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  • New Music! Everyday - Equality

    New Music! Everyday - Equality        Available now for purchase


    Everyday Equality Everyday Equality

    Adelaide emcee Everyday presents:

    Equality”, his 14 track full length debut album featuring production and guest verses by K21, Realizm, Mat Rafle, Koolta, Tomorrow and up coming producer Manic, with scratches by DJ Snair.

    In the wake of his first release in 2012 “Occupy all Beats” with brother Tomorrow, Everyday has come back quick with his follow up solo LP “Equality”. With the lead single and video “Til lamb become Lion” produced by Realizm setting the tone, Everyday has now delivered his solo long player. Everyday is an Adelaide MC with a passion for music across the board. Shedding light on the big issues and current state of affairs he naturally gravitates towards positive subject matter.

    As the name suggests “Equality” is an album that promotes equal rights, Indigenous parity, and unification whilst exposing political agendas, conspiracies and power tactics. Close to home and not afraid to speak the truth, “Equality” offers a diverse selection of cinematic hard-hitting beats with Everyday spitting topic driven raps reminding us of the importance of equality, everyday.

    Everyday - Equality Available now for purchase in our store via the link below.


    Butterthief Butterthief
  • Artist Interview - P.Link

    We caught up with Melbourne local P-link  of Rawthentic Records and asked a few questions.

    Plink In My Element Plink In My Element Available Now

    First things first how's things and whats been doing recently?
    Yeah things are good bruz busy as, we got a new release coming out in the next couple months so its all hands on deck at the mo, plus we got a gang of shows comin in the next couple months, feelin blessed.

    How's the new Album going?
    It's coming along good I'm real happy wit all the tracks on there all the boys have put in solid work and it's been real kool workin wit some new producers, it's called the Rawthentic Roster and its basically a showcase of all the artists on the label, being myself, J.Mac, DownPat, Secondhand DJs - Rellik & Metaphor, and we introducing a couple new faces with Eazy, Jestar & DJ T-Nuc.

    How long have you been making music for?
    Not sure exactly but for a minute now prolly started rappin wit Mac round 01-02, got into it for real round 06ish..

    What made you want to rap?
    The whole battling element got me into at first, I was listening to a lot of hip hop But I wasn't really rapping, after a while we started just mucking round battling each other and it just took off from there.

    Where and when was your first gig?
    I was 17, it was Feb 2003 when we were rolling as a crew called Tranquil Artillery, it was at the star bar on Phillip Island, half the island rocked down was a mad night.

    What gigs can we catch you at?
    We got the Pang 7" launch this Saturday at Idgaff on Hoddle st, then we heading to Sydney July 6th for the 'Off the Rails' gig wit K double, and a heap of other dope acts, then finally we back in Melbs July 12th Launching J.mac & DownPats EPs alongside Brad Strut, K double and more, go get ya tickets!

    Any highlights of last year?
    Yeah last year was dope getting the label up and running and dropping 3 eps was defo the highlight, big ups to my crew. Getting on Obesecity 2 was an honour too!

    Anything/Anyone we should keep an eye out for?
    The Rawthentic Roster, The Aphilliates EP, I was lucky enuff to score a spot on the new Must Volkoff compilation too, I got a track on there wit Bias B! Stoked as fuck to say the least... got some features in the works too wit Bigfoot, Jake Biz, DVS & Koots to name a few, keep em peeled!

    What advice would you give to beginners who are just starting out?
    Listen to Kool G Rap.

    How did you first get into hip hop?
    Thru my mates, my homie Aldo copped doggystyle it was all over after that, didn't hear much East coast stuff til a minute later, once I heard Biggie I was sold.

    Who would be your dream artist or group to open for?
    Big Daddy Kane

    How often and for how long do you practice?
    We try link up at least once a week for rehearsals or to get new shit down, plus I live wit J.Mac so we always buildin, besides that I write every day, every nite.

    What's your favourite song?
    A thugs love story by Kool G Rap.

    Whats your favourite venue to play at and why?
    The Evelyn Hotel, seen some dope shows there and we use to have a Monday nite residency there, plus it's nice and close to a Souva!

    Do you do your own production or do you get it done elsewhere, if so where at?
    Nah we not too saavy on the production tip... yet, We got beats from all over the shop, our past and next few releases feature production from Trem, Must, Ciecmate, Engineer, Sammy Scissors, Vince Van Go, Koots, Discourse, Fluent form, Brez, Domingo and maybe a Lil somethin from the mighty Prowla is in the works too...

    What's your favourite piece of equipment?

    Your favourite record?
    The Grim Trinity 12" - Rebel with a Pen.

    What's the best gig you have ever done and why?
    Brad Strut Mixtape launch on Phillip Island, shit was crazy 300+ and the boys got us on stage for Carlton united tragedy, can't beat havin the commission in my home town.

    What home-grown hip hop are you currently listening to at the moment?
    Kings Konekted EP, Known Associates LP,  Raven & Myk Reid EP, Must Volkoff 7", Doc Felix & Dialect 7", Prowlas Recognition tape.

    Who are your musical inspirations?
    Prowls, LC, Dedlee, Mata Must, Raven, Dialect, J.Mac, DownPat, Biggie, Pun, G-Rap, Finesse, AG, Kane, Rakim the list is endless...

    If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be or is it just straight hip hop?
    I Listen to alot of other music mainly old soul but hip hop's defo the only genre I'm tryna mess wit.

    How do you balance your music with other obligations - mates, children,
    work family?

    It's always a mish finding the balance but I got it ok these days I work 11 hours a day Mon-Thurs which leaves my Weekends free to do my bizo, shows and get in the booth etc, and if I'm makin music it's generally wit mates so I'm real lucky.

    What else can we expect from you in the future?
    Working on my LP, slowly but surely, should drop late next year.

    Is there a quote you can leave us with?
    If it ain't broke don't fix it.

    Any shout outs?
    Shouts to my Mum and Fam, my crew, my mates, Pang Productions, Crate Cartel, Unkut, Nuffsaid, BTE, Obese, HG, Melburn City, Writers, Breakers, DJs, and all the heads supporting that Rawthentic product! Much respect.

    Turn The Tables

    Tell em its P

    Here are some of his and they rest of the boys from Rawthentics Records music.

    Get em online now from the store using the links below Plink In My Element        J Mac Wake Up Call Downpat Hard Evidence


    You can catch Plink at the upcomming shows.

    Must Volkoff 7" Vinyl Launch ?ref=ts&fref=ts

    Keep up to date with him via these avenues

  • Fundamentel Elements - The Homecoming Ep

    Fundamental Elements - The Homecoming Ep

    Fundamental Elements The Homecoming Ep Fundamental Elements The Homecoming Ep

    This latest effort contains production from Vegas Aces’ Cam Bluff, Species and Pleura and track cuts from special guest, Johnny Love. The first track, EP- titled ‘THE HOMECOMING’ finds F.E. loading one into the chamber, opening behind some tight brass instrumentals and boom bap beats provided by Cam Bluff as MCs, Species and Pleura let it be known where they’re at as artists on every bar.

    ‘INDEPENDENCE’ finds the duo describing their hustle as not unlike most of hip-hop’s fans in an independent world. The EP’s second single spins off an old platter, with rolling hooks and classic rap samples throughout, painting a dusty sound scape as the boys take hip-hop fans on a nostalgic trip back to hip-hop’s golden era. This track truly stands alone with real replay value.

    Proving real maturity and dexterity to their game, both MCs show their skills on deck to producing three of the tracks from The Homecoming. Here they delve into topics of global awareness, identifying issues and debating the big questions on ‘PROBLEMS’ which harbours the female touch of Emma Dyson serenading throughout this smooth keyed track.

    The last track found in the MCs’ scope is ‘MIDNIGHT SILENCE’ which creeps in, looping the piano to roll out into this long and building ballad to close out the EP. Species and Pleura bring home both the theme of the project and provoking theories that they’ve broached, while samples of legendary duo Gangstarr beautifully caps off each verse providing lasting afterthought in a polished effort by this Bris City outfit.

    The Homecoming shows the seasoned MCs back at doing what comes naturally to them; lyrically firing off rounds of rhyme to hold listeners hostage to their honest and humble approach to politics, hip-hop culture and life itself.

    Capping off another quality Clockwork Records product.


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