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    w/ special guests Horrorshow & Seth Sentry


    Local giants Bliss N Eso aren't pulling any punches after a massive 2013 with the announcement of their biggest tour to date, and what is sure to be Australian hip-hop's most monumental outing ever. Illusive and Frontier Touring will be taking the Sydney trio on a goliath 'Circus Under The Stars' 15-date outdoor tour throughout April and May in support of their ARIA #1 album 'Circus in the Sky'.

    Making this a tour to remember, they'll be joined on all shows by two of the genre's most prolific acts. They are Sydney powerhouse Horrorshow who have established themselves an enormous following through their thrilling, progressive brand of hip-hop and by the human ball of charisma Seth Sentry, who continues to win over hordes of fans with each passing month. This dream team are some of the country's biggest acts each in their own right, and together they create the largest Australian hip-hop line-up you're ever likely to see on a headline tour, making this one hell of a party.

    The 'Circus Under the Stars' tour will see Bliss N Eso shipping around several truckloads of state-of-the-art production and staging equipment over tens of thousands of kilometres, setting up an outdoor concert experience that has never been seen before in most of the 12 regional areas. In capital cities they will be leaving the arenas they regularly sell out in favour of the unique confines of outdoor locations like Flemington Racecourse (Melbourne), The Domain (Sydney), Wellington Square (Perth) and Riverstage (Brisbane).

    Bliss N Eso's new album, 'Circus in the Sky', was the 8th best selling Australian release of 2013 and has spawned a never-ending list of massive hits, including 'House of Dreams' (the soundtrack to the AFL Finals), 'Can't Get Rid of This Feeling' (feat. Daniel Merriweather), 'Act Your Age' (feat. Bluejuice) and their latest smash 'My Life' (feat. Ceekay Jones) which is currently skyrocketing up the ARIA Singles Chart. Following from June's sold-out 'House of Dreams' tour and their current Big Day Out jaunt, the 'Circus Under the Stars' tour will present the first chance for fans to hear many of the album's songs live for the first time alongside Bliss N Eso's extensive back catalogue. In a special addition, they'll be bringing out cult US singer-songwriter Ceekay Jones, who features on 'My Life', to join them on stage at every show.

    In order to make life easy for their fans, Bliss N Eso have joined forces with independent ticketing leaders Moshtix to implement a seamless ticketing solution for all shows through


    Bliss N Eso Circus Under The Stars Circus Under The Stars Tour Flyer

    Tour Dates

    Sat 5 Apr – Bathurst | Showground, NSW (All Ages)| Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Sat 12 Apr – Newcastle | Nobbys Beach Reserve, NSW (All Ages)| Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Thu 17 Apr – Sydney | The Domain, NSW (All Ages)| Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Sat 19 Apr – Coffs Harbour | Showground, NSW (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Thu 24 Apr - Brisbane | Riverstage, QLD (All Ages)| Ph: 136 100 or | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Fri 25 Apr – Mackay | The Stadium, QLD (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Sat 26 Apr – Cairns | Fogarty Park, QLD (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Fri 2 May – Busselton | Signal Park, WA (All Ages)| Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Sat 3 May – Perth | Wellington Square, WA (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Fri 9 May – Wagga Wagga | Showgrounds, NSW (All Ages)| Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Sat 10 May - Ballarat | Showgrounds, VIC (All Ages)| Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Thu 15 May – Bendigo | Showgrounds, VIC (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Fri 16 May - Melbourne | Flemington Racecourse, VIC (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Fri 23 May - Mount Gambier | Showgrounds, SA (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Sat 31 May – Hobart | Macquarie Wharf 2, TAS (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

    Frontier Members pre-sale via
    Thu 6 Feb (2pm AEDT) to Fri 7 Feb (2pm AEDT)
    (or ends earlier if pre-sale allocation exhausted)

    General public on sale from 9am local time, Monday 10 February


  • New Music - 750 Rebels Clip Live At Sprung

    750 Rebels live at Sprung Hip Hop Festival 2013

    750 Rebels 750 Rebels

    Coming hot off their latest promo release Cold Heat, 750 Rebels have done it again. This time a dope promo clip from when they recently headlined Sprung Hip Hop Festival in Brisbane late last year. For those that missed the performance this will give you a taste at what will be showcased at Stand Up 2014.

    Keep up to date on the latest 750 news and releases over at

    Karsniogenics Karsniogenics
  • Event News - The Genius of J Dilla Vol. 5

    The Genius of J Dilla Vol. 5

    JDilla Tribute 5 JDilla Flyer

    Friday 7th February

    The Basement @ 7 Macquarie Pl, Sydney

    Tickets via Moshtix

    Live band featuring MC’s & vocalists playing J Dilla classics for 90 minutes!!

    J Dilla a.k.a Jay Dee, born James D. Yancey, was one of the few artists whose records were bought on sight, played until digested and then discussed among fans and critics. He kept Hip Hop relevant long after many of its greatest heroes had creatively left it for dead. Well respected musicians such as Questlove, Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest, Common & Janet Jackson have worked with, and been influenced by J Dilla’s talents and he is often described as “your favourite producers favourite producer”. There are many talented beat makers and producers, but there will only be one J Dilla.

    For the 5th annual installment commemorating the anniversary of his untimely death and what would have been his 40th birthday this year, Grindin', Keep It Movin' and April77 Creative celebrate the music of J Dilla with some of Sydney’s greatest talents. The incredible line-up of musicians, MC’s, vocalists & DJ’s will be paying homage to the man who shaped a new sound for Hip Hop that inspired beat smiths, MCs and music lovers around the globe. British DJ & producer Eric Lau will also be spinning at Sydney’s iconic venue, The Basement!


    Simon Olsen - Vocals, MPC & Bass, 

    Harry Sutherland - Keyboards & Synths

    Aiden Haworth - Drums 

    Peter Farrar - Saxophone

    Mike Raper - Trombone

    Simon Ferenci - Trumpet

    DJ Jonah - Scratches & samples

    Yacou Mbaye - Percussion

    Julian Bel-Bachir - Percussion



    Ozi Batla


    Kween G


    LTL G-Zeus


    Miss Murphy (The Voice)


    Rob Edwards (The Voice)

    Juanita Tippins

    Lionel Cole

    Unkle H


    Eric Lau (UK -



    Mike Who 




  • Tour News - Taskforce Australia Tour May 2014

    Matt Van Rooy is proud to present The Taskforce Australian Tour 2014.

    Taskforce Tour 2014 Taskforce Tour 2014

    Nearly ten years since Taskforce has played across Australia, they have since experienced massive success with new releases and shows including the recent Boom Bap Festival in the U.K. Hot off their latest release Music From The Corner Vol 5(MFTC5), the pairing of Chester P, Remus and Dj Jca are set to return to our great abode, officially touring Australia once again.

    They touch down in May and are scheduled to dot the country’s live circuit allowing the strong Australian fan base to experience their exciting new tracks as well their extensive back catalogue of many favourites. Supports and venues to be announced in the coming weeks.

    Proudly Sponsored by Ozhiphopshop and Ironlak

    To keep up to date on all the info and ticket details head over to these links.

    Matt Van Rooy Website.
    Twitter - @MVRpresents
    Instagram - MVRpresents

    Here are a few tracks from the boys.

    Here's a dope freestyle from Chester P and Remus.

    Chester P Talks 40 Years of Hip Hop.

    Written and edited exclusively for
  • Artist Interview - Kerser

    Artist Interview - Kerser


    Kerser Kerser

    Hey man, what have I caught you in the middle of today?
    Nothing much man, aye. Just kickin’ back. It’s boiling here.

    Easy one to kick off. Who does Kerser think is the best rapper in the country?

    Haha dope. That’s what’s up! This is the difference between you and a lot of cats in the scene. Hip-hop has always been the braggadocios art.
    Exactly, bro!

    You ask a lot of rappers and they’ll say ‘oh yeah, I love the Hilltops or Bliss N Eso.’ F*ck that, be about yourself, man.
    I think exactly the same way, man. That’s the way hip-hop has always been, you have to big-up yourself, you know what I mean?

    That’s the main point of difference with you in the Australian rap scene. You can’t be so humble. You ask a sprinter who they think will win the race, see if they suggest someone else.
    Exactly, that’s the way, I couldn’t have put it better, haha.

    Do you think you will ever be considered in any top 5 list of Aussie rappers? Do you care?
    I don’t really care to tell you the truth, that’s how I was going to answer that. I don’t think Aussie artists really dig the music so much. They can’t relate to it, but then again I could never relate to their music much either. I think as far as the hustler side of things I’m still getting my music out there without any airplay. They can’t deny that I’ve hustled the hardest out of all of them.

    Well you’ve shown that you can do it without the radio. Radio doesn’t matter you’re kicking arse on iTunes without them. Fuck ‘em, you know?
    Yeah that’s exactly right bro.

    Just watched the ‘Old Matt’ video you and Nebs did. Reminds me of DJ Quik’s ‘Dollars & Sense’ track from way back. Do you know that joint?
    No, I haven’t heard of it.

    Two rappers from Compton who had beef brought on from a misunderstanding on a mixtape. Quik goes in hard on Eiht in one of the most classic diss tracks in west coast rap. You and 60’s beef reminds me of these two cats. Anyway, at the end of it, what were you looking for on the ground?
    It’s actually a go-kart place in Mento which is in Campbelltown and 360 went there with Bliss N Eso and they went go-karting and...

    You were looking for his nut, weren’t you?
    Mmmm, so we went back and tried to find his testicle for him.

    Brah, school me on something here. I have lived in London for over 6 years and I understand London geezers, or lads. But in Australia, you are considered a lad. What does that mean over here?
    When I was younger the older fellas, like, they used to go out thieving, just to survive, and they’d get all the freshest gear and they’d always come back with the really expensive brands of shirts, shoes and whatever. And that’s how it all started. Then it kicked off in a style and everyone’s doing it and now if you were a certain polo or Nike you’re looking suss. Now it’s kinda become fashion now. So this lad term I never put on myself but it’s come about and that’s how people see me now I guess.

    What did you think of Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s ‘Control’ ?
    Yeah sick, man. I love what he did, man.

    The reason I lead with that question is because Kendrick did what you do here. He stirs the pot of hip-hop, keeps the sediment from falling to the bottom, challenges folk and you’re not scared to single yourself apart from other Aussie rappers. Are you just putting your opinions out there or are you specifically trying to stir the whole scene up?
    Umm, bit of both to tell you the truth. I don’t wanna sound cliched or anything, I’ve just been writing about what’s going on in my life. At least with Aussie hip-hop there wasn’t anything I could relate with. Talking about BBQs and the summer life you know what I mean. Then when I got further into it I found there were the underground rappers spitting that street shit. And I think I’ve attracted a lot of fans that aren’t into much Aussie hip-hop because they can’t relate to it, you know what I mean? I’ve had people that have said to me, ‘oh I don’t like a lot of Aussie hip-hop but I love your shit.’ So I’m the first to break away from that shit and give these people something they can relate to.

    I love how you call it BBQ rap, it reminds me of an old Mass Mc track “I ain’t coming to ya BBQ mate no more..” Most rappers come from the suburbs, not much life-taking moments to really rap about, or they go global-political to sound deep in their lyrics but you come at your rap from a personal perspective of life and coming up hard with serious experience in which to draw from. Do you feel your leading a new movement?
    I do, definitely bro aye, I think this street sound is only going to get bigger. I was saying yesterday, there is a whole bunch of kids from south west Sydney, west Sydney who are starting off now and I just think there is a whole movement going to take off with them, this street shit. I think it will be more accepted in the future, five or ten years down the track. I’m just the first to do it and get on mainstream to show those kids the way to do it and be heard. Radio won’t touch it, TV won’t touch it , they’re all a bit standoffish. So I think this will be the start of something I will look back at and appreciate when I’m older. And radio will accept it more readily as time goes on.

    Look at the way hip-hop started. Radio wasn’t supporting shit until the 90s. Artists had to grind their shit on the street level and people bought records through word of mouth out of the trunks of cars. That’s hip-hop in it’s purest form, on that street level vibe.
    Exactly, I agree with you 100 per cent bro.

    Chuck D of Public Enemy said hip-hop is the CNN of the ghetto. Do you feel it’s your duty to report on the streets of Campbelltown?
    Yeah rapping about past experiences and what we’re going through and yeah, that’s a good way to put it. It’s like giving people the news that they wouldn’t hear elsewhere because I think it gets shuddered everywhere else.

    A part of Australia kept in the shadows that you can be the voice of.
    Yes, completely overshadowed, that’s exactly right.

    So if you don’t bring it to light there will be plenty of issues that go unheard in these communities.
    Yeah, no-one would report on it and things will just continue the way they are and I’m happy to be the first to bring it to everyone’s attention.

    So when you sit down to write is that at the forefront or the driving force for doing what you do?
    Definitely man, it depends on the beat and how I'm feeling that day. I can always switch it up from just talking about street shit. depends on the beat and vibe and the mood I’m in and then I’ll take it from there.

    Latest album ‘S.C.O.T. (Sickest Cunts Out There)’ was on some other shit... dope. You and the Nebulizer knocked that shit out the box, man. Happy with how it came out?
    Definitely man, my first album, Nebulizer was done when I was 22-23 and it was more pubby and party vibe and with No Rest For The Sickest album I wanted to show people I don’t only put out partying shit, then with this S.C.O.T. album we thought we wanted to try out everything we’ve done so far so we included some party bangers, some street shit and have some classic hip-hop shit and when i listened to the album I thought we did kinda cover every avenue that i’ve done before and put it all in fifteen songs and I think we balanced it pretty well. So the outcome was pretty much how we had pictured it.

    How important is Nebs to the whole process of making the album, even outside of producing it?
    Very much so man, he’s making the beats while I write and then he’ll mix it and go and get it mastered so he’s very important bro. He helps out heaps and has a massive amount of input on the albums as well.  We see eye to eye because we’re mates as well, you know? So there’s never really any ‘oh nah, I don’t wanna do that,’ we’re always on the same level.

    In an interview last year you said you had a few regrets from your first album. Too much drugs and party bullshit and you wanted to think more on what you write. You obviously did on No Rest For The Sickest. 2014, how does Kerser treat writing a rap these days compared to when you were the YouTube kid?
    OK, yeah, that’s a good question. I guess back then I wasn’t putting too much thought into the tracks and now I’m thinking, ‘ah shit, kids are listening to this, kids eleven and twelve not just only the 20 and 30 year olds. So I’ve gotta start thinking about what I’m saying. On the first shit, I won’t say glorifying, but I was rapping about shit I was taking and I don’t want to give people the impression I’m telling kids to go do drugs.

    When you first start out you don’t think that kids are going to be hanging off your every word.
    That’s it man, I’m thinking, f*cking hell with some of the references and lines I’ve said, i didn’t think people were gonna hear this, (laughs) So I definitely keep that in mind when I’m songwriting now, man. I still stay real I just try to think how people are going to take my words these days.

    Kerser Kerser S.C.O.T.T

    ‘Scot vs Kers’ - is this a track highlighting the identity battle you have? being the person Scott and at the same time the rap impresario, Kers? The Face-Off video style was a dope idea too, bro. Big up to Tycotic.
    Pretty much just touched on those situations where you’re battling between persona's. When I’m Scott... (laughs) when I’m Scott, when I think about it there’s Kerser which is kinda like my brand and then there’s Scott behind that. They’re the same person but it touches on you know? Some days I feel like Kers, some days I feel like Scott and I thought well it must be Scott versus Kers, you know?

    How often do you find yourself in that alter-ego tug of war? And who usually wins?
    At the end of the day I’d say Scott because he’s... oh yeah, then... (laughs) I’ll say it’s a draw.

    I can see you’re battling with it right now.

    I’m a fan of your brother’s work. Rates’ ‘Nightmare’ is a haunting confessional. You guys rap similarly in that regard. Is it therapeutic for you to rap shit off your chest?
    Yeah it is man, if you’re going through a heap of shit and you put it to paper and record it and put it out there and get it off your chest it does man, very therapeutic. That’s a good word for it, yep.

    In one of your latest tracks, I forget the name, you said you hadn’t spoken to Rates in a few months. We can press on if it’s on a personal tip bro, but I was just wondering what the G-O is between you two?
    Rates has moved down to Melbourne to work on his album. I think he just needed a break from everything and start fresh type of thing, you know? As you heard in ‘Nightmare 3’ he went back into rehab last year and um, he’s had a few dramas and I think he just needed a clean start and so as soon as he moved to Melbourne I haven’t spoken to him since.

    Is he older or younger?
    He’s older.

    Aha! see Wikipedia was right on that then but I read somewhere else where it said he was younger than yourself.
    Wikipedia’s wrong on lots of my shit, I read that as well.

    Fuck that’d be a trip I can't imagine reading my own profile on Wikipedia and seeing shit wrong about me.
    I know man, i don't know where they get their stories from aye man.

    Your lyrics are so close to the bone, so real for you. Is it hard to keep your past issues separate from Kerser’s public interest?
    yeah it can be. Life is just suddenly put in the spotlight. People hear something and run with it from there and yeah it’s hard to juggle but I suppose it comes down to the fact that I’m just being true to myself and what music I put out I put out and I suppose that’s how the public is gonna take it.

    It’s weird when complete strangers know a lot about you.

    That’s a trip.
    Yeah, that still spins me out today, you know?

    A lot of local MCs, the BBQ rappers as you call them, wouldn't really know that feeling because their life is not exposed so freely as yours is in your music. I mean it is to an extent, just not to the lengths of what you put in your music.
    As i said earlier a lot of BBQs and politics. Where I’m from people don’t wanna hear about politics and what not. That’s not making a difference where I’m from. People over here are struggling and that’s why my shit has kinda blown up because it’s a refreshing sound and something they can actually understand and relate to. Not typical Aussie shit talking about going to the RSL or whatever, you know? (laughs)

    So Big Day Out bro. That’s huge. Will this be your biggest crowd yet?
    Yeah i’d say it would be. I’ve done festivals but I think Big Day Out is a whole other platform. So I’m really looking forward to this one.

    Anything planned for the big event?
    Me and Jay UF got the set down pat now and DJ Lopez on the decks, we’ve just been rehearsing a lot more than we usually would. And the songs lined up for the festival aren’t the same as what I’d do at a Kers show. Some people might not have heard some of my old shit so we’ll just be playing on stuff to get the festival going. We’ll do a big pumped-up set and yeah, at a Kerser show I know people are there to see me but at a festival people we take into consideration that people are there to party. We’ll just make sure it’s a real hot set.

    So, as the kids are hanging off every word Kers has to say, Kerser is for the kids. Anything you’d like to say?
    Just shout out to everyone supporting my movement and everyone thats bought my stuff, my merchandise a big thank you, there’s plenty more to come. Me and Nebs are going in hard to record some more shit when the tour wraps up in March. Get the fourth album in four years out and should drop sometime in November.

    Keeping it busy bro, that’s the way.
    Yeah man, we keep flat out. That’s another thing I wanted to say; there’s plenty more to come.

    All the best brother and thanks a lot for your time on this.

    By Rip Nicholson 

    Published with permission for

    You can check out a few of Kersers tracks here.

    You can purchase his latest album here.

    Keep up to date with Kerser on his website here or his Facebook here.

  • Jimblah - Brotherman

    Jimblah - Brotherman

  • New Music - Cheap Sober

    Cheap Sober - More Than I Wanted (PROMO TRACK)

    Sydney local  has released a new promo track called More than i wanted off his new album The Spill Out EP Dropping 2014. IFrame Beat Produced by Rob The Oddone Mastered by Espa Cheap Sober - The Spill Out EP Dropping 2014 You can keep up to date with Cheap Sober via these links. Facebook Bigcartel Bandcamp Instagram - cheapythekid Here are a few of his past releases.

  • Music News - Australasian Beatmaker Invitational 2014

    Australasian Beatmaker Invitational 2014


    Australasian Beatmaker 2014 Australasian Beatmaker 2014


    In September 2013, Joint Adventure and Grindin' presented the Australian Beatmaker Invitational, a one off beat battle that took place in Sydney at the Civic Underground. With international headline act & guest judge Kev Brown joined by local beatmaker legends Katalyst and Chasm, the night was a huge success, and crowned The 26th Letter (Soul Benefits) as the very 1st champion. This would prove to be the testing ground for what is set to be the biggest beat battle in the southern hemisphere.

    2014 is now upon us, and this February the internationally re-branded, Australasian Beatmaker Invitational, will be holding adrenaline filled beat battles across most major Australian cities, while also checking in with our skillful neighbours in New Zealand to see what they can come up with.

    The hand selected challengers will be showcasing their finest beats to a live audience, plus acclaimed local and international judges, including DJ Houseshoes (Detroit's Hip Hop Ambassador), and will be competing for a stack of prizes from sponsors including AKAI Professional, Crooks & Castles, Acclaim, Feit and more.
    All state final winners go through to the  Australasian Final in April 2014.

    Friday 14th February – GoodGod, Sydney
    Saturday 15th February – The Laundry, Melbourne
    Wednesday 19th February – Sugar, Adelaide
    Saturday 22nd February – Goldfinch, Auckland
    Friday 28th February – The Rosemount, Perth

    Submit 3 of your finest beats to
    * Entries close Monday 3rd February *
    ** Please include your name, stage name, phone number, and city you want to compete at in the email **

    - Each Producer gets 3 minutes to showcase and perform their original beats in the qualifying round
    - The top 4 producers on the night will compete in a head to head semi finals and final, which will consist of 2 x 90 second rounds

    1 Akai Pro MPC Studio and MPC Renaissance T-Shirt
    1 Crooks & Castles clothing pack
    1 pair of Feit Shoes
    1 years subscription of Acclaim Magazine
    The chance to represent your city in the Australasian finals in April 2014
    Facebook details here.

  • Music News - Pang Productions Have Released The White Russian Instrumentals

    Must Volkoff from Pang Productions has just released a download of his latest albums instrumentals. White Russian was one of Australia's best releases of 2013. Its production was second to none and now you can purchase and download all the beats below.

    Vinyl available here.

    Cd available here.


    Keep up to date with Pang Productions here.

    Pang Productions Website

    Pang Productions Facebook

  • New Music - Tornts Dirty Town

    Tornts - Dirty Town


    Tornts Street Visions Tornts Street Visions

    Broken Tooth Entertainment member Tornts has just released his second clip from the recently released album Street Visions called Dirty Town.

    Produced by Kharnivor
    Video Shot & Edited by Discourse
    Taken From TORNTS' newest album STREET VISIONS.

    You can buy his latest album here.

    You can keep up to date via Tornts Facebook page here.


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