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  • Back Once Again! APRA AMCOS & Hilltop Hoods To Grant $10K For 2015 Unsigned Hype!


    Australia’s leading hip-hop crew, The Hilltop Hoods have returned with APRA AMCOS for 2015 to invite all aspiring and unsigned Australian artists of hip-hop and soul to put forth their talents for a chance to win $10,000 to cover expenses from recording to album release, which can include marketing, legal fees as well a Zoo York prize pack to boot.

    The HTH Initiative has started the careers for past recipients, Chelsea Jane, Jimblah, RUNFORYOURLIFE and last year’s winner, QLD-based MC I am D who had just released his debut EP The Daley Grind and has since put the $10,000 he won towards producing and promoting his first full-length album.

    When interviewed by APRA AMCOS, I Am D described the moment he found out he had won the grant;

    “I got a call from Suffa (Hilltop Hoods) on Friday morning while I was at work loading bags onto a plane and pretty much had to cut the call short. He basically said I had won and I was trying to hold it together like some idiot on the radio winning the day’s jackpot.”

    Please make sure you are a member of APRA AMCOS. Visit their website for details. They are taking applications for the process from 20 January, 2015. This is not to be slept on. If you’re serious about your music then this opportunity can be the biggest boost into a career in entertainment for any unsigned hype. Just ask I am D.

    I AM D - 'September 1st'

    Further information can be found here:



  • Gig Review! Ghostface Killah Live @ Woolly Mammoth with DJ Butcher & The Born Fresh Crew

    Ghostface Killah live @ Whooly Mammoth, Brisbane December 12th, 2014. Photo courtesy of Jann Angara Ghostface Killah live @ Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane on December 12th, 2014. Photo courtesy of Jann Angara.

    Ghostface Killah made it known that he’s travelled 22 hours to showcase the cult hero rep that comes from being a member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Short of wearing an official Wu-cut jacket, he banged the Clan to the fullest as did DJ Butcher and the Born Fresh fam.

    DJ Butcher played trap-beats to a stream of Ghost fans entering the chamber that is the Woolly Mammoth (formerly Mercury Bar) in the Valley. At 9.30pm, crashing the stage in numbers, Joe Ave, I Am D, Prophet Rayza and the rest of Born Fresh all took the stage in a posse flex, prowling the stage, jumping in and out of a half-rehearsed cipher-style performance – and a very fucking solid one at that. Even Butch stepped out from behind the decks to spit a 16.

    Technician The DJ opened up for Ghostface Killah who had, by 11.30pm, appeared from the slums of Shaolin, taking the stage to a wave of Wu-hands saluting the presence of a Clansman in Brisbane. Ghostface shuffled through a throwback of verses opening on Rae’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... flavours of Ice Cream before bringing out Sheek Louch (Lox, D-Block) to play hype man. Despite the lighting techs getting barked at for too many stage lights, a tender moment came when Ghost poured out Gladys Knight & The Pips to house lights off and cell phones brightening up the room, the sample for which forms the 36 Chambers classic, Can It Be All So Simple.

    Putting to task Bris City’s Wu-Tang cult-strong front row, Ghost invited only real-spitters to perform Meth and ODB’s verses on Protect Ya Neck, when two MCs, both formerly of Pure Product, were picked from opposite corners; you couldn’t make this up. They did an outstanding job that even shook Ghost’s expectations. This raised the level from nine to 11 on the Richter scale. Shit got real after that as Sheek Louch revisited the good ol’ days of Biggie and Bad Boy before Ghost snatched back into the Wu setlist.

    By 1am, inviting all loose Beckies to jump onstage so the audience can watch a 44-year-old man grind against a barely-18 girl was about as impressive as realising that ten thirsty girls running amok onstage had caused a bottle of liquor to spill over Tech’s laptop making Ghost go a cappella on his feet and filling the tech-downtime with local MCs eager to show and prove. Ocean and Born Fresh’s Joe Ave did just that. Things seemingly got back on track for a rough and dashed finale, neglecting to end on the planned Greedy Bitches, but not before inviting everyone to join them after for drinks. Great night. Support acts made the Bris City hip hop scene look fucking ready.

  • Beatboxing News! Tom Thum TomTablism (Vocal Scratch Jam)

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    Tom Thum- TomTablism (Vocal Scratch Jam)


    Brisbane beatboxer Tom Thum has just released a dope little edit of himself mucking around in his bathroom doing a vocal scratch jam session. It gives us a quick glimpse into how incredibly skilled and versatile his mouth really is at not only the drum side of beatboxing but also the depth of his  realistic scratch sounds.

    Check out the clip below and let us know what you think in the comments.


    You can download the track now from here.

    Keep up to date with Tom via the links below.




  • Autopsy Force Official Music Video

    Autopsy - Force

     Autopsy Force Official Music Video


    Perth artist Force (Force The Omega) has just released his debut solo mixtape along with a brand new video clip to coincide with the release. The mixtape features production from respected producers Dazastah and Confusious. The video clip autopsy was shot and produced by Deftone Digital Productions  and captures the song well with some great surgery scenes. This is the first of many clips to come from Force and we will be looking forward to seeing more from this young Perth artist.

    Check out the new clip Autopsy below.

  • SMOG What's Real? Official Video

    Mouf, Kogz, Shaker, Rafle

    SMOG What's Real? Official Video


    Smog have just released their brand new video clip and track off the upcoming album being released in 2015. Smog is a newly formed group featuring members Maggot Mouf from Melbourne and Kogz from Perth who have teamed up with Perth producers Rob Shaker and Mat Rafle to bring you some heavy hitting production along with some classic flow. The upcoming album is one that we are definitely keeping an ear out for.

    Check out the new video clip and track below.


    You can download SMOG What's Real? via the link below.

    Broken Tooth Entertainment Bandcamp

  • Tour News! Dirty Dike Return Of The Twat Australian Tour

    Dirty Dike Return Of The Twat Tour, Ozhiphop, Australian Hip Hop, Oz Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Aussie Hip Hop

    Dirty Dike Return Of The Twat Tour


    Launch Australia has just announced the Dirty Dike Return Of The Twat Tour 2015, featuring DJ Sammy B-Side this tour is set to kick off in January. He will be doing all the fan favourites along with a couple new tracks.

    Dirty Dike is an all-talking, all-breathing, fully-functioning rap fiend.

    Catch him on a peaceful one and he will most likely be sucking on king prawns in the moonlight and throwing their discarded pink tails to Cretian street hounds. Catch him on a mental one and he will be seventeen quaddy voddys deep slurring freestyles in a pair of rusty Pelle Pelle boxers and an odd pair of his girlfriends socks to Cambridge University students

    It really is all or nothing when it comes to the one they call Mr Dikestar; he never has been one for half measures in either his booze drink selection or music making. In an age where everyone thinks they can rap, Dike’s dedication to this thing called hip hop is as driven and focused as you will ever see from anyone daring to call themselves a lyricist.

    Either spouting the type of filth that is completely unimaginable to the average human brain or confronting the life demons that have made him the person he is today, Dirty Dike has galvanised a significant following across the globe with the diverse seesawing he cultivates between these two distinct, yet equally potent sides to his music making. It is this inspired marrying between the two aforementioned sides that has made his music so in-demand and celebrated. Both sides of Dike shine on each and every album he has ever championed and the power struggle between the two continues to flourish in all his future album plans.

    Dirty Dike first rose to prominence with his acclaimed debut solo album ‘Bogies and Alcohol’. This was way back 2008. Aggressive expansion saw Dike later join forces with Jam Baxter, Ronnie Bosh, Mr Key and Edward Scissortongue to form the much heralded hip hop super outfit Contact Play whose debut release ‘Champion Fraff’ was swiftly hailed as one of the most exciting releases that the UK Hip Hop scene had witnessed in years. The success of Champion Fraff, plus the potent addition of solo sophomore follow up ‘Constant Dikestar’ and most recently the gloriously received ‘Sloshpot EP’ to his catalog of releases, has seen Dike grow from a rambunctious twenty-something into one of the most talked about emcees in the game.

    You can now find him either in Melonskin studios beating the f$%k into his MPC, neck deep in records at one of Brighton’s many vinyl emporiums or literally flying up the motorways and down the train tracks of the UK, or jumping on a jet or two overseas delivering one of the rowdiest shows on the circuit to sold-out venues everywhere.

    Tickets available now.

  • Gig News! The Big Chill Festival, Australian Hip Hop, Ozhiphop, Oz Hip Hop


    The Big Chill Festival New Years Eve


    The Motor Room thinks New Year’s Eve should be easy, and epically fun. THE BIG CHILL is a new boutique festival spanning the entire Boundary Street Markets complex in cruise-y West End.

    Featuring world-class music over 3 big stages, plus live art, street food, vintage & artisan markets, an urban beach and tiki bar and much more,The Big Chill Fest promises to be the most relaxed mega-party ever!


    Just announced:


    Captain Dreamboat


    Astro Travellers

    Born Fresh Showcase


    Desmond Cheese

    Progressive TAN

    Felicity Lawless

    Nick One + the HTO Twerk Team

    Grim Tilla

    Quinzalez ( Rudekat Records)



    Selecta Watson ( Vital Signs Records)


    First announcement:


    Weekend Money (NYC)

    Resin Dogs

    Dj Butcher



    Bankrupt Billionaires

    Bull Horn

    The WooHoo Revue

    DJ Flagrant - The Business, Man.


    Graffiti Murals team

    Many more TBA!!!!

    2nd round tix are just $35 +BF!

    Anyone who's been can attest, The Motor Room and Boundary Street Markets in West End has become Brisbane’s most hyped new live music, art and street food hub.

    THE BIG CHILL will see the Boundary Street Markets complex further expanded to encompass 3 stages, namely Motor Room (soul & roots), Market Stage (world & blues), Factory One (rap & trap) –and don’t forget the tiki bar & urban beach!

    Like Woodfordia in West End without leaving the city, the Boundary Street Markets will be up and running right throughout the festival featuring street food from across the globe, market stalls, local designers, vintage collectables, cruisy vibes, live art and more.


    Did we mention early bird tix are just $35 +BF!

    Tickets available from here.

    Keep up to date with the links below 



    Twitter: @thebigchillfest

    Instagram: @thebigchillfest

  • Gig News! Freshly Squeezed Fridays Block Party 2015

    Freeshly Squeezed 2015 Block Party, Australian Hip Hop, Ozhiphop, Oz Hip-Hop, Australian Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Ozhiphopshop


    Freshly Squeezed Fridays Block Party 2015.


    Kicking off 2015 with a massive bang, Freshly Squeezed Fridays is not just celebrating the turn of the new year, we are also celebrating our 6th show at The Lansdowne. So we are bringing you a huge lineup of the finest, from all different ends of the city and genre. A musical mash up melding the mos definitely dopest hosts and hostesses!!

    Hosted by P.Smurf & Rivals

    Line Up.

    Two Toes (Joe New, Caustic Yoda, Waza))

    Lee Monro x Ello C

    Stayfly Sydney Showcase




    Simple Steve

    DJ Myme

    DJ Cost

    Hosted by P.Smurf & Rivals

    - DO you love live Hip Hop and having a good time?? COME DOWN!!

    - Was your NYE that good your still up 2 days later?? COME DOWN!!

    - Woke up on Friday afternoon with no pants, 2 black eyes and one eye brow, but still In the mood to keep kicking?? COME DOWN!!

    Friday January 2nd
    The Lansdowne hotel
    2-6 City rd, Chippendale, Always $5 entry on the door

    Always held on the first Friday of every month at the Lansdowne.

  • Gig News. The Chop's 1st Birthday Featuring DJ Boogie Blind

    The Chop Ft DJ Boogie Blind

    The Chop's 1st Birthday Featuring DJ Boogie Blind


    BEDROCKER PRODUCTIONS, PLAY BAR & SKRATCH SAT-DEE!!! are very excited to announce THE CHOP – 1st BDAY

    It's 1st Bday of your favourite monthly beat maker night THE CHOP we are like the baby Jesus of the Hip Hop world and to celebrate we have the one and only Boogie Blind (from The X-Ecutioners/X-Men and the infamous Pharoahe Monch's DJ) will be headlining and bringing the party and along side him will be The Chop fam members Mumbles (Live), Ink Stains (Live) and Dj's RAINE SUPREME & Benny Hinn. Bringin' Grade-A Beat.

    Come party it's *FREE*

     ***BOOGIE BLIND***


    Boogie Blind is one of the most respected and trusted DJs in the industry. This 2001 Vestax World Champion embodies the phrase “turntablist” and “DJ” in every sense, he’s been Djing since he was 5 years old. Blind is also a member of the legendary X–Ecutioners, a tight knit crew of DJs known around the world for their turntablist skills. The crew’s roster consists of the late Grand Master Roc Raida, Rob Swift, Mista Sinista, Total Eclipse and Precision. Blind has been featured on tours such as Anger Management, Rock the Bells, Coachella, MTV Icons, Sony Playstation, ESPN Espy Awards, NBA All-star Weekend, Echo Getting Up Festival, Montruex Jazz Festival, Heineken Synergy Tour throughout the Caribbean, and the annual Dub Car Show.

    In the past he has been a tour DJ for Fat Joe, Jim Jones, and Jean Grae. He currently spins for Pharoahe Monch and D.I.T.C. Recently Blind joined Beatminerz Radio, which is run by legendary super producers Mr. Walt and DJ Evil Dee. On his show, The Execution (Thursdays, 6pm – 8pm EST), listeners get a taste of various genres including but not limited to Hip-Hop, Funk, House, Breaks, Reggae, R&B, Samba, Jazz and Rock. With every tour, show, and party Boogie Blind’s reputation grows, proving he is a force to be reckoned with.

    The X-Ecutioners is a group of hip hop DJs/turntablists from New York City, New York. The group formed in 1989, and currently consists of three DJs, including Total Eclipse, DJ Boogie Blind, DJ Precision. Original members of the group included Mista Sinista, Rob Swift, and Roc Raida (R.I.P.)

    ***THE CHOP***


    The Chop is an evening dedicated to show casing the talents of local Sydney beat makers & producers…

    The Chop is a night being held at Play bar in Sydney’s design, music and fashion hub of Surry Hills on a monthly basis. The Chop is an evening dedicated to show casing the talents of up and coming, as well as already established beat makers/producers. The call has been sent out to all bedroom bangers, mpc masters, beat junkies and production prodigies to bring their finest cuts of A grade beat and they have answered with cleavers in tow.

    All performances will be live and butchered to order for your audio taste buds.

    Along with show casing these talented artists, The Chop will be supported by some of Sydney’s finest DJ’s. They will spinning the most mouth watering assortment of funk, soul, boogie and hip hop to accompany these talented purveyors of cold cuts and dope beats.
    Play bar is an underground urban speak easy in Surry Hills frequented by everyone from corporate city slickers looking for a street style getaway to the cool kids of inner Sydney, which makes it the perfect venue for The Chop.

    This is a free event designed to promote the little known beat scene in Sydney and it is well worth stepping into this musical meat market to see the range of produce.
    Falling off the bone 20th Nov.



    Mumbles is a Sydney based Producer/MC from the hip hop crew ‘Kosmic Culture’
    Specialising in Live MPC & Maschine BeatMaking. He is also one half of the Syd production duo "Outta Work Productions"

    ***Ink Stains***

    Ink stains is a lofi hip hop sample-based project by Sydney producer Christian Whitwell, a combination of pure haze, hangovers and thought out samples. Bring your chill selves and enjoy…



    RAINE SUPREME & BENNY HINN holding down the ones and twos



    Sponsors: Akai Pro Australia, Sailor Jerry Australia, StrangeLove, Well Dressed Vandals, DJ Warehouse, Westsyde Connection, Crown.St Cut Collective,Ozhiphopshop

  • Seth Sentry releases new track and announces his National Tour 2015

    Seth Sentry Run Tour



    When Seth Sentry's first album, This Was Tomorrow, debuted at #6 on the ARIA charts, Seth was a bright young hopeful... a talented up-and-comer. Now, only a few years down the track, Seth is regarded as one of Australia's premier rappers, with an iconic voice as warm and familiar as a hug from an old mate.

    But, to put the question bluntly, what's he done lately?

    Well, besides touring and touring and touring, Seth's been writing and recording his next album, and, much to the delight of fans, the first taste is ready. Characteristically nostalgic, poignant and humorous; first single Run is Seth at his best, as he explores his childhood as a bored kid in a small town, making fun however ya can. Shoplifting chocolates, skating ledges and sifting weed flakes out of bong water. Days when, if the cops chased you, you'd just run.

    A humble guy from humble beginnings, it's Seth Sentry's honesty that seems to win him his way into people's hearts, and, like a time machine back to those humble beginnings, Run gives us a glimpse at one of Australia's most successful rappers, back when he was still just a little kid telling you to shut up.

    Following the premiere of Run on Triple J Breakfast with Matt & Alex, Seth has announced his first national headline tour for 2015. The tour takes in all major capital cities, as well as a handful of Seth’s favourite regional stops. Don’t miss Seth Sentry performing all over Australia this February and March on the Run Tour 2015.

    You can check out the new track below.

    For more info and ticket details click the links below.

    Seth Sentry Website

    Seth Sentry Facebook


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