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  • Speech Therapy 8

    Speech Therapy 8, Speech Therapy 8, Sydney Hip Hop, Australian Hip hop,Ozhiphop Speech Therapy 8

    Australia's premier hip-hop-spoken-word event Speech Therapy is back for its 8th installment with a line-up that is sure to grab your attention.

    Joe New - Sydney/Blue Mountains rap veteran, who played a crucial role in both Down Under Beats Crew and Gully Platoon, has been working on solo material recently and you get a chance to hear it first. 

    MC Dialect from Dialect & Despair has established himself as a one of the brightest lights of the new school of Australian hip hop. Already working on his third album this lyrical master has agreed to make to trip from Adelaide just to rock the mic at Speech Therapy .

    Muph , your headliner, is one of the most influential rappers in Australia...he's ARIA-nominated.....has appeared on tracks with Hilltop Hoods, Urthboy, Horroshow, Pegz. etc...and has released several classic albums with his partner in crime Plutonic Lab. His lyricism is touching, witty and brutally honest. Despite some time away from the spot-light recently Muph has agreed to make an exception for Speech Therapy and give us a unique one-off spoken word performance as this month's headliner.

    Your host, as always, is Sydney's own The Tongue

    Thurs July 31st at Work-Shop 

    Address - 80 George Street SydneyAustralia 2016

    For more info head over to the website here.

  • Rise! The Launch Tour

    Rise! The Launch Tour

    Rise Launch Tour Rise Launch Tour

    Just over two years ago, photographer Michelle Grace Hunder began the concept of her Australian Hip-Hop photo book RISE. Through the unprecedented support of both artists and fans via a Pozible campaign, Michelle’s dream of creating the first book dedicated to portraying musicians within the Australian Hip-Hop community is now a long-awaited reality!

    With RISE now in the final stages of printing & production, MGH has embarked on the next stage of RISE – a national tour.

    Michelle’s longtime friends Remi, Briggs, Mantra & Grey Ghost are hitting the road in August, along with Dylan Joel, Jaytee, Flagrant, Sensible J and Mistress of Ceremony. The tour will have each artist perform action packed mini-sets, highlighting their ongoing support for Michelle, and for the groundbreaking achievement that RISE represents for Australian Hip-Hop.

    If the tour’s lineup wasn’t already enough, there is a further bonus added. Each leg of the tour will feature the RISE Cypher with surprise guest artists (also featured in the RISE book) taking to the stage at each show, freestyling a performance of their choice. The cypher performers will be kept secret until the actual show, until then it’s going to be a guessing game.

    Winding around a number of venues in VIC, SA, WA, NSW and QLD, Hunder and her crew are ready to give Hip-Hop fans a long awaited taste of the photography from RISE, and the musicians that helped make it happen.

    Featuring Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Grey Ghost, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony & DJ's Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J


    Thursday 21st August
    The Espy (Gershwin Room), Melbourne
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Grey Ghost, Dylan Joel, Alex Jones, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J

    Friday 22nd August
    Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Grey Ghost, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J

    Saturday 23rd August
    New Globe Theatre, Brisbane
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Grey Ghost, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J

    Thursday 28th August
    Karova Lounge, Ballarat
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J

    Friday 29th August
    Rosemount Hotel, Perth
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J

    Saturday 30th August
    Rocket Bar, Adelaide
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Grey Ghost, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J

  • The Chop #5

    The Chop #5 Live Beatmaker Night

    The Chop #5 The Chop #5

    The Chop is a night being held at Play bar in Sydney’s design, music and fashion hub of Surry Hills on a monthly to basis. The Chop is an evening dedicated to show casing the talents of up and coming, as well as already established beat makers/producers. The call has been sent out to all bedroom bangers, mpc masters, beat junkies and production prodigies to bring their finest cuts of A grade beat and they have answered with cleavers in tow. All performances will be live and butchered to order for your audio taste buds. Along with show casing these talented artists, The Chop will be supported by some of Sydney’s finest DJ’s. They will be spinning the most mouth watering assortment of funk, soul, boogie and hip hop to accompany these talented purveyors of cold cuts and dope beats.

    Play bar is an underground urban speak easy in Surry Hills frequented by everyone from corporate city slickers looking for a street style getaway to the cool kids of inner Sydney, which makes it the perfect venue for The Chop.

    This is a free event designed to promote the little known beat scene in Sydney and it is well worth stepping into this musical meat market to see the range of produce.
    Falling off the bone 26th of July

    Jae Moon Jae Moon

    Our Main Butcher

    Sydney producer Jae Moon is a young and innovative musician who brings back the much missed sound of mid-1990s trip-hop. Often compared to Portishead, Massive Attack and Tricky, Jae’s productions emphasize nostalgia through vintage sampling and dreamy, ethereal vibes. Our first live act slicing up some goodness off the bone.

    Ink Stains


    Ink stains is a lofi hip hop sample-based project by sydney producer Christian Whitwell, a combination of pure haze, hangovers and thought out samples. Bring your chill selves and enjoy…

    Raine supreme Raine supreme

    Raine Supreme

    Raine Supreme has quickly become the go-to DJ for all things Hip Hop, soul and funk. He regularly plays all around Sydney, and has held residencies at the most frequented concert venues, bars & clubs. His incredibly vast catalogue of music, and innate ability to remember small details about each of the releases, has earned him the title of Mr. Encyclopedia of Music. Already he has shared the stage with some big names including, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Pharoahe Monch, De La Soul, Charlie 2na, Apollo Brown, Def Wish Cast, Dj-JS1 (Rock Steady Crew), Boogie Blind (The X-Ecutioners), Afrika Bambaataa, Dj Suspect, Blak Twang, Dj MK, @peace and many more.

    As well as being an audio enthusiast, he also extends his love for music into the video realm, both as a solo artist and as apart of his AVDJ duo, NTSC, which sees him team with Sydney visual veteran, VJ Spook. Raine Supreme also throws his promoter hat on, working under the banner of HomeyDontPlayDat, and has been behind some incredible events in Sydney such as the 2013 DMC NSW Finals, Destino @ The Abercrombie, Soul Shaker @ The Newtown Hotel and now THE CHOP.

    Benny Hinn Benny Hinn

    Benny Hinn

    Benny Hinn (Daniel Robertson) began spinnin’ vinyl back in 01′ playing a range of phat funky house and some chunky big arsed broken beats for the masses… Although now only 33, the Hinns has played at some of the finer establishments, parties and festivals around Sydney, Wollongong and the Southcoast, gaining a rep as a bit of a party starter and one with some definite skills, finesse and sheer artistry on a pair of 1200′s.

    In 01/02′ the House & Breakz movement exploded in his hometown of Wollongong and the Hinn emerged as one Da Gongs leading DJs in this new exciting scene. Largly due to while studying at University, a small collective formed, with a desire to bring decent music to the local area, hence the weekly event night Bustin’ was born. It began as the official uni after-garden party, held in the backroom of the Illawarra hotel, then quickly expanded into a weekly night at the famous Cooneys Tavern, where the guys & a certain little monkey, hosted some of the finest local, national and international talent for some of the best parties the area had ever seen. The night was a 7 year success and those lucky enough to have experienced a Bustin’ party will remember some good shit went down.

    The Hinn has also toured with the MOS Label for an Anunal release and has supported many artists such as, The Stanton Warriors, Freq Nasty, Krafty Kuts, A Skillz, Jay Jay, Sneaky Sound System, The Resin Dogs, Katalyst, Koolism, [love] Tattoo, Mark Dynamix, Ajax [RIP], Bang Gang, Goodwill, Alex Taylor, Funktrust, Purple Sneaker DJs + many many more…

    The Hinn has also been dipping into a little production here and there with a few little mashes and beats all up on his soundcloud page.

    His latest venture has been PLAY BAR.  After drawing inspiration from his last stint in Melbourne and meeting his partner & co-owner Sarah, the two worked hard to build, what they hope to be for many years to come, an institution in Surry Hills Sydney.

    Here is a recap from the opening night below.

    Listen and download the mixtapes here.

  • Australian Beatbox Championships 2014

    Australian Beatbox Championship 2014, Beatbox Australia

    Australia's top 16 talented beatboxers come together to battle it out with each other for a shot to represent Australia in the World Beatbox Battle Championship in Germany 2015, and claim the title 2014 Australian Beatbox Champion.

    From the 16 beatboxer s they will compete in a tournament knockout until one winner is crowned.  A Night surely to leave you at the end picking up the pieces of your blown mind. 

    The night will be packed with top 16 tournament knock out style battles, With Special showcases in between battles with some of the best beatboxers in the world featuring: Tom Thum -  2005 world beatbox championship contender and group battle winner.

    Youtube sensation. Monkie - 2011 Netherlands champion and ranked top 8 in world championship 2012.

    Jay-dub - 2010 winner of Australian youtube hidden talent

    Event Details:

    Date: Sunday 07 December 2014 (opening 7:00 PM)
    Venue: The Evelyn Hotel
    Address: 351 Brunswick St Fitzroy VIC 3065
    Tickets available here.


  • The D.Y.E Interview - Sorry For The Stickers


    This three-piece hip hop outfit started by assaulting their hometown Melbourne by plastering its concrete jungle with D.Y.E. stickers. This was their plan of attack, reflective of the lengths this group will go to get their hip hop assault recognised among the herd. The infamy of The D.Y.E. has gone from stickers to sales of their new EP apologising for their sticker campaign.

    ‘Sorry For The Stickers’ is the debut EP for DJ Marshall, MHz and Slam Master D who have previously dropped two mixtapes showing their full flair and rhyming dexterity over dope party beats cutting and piecing their bars over call & response jams like Jurassic 5 or the Beastie Boys, two groups from which these lads style themselves. However it’s the live shows where these guys become creatures of the spotlight, building a rep as strong as their sticker assault through the notoriety of putting on quality live performances.

    The D.Y.E. are certainly here to build on what they have started years ago, as found out in this very in-depth interview with the three piece, dissecting the new EP’s tracks and delving into the future plans for the group and discovering that, despite the efforts put forward to get their name out, they don’t take themselves too seriously. Even the acronym for their name is up for interpretation. However, The D.Y.E. believe it’s their music and live shows that will cement their names in Australian hip-hop.

    Interview by Rip Nicholson on Thursday 26 June 2014
    Responses from The D.Y.E.

    In all that is written on your group, very little is mentioned about the origins of The D.Y.E name and the acronym itself. What can you tell me about it?

    It’s what ever people want it to be, I think we have a different answer every time we get asked this question. A few of our favorites are ‘dope young energy’, ‘dinosaurs - your extinct’, ‘define your element’, ‘ditch your ego’ and ‘double your entertainment’. It can be whatever you want it to be.

    What can you tell us about the DYE stickers? Is this something you guys started years ago?

    In what started out as giving a few stickers to some mates for promo has grown into a full campaign to get The D.Y.E name out there. Sticker promo probably started 18 months ago. We’ve offended a few people and pissed a few ‘fun police’ off, so that’s how we came up with the name. For the record, if we could afford billboard, TV and radio ads to promote The D.Y.E, we would. Seeing as we can’t we invented our own way of ‘affordable’ advertising.

    These things have got us banned from multiple venues in Melbourne and even in trouble with a few graff crews, luckily we sorted that shit out in the only way we know - with a beer and a bit of a smoke.

    Plus it’s just fun trying to get them on law enforcement, bouncers and any unsuspecting patron at a pub we've been to. Also, sorry to anyone that has had to clean them up or had one stuck on their car. Hit us up for some free stickers and CDs at our website, {D.Y.E.]

    Did each of you come from a hip-hop background? Or are their other distinct influences shaping your music?

    Marshall is an old punk drummer and MHZ used to rock bass for a funk band. Slam Master D used to be the front man for a pub cover band. We always listened to hip hop and thought it would be a lot of fun to give it a crack.

    Our first tracks were recorded on a six track tape recorder from real instruments, MHZ would play drums out of time and then Slam would put down a sloppy bassline and then start recording into a rusty old Shure that we traded for a slab and a joint from a guy at our high school.

    What are the main influences that go into the creativity of a DYE track? or, in other words, what do you hope that your fans/listeners take away from your art?

    We try to make something that is fun and that we would want to play live or listen to live. It needs to have energy and be interesting to listen to. We try to stay away from the typical, “16 - chorus - 16 - chorus” kind of vibe. We like to keep it interesting with variation in cutting and vocal change ups. Hopefully it’s something the crowd can party to, something you can drive to or something you can chill and smoke to (not at the same time though cos that is dangerous (but it is also fun))

    Is it important for you guys to stand out from the rest, to bring a point of difference to your act?

    We don’t take ourselves too seriously. What sticks out for us is our energy and passion for performing and entertaining. We try to write tracks we would want to play. Our shows are where we are in our prime and our style comes to the fore.


    Mo does a beautiful job on the hook for your ‘Lighters in the Sky’ track. The struggle to get a gig and be noticed in the indie hip-hop scene is hard these days. How do you guys see yourselves out of this and getting your EP, getting Obese on distro and inevitably getting gigs? Do you have any advice for artists struggling behind you?

    Mo does an awesome job on that. We sent her the track and about a week later she came back with the hook. It blended in well with the beat and we also had a fun time making the video for the track.

    Hassle, hassle, hassle. Email, phone call, walk into offices and walk into stores. Follow up with some more hassling. We are still doing emailing and calling everyday trying to find new leads and opportunities. We get knocked back all the time but it is a matter of maintaining the pressure and keeping our eyes on the bigger picture. We’re stoked to release this EP through Obese Distribution. They told us our stuff wasn't up to scratch a few times before this happened but we kept at it and the EP is now released!

    In terms of advice for other crews, steer clear of these cats that are out to take cash off you in return for jack shit, and dodgy venues that will do you over! There are some places in Melbourne that need to have a good look at themselves and what they do to artists. Support local hip hop.

    We couldn't get a single gig so we started our own production company ‘Street Credit Productions’. We just did anything we could to get shows. Book and organise gigs yourself it’s the best way to learn about the industry.

    I’m guessing one piece of advice follows on ‘No Matter the Weather’ where you guys show a willingness to perform at any time, any where, rain or shine. What has been the most difficult or most enduring gig you guys have gone through?

    All gigs are fun man. They all have there little ups and downs. Sometimes the sound guy doesn't show up, support acts don't show or there isn't enough equipment or cables. Other times DJ Marshall is too high and forgets how to DJ. Along the way we have seen fights in Sydney, dudes getting aggro over money and had the PA catch fire at Push Over festival last year. We've had gigs where the 3 of us were sharing one mic because all the mic’s in the venue stopped working. Even if you’re on a street corner with two people watching, you need to put on a show. We've played some really small shows but we always maintain the same purpose and intensity as if it was a packed house.

    One gig nearly got cancelled because dudes were blazing joints inside. The cops came and nearly shut the venue down. Luckily one of the boys knew one of the cops so we got to play and blaze on stage. Cracking night!

    ‘Front To The back’ has DJ Marshall going all out on this one. Awesome cutting. Definitely my favourite track from the EP. On this track you said, ‘these days we play to evade these ways’ referring to avoiding being swept up in crime and the street life. If you guys weren’t DYE the rap act, what do you think fate would deal you guys in the big world?

    Yeah DJ Marshall definitely let rip on this one, sampling a wide range of material. Haha, we actually say, ‘these days we blaze to evade these ways’, referring to blazing up and chilling out.

    If SMD didn’t do hip hop he’d spend the time in the gym looking at his haircut in the mirror and Marshall would be listening to Bullet for my Valentine while combing his fringe.

    What part of the process do you guys enjoy the most, writing raps, creating the beats, recording in the studio or performing for a live show?

    That depends on which one of us you talk to, SMD loves the whole writing process and the lab sessions we have. They can be a 12 hour session of writing, recording and drinking just getting it done. we have skate breaks, food breaks but just keep writing. But then, the gigs are the real shit. Getting there setting up sound check partying scoping out other groups then just attacking the stage, the crowd, no holds barred.

    Where do you envision DYE going in the next few years? Staying together as DYE, taking on solo and other collab projects?

    Hopefully playing some bigger shows and supporting some quality artists. We are keen to get back in the lab and to start recording again. Also hitting the stage and getting a few more shows organised is high on the agenda. We have our EP Launch at Highlander Bar on Friday 1st August, as well as shows at The Espy and The Evelyn coming up. Into the future, some more collabs would be sweet because it’s fun experimenting with and learning from other people who like making tunes too.

    Thanks for having us! Peace.

    By Rip Nicholson (

    The D.Y.E. Official Website

  • Gig News! One Day Sundays Brisbane.

    One Day Sundays Brisbane August 24th 

    One Day Sundays Brisbane One Day Sundays Brisbane

    Sydney hip hop crew One Day are returning to The Elephant Hotel for the second Brisbane installment of their infamous block party ONE DAY SUNDAYS on Sunday AUGUST 24 as an official VALLEY FIESTA partner event.

    After the smashing success of the Brisbane launch event in June, the entire One Day crew (Horrorshow, Spit Syndicate, Jackie Onassis and Joyride) will be heading back to Fortitude Valley to continue the festivities.

    Now in its second year, ONE DAY SUNDAYS is a series of parties curated by the One Dayers, combining a beer garden atmosphere with awesome tunes, live graffiti art, delicious food and all round good vibes – plus did we mention FREE ENTRY?

    One Day DJ’s JOYRIDE, ADIT (Horrorshow) and RAPH (Jackie Onassis) will be spinning bangers all day alongside local hotshot CHARLIE HUSTLE and a very special surprise guest – all of whom will be sure to keep the dance floor pumping well into the night. Some of Brisbane’s top graffiti writers will be painting live courtesy of our friends at Ironlak, plus the entire One Day team will be in attendance and likely continuing the celebrating of their new album ‘Mainline’ which drops August 1st.

    ONE DAY SUNDAYS at THE ELEPHANT – Sunday August 24, 2pm til late. Great tunes, great graffiti art and food all in the Elephant’s outdoor courtyard. The last one was huge and this one is set to be even bigger so bring your crew along and get down with the One Dayers!

  • Gig News! Speech Therapy 7

    Speech Therapy 7 Ft Joyride, L-Fresh The Lion and Tom Scott

    Australia's premier hip-hop-spoken-word event Speech Therapy is back for its 7th installment with a line-up that is sure to grab your attention....and its first ever international headliner

    Speech Therapy 7 Speech Therapy 7


    One of Australia's best new lyrical talents L-FRESH AKA The LION has just released his debut album "One" and has recently toured the country, spreading his message of peace and unity.

    If you love local hip hop then its likely you are familiar with the one man army known as Joyride . Due to his penchant for singing hooks for artists such as Illy, Bias B, Horrorshow Crew etc some call him "The Nate Dogg of Australian hip hop". He's also a mult-instrumentalist, one of Sydney's best DJs, a producer, the host of Fbi's hip hop show The Drop and an accomplished songwriter. What many don't know is that he can also rap most MCs under the table....all will be revealed during this break-through performance.

    Headlining Speech Therapy 7 will be New Zealand native Tom Scott, who's first group Homebrew CREW had a number one album in 2012 (the first NZ hip hop act to achieve such a feat since Scribe). They have since toured Australia several times as Tom proved himself as, arguably, the best lyricist NZ has ever produced. His new group, @peace , also already have three impressive releases under their belt and are due to visit our shores in the near future. Tom's got everything an MC needs to become legendary; the flow, the concepts, the charisma and the ability to connect deeply with his audience. This is a performance you won't want to miss.

    As usual the event will be hosted by infamous Sydney MC The Tongue and will take place at Work-Shop (80 George St, Redfern).

    Tickets are $20 pre-sale or $25 cash on the door.

    Book your tickets here.

  • Tour News! Guilty Simpson & Katalyst Australian Tour

    Guilty Simpson & Katalyst Australian Tour

    Guilty Simpson & Katalyst Australian Tour Guilty Simpson & Katalyst Australian Tour

    Detroit MC Guilty Simpson and Sydney DJ / Producer Katalyst first linked up to work on the Quakers album with Geoff Barrow for Stones Throw Records. It was a good match and not long after Stones Throw approached Katalyst to do more work with Guilty.

    Since then, they have been busy cooking up something special in the lab. The details of which are still mysterious, but its safe to say while he's on our shores for a run of live shows with Katalyst they will be showcasing some hot tunes off this upcoming release along with the classics that has made Guilty one of Hip Hop's most respected MC's.

    Due out in early 2015 on Stones Throw Records be the first to hear some exclusive previews of this heavyweight album that already has people buzzing.

    Friday 1st August – Transit Bar, Canberra
    Sunday 3rd August – Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland
    Thursday 7th August – Mojos, Fremantle
    Friday 8th August – Laundry Bar, Melbourne
    Saturday 9th August – The Basement, Sydney

    For more info check out the event page here.

  • Gig News! 'Fresh Fridays' Launch Party

    'Fresh Fridays' Launch Party

    Fresh Fridays Launch Party Fresh Fridays Launch Party

    Freshly Squeezed is back with a new monthly Hip Hop night in Sydney 'FRESH FRIDAYS'.. Launching August 1st, this new event will be held on the first friday of every month. To help us celebrate we have One Sixth (1/6) coming up from from Melbourne, Soul BenefitsBilly Green,Prospecta, Code Of Conduct, Lc Beats & DJ Maniak playing sets throughout the night!! With many other surprises in store, plus being hosted by local legends P.Smurf and Rivals, FRESH FRIDAYS is set to go off with a BANG!!!

    Line Up

    One Sixth (Melbourne)

    Soul Benefits

    Billy Green


    Code Of Conduct

    Lc Beats

    Dj Maniak

    Hosted by P.Smurf & Rivals

  • Gig News! One Day Sundays - 27th July

    One Day Sundays July 27th One Day Sundays

    Sydney’s favourite monthly block party ONE DAY SUNDAYS returns on Sunday 27th July at The Vic in Enmore

    Held on the last Sunday of every month, ONE DAY SUNDAYS features the winning combination of great music, graffiti, dancing, basketball, mouth-watering food in a huge outdoor beer garden. 

    For July’s ODS we are amped to welcome NZ’s own P-MONEY as our monthly DJ guest. A household name in Australia and New Zealand, P-Money is NZ’s most renowned producer/DJ; he’s released several award-winning albums and collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop/dancehall. On top of all that, he’s an absolute weapon of a club DJ. Also joining us for July’s party will be DJ duo LAZER GUNNE FUNKE.

    One Day resident DJs Adit and Raph will be holding things down as always, and all the usual ODS trimmings will be on hand, including: the mural, the slow-cooked spit and the beer garden block party that heaves like no other.

    Come and see why the last Sunday of every month is hands down the best Sunday of every month.

    One Day Sundays – July 27th. From 1pm at The Vic, 2 Addison Rd, Enmore. Free of charge!

    PS: We’d like to apologise to everyone that was inconvenienced by the lack of portaloos at the last ODS – this won’t happen again! Toilets on toilets on toilets from here on out.


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