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  • New Music - Pataphysics Asylum Is A Crime

    Pataphysics - Asylum is a crime


    The announcement by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, that Australia will no longer accept asylum seekers for settlement in Australia has prompted an immediate response from one Melbourne musician.

    After hearing Rudd’s announcement, local multi-instrumentalist Pataphysics walked straight into his studio and wrote a new track  “Asylum is a crime.”

    “Rudd’s decision to settle all asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea, in exchange for increased aid money, to the former Australian territory is a disgusting illustration of how refugees and asylum seekers have been used to buy votes in a political race to the bottom”, he said.

    The new track is an epic hard hitting arrangement which captures the mood many are feeling at this moment.

    The film clip for this song has been a collaborative art project which features people who have submitted footage of themselves using their smartphones as a statement that they don't support this move.

    Pataphysics says "The amount of fear and hate towards refugees is being kindled by politicians and the media.  It is being used to manipulate election issues and divert voters’ attention from real issues facing this country.”  He adds "maybe the government is just scared of people arriving by boat and stealing this country - because that’s just what they did.”

    Pataphysics, who is keen to do interviews to promote his new song, is an outspoken MC / Producer Musician from Melbourne who has produced for artists including ARIA award Winner 360 and Mercury Prize winner Speech Debelle.
    He has worked for RISE, the only Refugee organisation governed by refugees in the country, since its formation in 2009.  All proceeds from the sale of this song will go to RISE.

    Check out his new clip here.

  • New Music - Stateovmind releases his second EP

    “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent in the ideas of living”-
    Miriam Beard.

    Canberra’s 2012 ‘Groovin the Moo - Triple J Unearthed’ winner, Stateovmind returns with his new EP ‘Better than Postcards’ (BTP), the follow up to his well-received debut ‘Something for Nothing’. BTP quite literally picks up where his debut left off, as only days after finishing his first EP, Stateovmind took off backpacking around Europe much like many other first time traveling Australians.

    While away, Stateovmind linked up with European based beatmakers and MC's, gathered some beats, collaborated with some great artists and had many unforgettable experiences. 4 months and 14 countries later, the new 8-track EP is the final result, mixing descriptive language, a booming soundscape and hypnotic harmonies. The lead single ‘Picture This’ is complimented with a colorful and emotive video clip, put together by highly regarded photographer Rush (Rush Photography).

    From the canal-riddled streets of Amsterdam to the beaches of Sicily, BTP was Stateovmind’s way to capture a mood or a thought in a place far from home. Although this EP is not the most traditional way to tell people about your trip, it sure was a lot more fun putting together than a few half thought-out scribbled lines on the back of a postcard mailed from a distant place.

    You can purchase Better Than Postcards here

    Check out the Picture This' feat. Paryce video clip

    Keep up to date with him on here.

  • New Music! Kimence - One View

    Kimence - One View. Available Now For Purchase

    Kimence One View Kimence One View

    ‘One View’ is the debut solo album by Adelaide MC Kimence featuring guest appearances by K21, Simplex, Alerts, Psycho Les, Raph.A.L, Mnops, Monsta Gunjah, Tana Kingi and Jayde Lowther with production by Suffa, Simplex, Trials, Psycho Les, Admin and More.


    Kimence has been writing for most of her life. As a young person, writing poetry aided her to rationalize and evolve through troubled times. Since then, Kimence’s relationship with the pen has not only become rewarding, but empowering.

     Testament to Kimence’s knack for networking, One View includes production mastery from some of our country’s best. Including Simplex of Terra Firma, Suffa from Hilltop Hoods, Trials of Funkoars, Admin, Psycho Les of NYC group The Beatnuts. Among the hand-picked vocal contributors are K21, Simplex, Alerts, Psycho Les, Raph A.L., Mnops, Monsta Ganjah, Tana Kingi & Jayde Lowther.

     Title track, ‘One View’ sees Kimence team up with long-time collaborators Simplex and Alerts for a fast paced exchange. Bold horn loops, crashing symbols, and sparkling piano lines together with premium scratching make ’One View’ one of the most hard hitting tracks on the album.

     Retrospective track ‘The Quest’ is set around Kim’s struggles during the making of her album, and the journey of “a female trying to make it in a man’s world”. The haunting Simplex production is driven by heavy beats, and minor guitar loops, emphasizing the stoicism of Kimence’s words. Showing her thematic versatility ‘Hooked Baby’ is a comical number characterized by 70’s guitar loops. The beat, supplied by Admin, came with the key sample which motivated the track’s gold digger theme.

     A big advocate for her local scene, Kimence’s reverence for hip hop music and its positive impact on the community is what drives her. Being a female emcee is widely regarded as a tough gig, but Kimence has earned, and continues to earn the support of industry heavyweights with her tenacity and conviction.

     “I would love to not only see my music enjoyed by others, but to see this album inspire other females who have a passion for Hip Hop to step up and make it happen.” - Kimence

    One View is available now for purchase here.

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