through the bullshit. With us, it’s what you see is what you get.”

    Representing the Velvet Couch massive, The Allegiance have served up one of Boomtown’s hardest hitting albums in recent memory. Read Between The Rhymes scores the value of information hidden in what you don’t read in society, questioning the status quo as we know. It tells tales of good times and getting home in one piece, all the while harnessing a true and a hard-working ethos and coming together with wide production and such lyrical enthusiasm inside a book of rhymes that proves to be a real page turner. Read Between The Rhymes shows all that these storied MCs are about and promises to be just the first chapter for The Allegiance.

    “The album is bound together nicely by all of the social and political commentary. We keep an even variety and balance between fun and fact. Our style has always been fresh and realistic. We stick to the facts without getting lost in the politics. We build ‘em up just to break ‘em down'.

    Rip Nicholson

  • Def Wish Cast Dropped A New Film Clip - Day Tripper

    Def Wish Cast Day Tripper

    Def Wish Cast - Day Tripper

    Day Tripper is a stop motion music video created by budding filmmaker and human beatboxer, Luke Cavalan (aka LC Beats), for the latest single off Def Wish Cast’s recent album “Evolution Machine”. The hard hitting track features production from esteemed
    Australian beat maker, Dizz1, and vocals from the UK’s Spikey Tee.

    The video features claymation caricatures of pioneering Sydney Hip Hop group, Def Wish Cast, running wildly through the city streets, promoting their upcoming performance, eventually finishing things off by delivering a high energy live show. Expect to see an incredibly entertaining, fast paced treat for the eyes and ears! The Day Tripper music video, which recently walked away with the “Animal Logic Encouragement Award” at the annual COFA / UNSW film screening, is the third stop motion animation video created by Luke Cavalan. His first two features, Mayhem in May Lane and Kaos in King Street, were well received by the industry, but it is this latest project which pushes the boundaries of his talents even further. After nearly 3 years in the making, having filmed 1 hour of footage for each second of film, the time has finally come to showcase this work of art.


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