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  • Eloquor - Say Yeah(Official Video)

    Eloqour - Say Yeah

    Eloquor - Say Yeah(Official Video)


    Eloquor has just dropped the first single and brand new video from the forthcoming E.P. 'THE DON'.  As always Eloquor brings that dope upbeat flow that suits the funky beat from Jase Beathedz and is complimented with precise cuts from the talented DJ Sonu. With Damian Dunne on the edit, this Friday anthem is a breath of fresh air amongst the dark releases we have seen recently and look foward to hearing more from the new album.

    Check out Eloquor - Say Yeah(Official Video) below.


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    Myspherical Entertainment

    Eloquor Facebook

    Eloquor Twitter

    Eloquor Instagram

  • Seth Sentry 'Strange New Past' Album Review!

    Seth Sentry Strange New Past Seth Sentry Strange New Past

    Strange New Past by Seth Sentry


    Strange New Past finds Sentry still on his before and after as delivered on This Was Tomorrow, only this time on the Frankston MC’s follow-up release, he’s less the comic, baring himself in a narrative that plays out more like a confessional for an MC described as ‘the hip-hop savant’.

    The spectrum of production on this album swings bipolar to Sentry’s lyrics mastered with a cohesive thread right from the second verse on the ‘How are You’ introduction. Having already won crowds on the Run tour with the more Sentry-typical ‘Run’, it sets a pace where ‘Nobody Like Me’ breaks it and diverts down a more trappy track styled to Seth as he lyrically stabs daggers through an echoed chamber of jacked beats. This is shadowed only on ‘Hell Boy’ where Sentry relapses to his darkest and most illest self under Styalz Fuego’s sagging, bottom-heavy bass beat. From there, production swings from black to white on ‘Fake Champagne’, illustrating just as the title suggests when a syrupy, brass loop spills out. However, the pop-synthy production of two-part tracks, ‘Pripyet’ best complements Sentry as he draws from the Chernobyl disaster ghost-town in a metaphoric-driven narrative. This well-fractured rap album covers Seth Sentry in any kind of weather. But no matter the mood of the track, production on Strange New Past lulls a beat to shoulder Sentry’s warts and all that fades into the wind on ‘1969’ and the lighters-up moment ‘Sorry’.


  • Hermitude's 'Dark Night Sweet Light' Goes #1 in Australia

    Hermitude Dark Night


    After winning the Australian Music Prize for 2012’s 'HyperParadise', there was to be no flying under the radar with 'Dark Night Sweet Light'. The fact that they’ve not only met but surpassed those expectations is a reflection of the depth of Hermitude’s talent, bringing them to the forefront of Australian music.

    Their undeniable appeal has seen Hermitude embraced by every level of radio, on their own terms - featured by triple j, FBi and providing a surprise hit for commercial radio with "The Buzz". The same song is currently #1 on Hype Machine.

    This achievement is also the first #1 album for Elefant Traks, the Sydney label that has supported Hermitude at every step of their incredible journey. Now they set their minds overseas with the release of 'Dark Night Sweet Light' through Nettwerk Records in August.






    “Once Australia’s hidden gem, Hermitude are ready to go global” - The Village Voice (NYC)

    “At this point, Hermitude‘s productions are of  legendary status.” Hilly Dilly

    “With a combination of hip hop swagger and explosive bass music aesthetics, Australian duo Hermitude has become a force to be reckoned with”DJ Times

    “Their latest original, “Through the Roof” featuring Young Tapz, is simply jaw-dropping” Dancing Astronaut

    “...the duo have been steadily gaining their well-deserved momentum stateside”Billboard


    For further information visit:

    Hermitude Website

    Hermitude Facebook

    Hermitude Twitter

    Hermitude Instagram


    Elefant Traks Logo

  • Citywide release brand new album Lifestyles!

    Citywide release brand new album 'Lifestyles'!


    Citywide - Lifestyles


    Formed in 2008, Citywide was born  out of a desire to take  Hip Hop back to a time  where  big acoustic drum breaks and chopped up samples reigned supreme. Easy listening, mixed  with  a discernable Boom  Bap sound would  become the hallmark of this collective's music. Comprising of MCs WIL-K.O, Muttley, Kaydel and Sammy Roc, alongside DJ/Producer Pyrex The Impaler, the five  man crew initially gained notoriety though their energetic live  shows  and rapidly found  themselves as the "go to" support for some of scene's biggest names, sharing the stage  with  the likes  of Mantra, Crate Cartel, Terra  Firma, & The Funkoars. 


    2009 marked Citywide's first  foray  into the studio with  their debut single, On the Push receiving national airplay on Triple J. On the Push  was followed by the release of the group's first EP, The Garden State, a five-track ode to the state  the group was born, raised and formed in. Fast  forward four  years  and Citywide has just  capped off 2014  by sharing the stage  with  hip hop royalty, Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang) and are releasing their first  LP 'Citywide - Lifestyles'.

    Citywide - Press Shot

    Dissatisfied with  the dominance of the pop-influenced hip hop that was receiving the majority of radio airplay, Cwk set out to defy this trend with 'Lifestyles' by creating a record that would  be decidedly different in its output. Recorded in the purpose built Fox Hole Studio and guided by a sample driven, 90s hip hop sensibility, the record includes production from  Pyrex, Geko, Zetes  and Shookz and features guest  spots  from  Fatty  Phew, Ching Rock  (Arsonists), Shookz, Strike Won, Vanguard, Eliza Wolfgramm, Zetes, Wilno  and Crusty Demons legend, Seth  Enslow.

    Three years in the making, Citywide 'Lifestyles' is a record that will remind you why you fell in love with hip hop in the first place.

    Citywide - Lifestyles Citywide - Lifestyles


    Citywide - Lifestyles is available now for purchase via the link below.


    Citywide - Lifestyles


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  • 2015 Golden Era Records Cypher Featuring: Hilltop Hoods, The Funkoars, Vents, Briggs & K21

    Golden Era Records Cypher 2015 Still Golden Era Records Cypher 2015 Still

    2015 Golden Era Records Cypher Featuring: Hilltop Hoods, The Funkoars, Vents, Briggs & K21


    Golden Era Records have just unleashed their 2015 cypher, the latest instalment in a series showcasing Australia’s most premier stable, featuring heavyweights Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars, Briggs, Vents and K21, satisfying fans after a long wait since the last. This latest drop sees the Era circling around a Sesta-dropped beat. Playing divide and conquer, Golden Era demonstrates just why they’re one of the most revered labels in Australian music.

    Suffa’s sign-off gets two thumbs up.

    That will make better sense after you hit play on the new cypher below.


    Trials 0:23-1:03
    Hons 1:04-1:43
    K21 1:44-2:26
    Chorus Debris and Adfu
    Pressure 2:44-3:23
    Sesta 3:24-4:04
    Chorus Debris and Adfu
    Vents 4:23-5:04
    Briggs 5:05-5:42
    Suffa 5:43-6:24

    Beat by: Sesta

    Video Shot by Adfu for Unity Sound & Visual, Cam Seal & Ben Martin

    Video Edited & Graded by Adfu, Cam Seal & K21
    Instagram: adfufkn

    Location: Zhivagos Nightclub Adelaide
    Audio Recorded, Mixed & Engineered by Debris at Take Away Studios

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    Golden Era Records




  • Gig News! The Chop XI

    The Chop

    BEDROCKER PRODUCTIONS & PLAY BAR are very excited to announce THE CHOP – ROUND XI.

    The Chop is an evening dedicated to showcasing the talents beat makers/producers.

    After missing last months THE CHOP due to Anzac Day, this month we have carved up a huge and succulent line for this May's gig. We will be also shooting a new video so get down and support your local scene and the only night of it's kind.


    Souluxe Souluxe



    SOULUXE, a newly formed soullaboration between XL.SOULS and AKA.MARS is the place where to two like-minded, passionate Hiphop heads and all around creatives come together to explore sound and space as true disciples of dopeness.

    With influences ranging from Primo to Parliament, The Beatnuts to the Breakestra and everything in between, these cats bring an impromptu performance style that is at once soulful, jazzy, fun and lighthearted. Bursting to with countless colourful samples layered with crusty boom bap beats and technic 1200 trickery, have no doubt this is luxury for the soul.

    DJ Broke DJ Broke


    Skills, skills, skills more skills and impeccable track selection... not to mention a turntable wizard. Play a special beat and showcase set just for The Chop.

    2014 NSW DMC Champion
    2013 Australasian IDA Vice-Champion
    2013 Australian DMC Vice-Champion
    2013 NSW DMC Champion
    2005 ITF Regional Vice-Champion

    Deadly Yarranidgy is a crew of didgeridoo players with beatboxing and drumming/percussion mixed in for an epic clash of traditional rythms and modern beats.


    Raine Supreme has quickly become the go-to DJ for all things Hip Hop, soul and funk. He regularly plays all around Sydney, and has held residencies at the most frequented concert venues, bars & clubs.

    His incredibly vast catalogue of music, and innate ability to remember small details about each of the releases, has earned him the title of Mr. Encyclopedia of Music. Already he has shared the stage with some big names including, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Pharoahe Monch, De La Soul, Charlie 2na, Apollo Brown, Def Wish Cast, Dj-JS1 (Rock Steady Crew), Boogie Blind (The X-Ecutioners), Afrika Bambaataa, Dj Suspect, Blak Twang, Dj MK, @peace and many more. As well as being an audio enthusiast, he also extends his love for music into the video realm, both as a solo artist and as apart of his AVDJ duo, NTSC, which sees him team with Sydney visual veteran, VJ Spook. Raine Supreme also throws his promoter hat on, working under the banner of HomeyDontPlayDat, and has been behind some incredible events in Sydney such as the 2013 & 2014 DMC NSW Finals, Destino @ The Abercrombie, Soul Shaker @ The Newtown Hotel and more!


    ***BENNY HINN***
    Benny Hinn (Daniel Robertson) began spinnin’ vinyl back in 01′ playing a range of phat funky house and some chunky big assed broken beats for the masses… Although now only 34, the Hinns has played at some of the finer establishments, parties and festivals around Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Spain, Wollongong and the South coast, gaining a rep az a bit of a party starter and one with some def skillz, finesse and sheer artistry on a pair of 1200s.

    The Hinn has also toured with the MOS Label for an Annual release and has supported many artists such as, The Stanton Warriors, Freq Nasty, Krafty Kuts, A.Skillz, Jay Jay, Sneaky Sound System, The Resin Dogs, Katalyst, Sarah Love, Shortee Blitz, Frenzie, Total Eclipse, Mr. Doris, Cool Hand Luke, Normski, DJ Katch, DJ A.$.K, DJ KC, Edseven, Inkswel, Omegaman, Busta, Koolism, [love] Tattoo, Mark Dynamix, Ajax [RIP], Bang Gang, Goodwill, Alex Taylor, Funktrust, Purple Sneaker DJs + many many more…

    Benny has also been dipping into a little production here and there with a few little mashes and beats all up on his soundcloud page.

    His latest venture has been building and establishing PLAY BAR SYDNEY. After drawing inspiration from his last stint in Melbourne and meeting his partner & co-owner Sarah, the two worked hard to build what they hope to be for many years to come, an institution that brings decent music into Surry Hills Sydney. He has programmed every bit of music that has come through the venue and supported a huge range of hiphop, breakbeat DJs and just awesome beat-makers and producers both local and abroad…


    ***THE CHOP***

    The Chop is a night being held at Play bar in Sydney’s design, music and fashion hub of Surry Hills on a monthly basis. The Chop is an evening dedicated to showcasing the talents of up and coming, as well as already established beat makers/producers. The call has been sent out to all bedroom bangers, mpc masters, beat junkies and production prodigies to bring their finest cuts of A grade beat and they have answered with cleavers in tow.

    All performances will be live and butchered to order for your audio taste buds.
    Along with show casing these talented artists, The Chop will be supported by some of Sydney’s finest DJ’s. They will spinning the most mouth watering assortment of funk, soul, boogie and hip hop to accompany these talented purveyors of cold cuts and dope beats.

    Play bar is an underground urban speak easy in Surry Hills frequented by everyone from corporate city slickers looking for a street style getaway to the cool kids of inner Sydney, which makes it the perfect venue for The Chop.
    This is a free event designed to promote the little known beat scene in Sydney and it is well worth stepping into this musical meat market to see the range of produce.
    Falling off the bone from May.

    If interested 
    Please send track demo's or previous sets to
    please include,
    Real name and alias:
    Contact information:
    Gear uses (hardware/software) and gear intended to use in a live set:
    A short description of intended live set:

    WHEN: SATURDAY 30 MAY 2015




    Sponsors: Akai Pro AustraliaSailor Jerry AustraliaStrangeLoveWell Dressed VandalsWestsyde Connection Crown.St Cut Collective, ozhiphopshop, Hardcore Classic, aisle6ix

  • New Music! Ciecmate - Ain't Nobody (Official Video)

    Ciecmate - Ain't Nobody (Official Video)

    Ciecmate - Ain't Nobody (Official Video)


    Broken Tooth Entertainment head honcho Ciecmate has just released a brand new video 'Ain't Nobody' which is a bonus track from his new mixtape LIMBO. The new track tells us how it is through the eyes of the veteran rapper as he drops knowledge and wisdom from the things he has witnessed and achieved from many years in the game.

    Suss the new clip below!

    Ciecmate - Ain't Nobody (Official Video)


    Keep up to date with Broken Tooth Entertainment via the links below.




    Broken Tooth Entertainment, Australian Hip-hop, Ozhiphop, Hip-hop

  • Graphic(Clandestien) releases brand new single Bombs Rain

    Graphic Black Logo

    Graphic Ft Rob Shaker - Bombs Rain


    Bombs Rain addresses the ever present issue of displaced persons and refugees as a result of war. The track is broken into two sections. The first section focuses on the journey a displaced person may take to flee their country and reach a new destination as a genuine refugee. The second section challenges the listener to place themselves in the shoes of a displaced person and contemplate how they would react in a similar situation. The aim is to confront the narrow minded view of some non-indigenous Australians that refugees should ‘f**k off’ because ‘we're full’.

    Since his teenage years, Graphic (of Perth based hip-hop group Clandestien) has developed a lyrical and poetic writing style filled with complex rhyme patterns and even more complicated subject matter. His life experiences, in particular several trips throughout Latin America, have helped to shape his perspective and feelings towards modern civilisation. His thoughts can only be described as Raw Intelligence.

    The lyrics on this track are complemented by the production talents of Rob Shaker.

    You can download the brand new single Bombs Rain for free via the link below.


    Graphic Ft Rob Shaker - Bombs Rain


    Purchase his first single Boom State via the link below.


    Graphic Ft Rob Shaker - Boom State


    Keep up to date with Graphic via the links below.




    Graphic logo

  • MC Hunter Immortalised


    Australia remembered the fallen on ANZAC day last month, and in keeping with this tradition, Australian hip-hop has done the same. Perth local MC Hunter, a fallen swan from the Syllabolix Crew who passed away from cancer in 2011 at the young age of 36, has been immortalised in a scene that has never stopped showing respect to the MC. He was one of the most loved characters in the realm of Australian hip-hop.

    Now, as a part of a local arts project, Luke Cornish AKA ELK (@elkstencils) painted a massive mural of Hunter at Perth’s Central TAFE. The freehand painting it took a week in late April and has been widely acknowledged as a fitting tribute to the much beloved MC, Australia wide.

    Further work of ELK’s can be found [HERE].



  • Gig Review! Funkoars Live @ TBC Club


    FUNKOARS Live @ Club TBD, BNE – Friday 8th May, 2015
    Supports: I Am D (BNE), Eloji (MELB), Mathas (PER) & DJ Eclipse (USA).
    For OHHS & Rip2Shredz Press

    Everything from Larry Emdur to celebrating The Price Is Right, The Funkoars talk shit while two fans stuff themselves with dry WeetBix.


    We get all this and more from a deep billing at The TBC Club, a dank little dive fit for teenage rap cyphers or a gangster’s den that manages to squeeze in 100 fans. The night starts with I Am D with DJ Immaculate on a tiny, cluttered stage with a letterbox view. The Brissy MC tries earnestly to involve the slow-building floor space using The Daley Grind and Girls In The City to bring the punters to the front.

    Sharing the 11-stop tour, MC Eloji steps out with a smooth set, harmonising over hooks and sharing his homeboy Branford’s chords with the crowd as he beatboxes and croons. Eloji finishes up with a positive freestyle a cappella. Also on the ‘Oars tour, Perth MC Mathas intrigues most with his blend of melancholic soundtracking behind his throat singing and frank delivery of rhyme, performing his own phone dialogue mid-track. The X-Ecutioners’ DJ Total Eclipse steps out to scratch-fuck some KRS-One while a midnight chant for Golden Era’s whores of funk ramps up.

    They’ve been together for more than 15 years, says Trials, fifth album on its way and they’re still rapping dick lyrics. Finally, The Funkoars show the kids “this is how hip hop is supposed to sound” and trump out their old shit before sending out the aforementioned tribute to Larry Edmur, including a The Price Is Right wheel and two suckers to have a dry WeetBix eat-off during Kidney Shifters. Now the whole venue is a Bix-spitting mess. Adelaide’s purveyors of dick-rapping debauchery close at 1am but not before reminding us of that fifth LP on its way with Below Average.

    The Funkoars


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