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  • Exclusive Australian Hip Hop Music Premier! Waza - Vibin' Ft State Advanced & Caustic Yoda.

    Exclusive Australian Hip Hop Music Premier! Waza - Vibin' Ft State Advanced & Caustic Yoda.


    Exclusive Australian Hip Hop Music Premier! Waza - Vibin' Ft State Advanced & Caustic Yoda.


    Sydney producer Warren Abela aka Waza is no stranger to Hip hop production and has been producing a fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock & Experimental beats for over ten years and has also been very active in live music scene across Australia over the past 15 years performing at the annual Australian music festivals & multiple national tours.

    Waza’s debut mixtape Love is a Battlefield(Available for free download here) earned serious love from tastemakers and audiences alike, garnering five starts from hhhappy, an ‘A-Class’ from Little Boom Music and Fenella Kernebone (Triple J) calling it ‘a little romantic nostalgia wrapped up in a great package of beats’. The mixtape also graced the nation’s airwaves, getting spins on triple j, and being added to rotation on triple j Unearthed and 2SER.

    Following the success off the mixtape, Waza has since released two singles ‘Spread a Little Love’ & Be With You’ under the Art and Technique Sessions.

    Vibin’ a collaboration between State Advanced and Caustic Yoda recorded as apart of the Sessions is being released as free download leading up to the 3rd single release in August.

    Waza Ft State Advanced & Caustic Yoda - Vibin

    Check out the brand new exclusive premier of Waza - Vibin' Feat. State Advanced & Caustic Yoda below!

    Keep up to date with the boys via the links below!



    State Advanced

    Caustic Yoda




  • Mr Hill & Rahjconkas Have Just Released Their Long Awaited Third Album 'Parallel

    Mr Hill & Rahjconkas - Parallel Mr Hill & Rahjconkas - Parallel

     Mr Hill & Rahjconkas Have Just Released Their Long Awaited Third Album 'Parallel


    The duo of rapper Mr Hill and producer Rahjconkas have returned for Parallel, their third studio album since their 2011 coming together. Made known on the backs of singles ‘Warning Signs’ and ‘Put The Work In’ getting high rotations on triple j as Unearthed features, MHRC were awarded a spot on the Sprung live circuit. Their live game was upped during early stints with Drapht, Illy, Seth Sentry and most recently on the Funkoars’ DOTH tour, in 2015, Mr Hill and Rahjconkas have put their sweat into this graft, a maturity not lost in the richly layered tracks, stacked like a wedding cake. Parallel restores the pair back where they left off.

    In the working schedule of a producer on the eve of an album drop, Ozhiphopshop worked hard to squeeze a timeout from Rahj to push five burning questions regarding the new album which drops Friday 24 July, or in relative terms, today!

    Mr Hill And RahjconkasRIP  -  Heard the album. Tracks like ‘This City’ show so much
    artistry in instrumentation used in balance to Hilly’s lyrical delivery. Each track demonstrates great synergy between you both. Was the process of building this project as seamless as it sounded?

    RAHJ  -  When we first made ‘Telescope’ I guess that gave us a path of what we wanted to create. During that time, Mr. Hill had moved into my house and we spent a couple of months on this track, considering a lot of our last records were recorded and tossed back and forth over the Internet. Living and recording with Hilly I guess, created a natural vibe for this record.

    It’s been a few drinks between ‘Telescope’ and the release date for the album. How long did it take to write, record and master everything for the album?

    We made telescope in between getting ready for the Funkoars’ DOTH tour, just after that, Hilly moved to Wagga and amongst both us working our day jobs on top, we had a lot of the album done in the 3-4 months of the time that Hilly lived in Wagga. In the progress of marketing this album we had a lot of tension with certain areas of management and it put a 8 to 10 month delay on the record. In this time both Hilly and I were committed to our careers outside of music. Hilly and I both found a lot of peace and time for us to get over our shit and stay true to our solid friendship.

    You recently released a drum kit full of Rahjconkas beats. How much of the beats used in the making of this album are in some of the kits you have for sale?

    Yeh, a lot of the drums from parallel are in the Goods Kit Vol.1. A lot of the backing drums and also we have attached certain stabs and sounds from some of the sessions of the beat making process of this record.

    ‘My Zone’ is a very weighted joint. There are some strong analogies drawn here. That track feels like it was very personal for either of you?

    ‘My Zone’ was a song that Hilly and I created from the pure concept of this shit that goes on across postcodes that are heartbreaking stories but never hit the light of day. Hilly and I decided to express something we read separately in our local newspapers as Hilly lives in Brisbane QLD and I live in Wagga Wagga NSW.

    Touching outro. You let fans spread love from Australia. Really gives you guys a sense of community. How did you get this to come together?

    While recording the album, Hilly and I had a great idea to give our fans an opportunity to be a part of this record by expressing there love to someone that is there world. We then simply posted to Facebook asking fans to record voice clips shouting out someone they love. We had a huge amount of clips sent in from fans, unfortunately we could them all the track would be ten minutes but, it's a symbol of respect and love for our fans and the people in there life's. We then decided to give back further by releasing this album for free to pay homage to everyone that support MHRC from day dot.

    Rahj will be releasing a solo Ep a bit later in the year so keep your eyes peeled.

    Words By Rip Nicholson

    Download the brand new album for free now!

    Grab you copy of The Goods Kit Vol 1 here!

  • Coin Banks Unveils Official Video For “Cursive”


    MC Coin Banks has coloured his latest drop 'Cursive' to an international palate. Here, Banks skips nicely with a smile over a Q-Tip and Neptunes oldie. It's a fresh slice of someone making strong headway in the game.

    Banks' third single chopped off his latest EP Tails, 'Cursive'  features New York rapper Apani B Fly guesting on the track, as does Atom and Lili K against a beat courtesy of Shingo Suzuki's production and the brass section of usual cohorts The Ruby Horns, who pepper the track toward a Brooklyn Brownstone-style aesthetic sound closer to that of NYC than Banks' hometown of Perth, Western Australia.

    The video cuts into scenes of NYC's sidewalks following the intersecting of young love into a sunset, directed by David Vincent Smith.

    The third single from the TAILS EP by COIN BANKS is CURSIVE featuring Apani B, Atom, Lili. K, The Ruby Horns

    Produced by Shingo Suzuki

    Coin Banks Website
    Coin Banks Facebook
    Coin Banks Twitter

  • Shazam The Beat before You Buy!


    There has been an alarm put out to all producers and MCs to watch out for beat jackers and straight biters! After recent accusations of rappers getting eaten alive, OHHS has decided to share a two-step guide to help with buying beats for those getting bitten.


    Beatjackers circling the Australian hip-hop scene have made the independent hustle a more brutal playing field for MCs in which to survive. Ozhiphopshop, serving always to alleviate the stress of the industry and elevate the talent of the artist across the culture, felt compelled to at least send out a public service announcement instructing young MCs and producers who are in the market for original beats that they receive what they have paid for; the rights to the music.

    It’s as old as the game of hip-hop itself, only in recent years beatjacking has become increasingly easier to carry out due to changing formats of online medium through which anyone has access to other producers work and through software programs can redistribute beats passing it off as their own creations. Stolen work from unknown producers, obscure music from regions distant to the mainstream can be sold easily with worldwide access to a market for whom the beat seems original therefore avoid raising suspicion of misrepresentation.

    The trading of beat compositions through a misrepresentation of ownership in Australia’s independent hip-hop space can leave unsuspecting young artists in possession of music for which they have no material ownership. This kind of fraudulence goes against the growth of a subculture that sustains itself in a microcosm of self-governance. Up against it from promoters, labels, streaming services, Aussie hip-hop doesn’t need another leech on the D.I.Y. scene.


    However, no matter if the recent claims of fraudulent trade [of which OHHS refrains from going into detail] are accurate, justified or a case of terrible coincidence and naivety, the public needs to be made aware, for the sake of not being ripped off and for good business practice in the music industry whereby failing to do so may and is likely to result in copyright lawsuits down the track should the track blow up through commercial sales. OHHS has posted this article not to create a campaign damning any specific entity but to raise the awareness in artists to take precaution before buying beats from any producers.

    “Two points I want to make is, one; Shazam the beat and two; make sure you get stems.”

    For OHHS and Perth producer Rob Shaker, who offered his industry advice on this issue, this seems the most practical approach to stamping out the apparent rise in the theft of beats and blatant plagiarism of music must be clipped.

    A Room 1

    [Shazam is an app for music identification capabilities using smartphone or Mac's built-in microphone to gather a brief sample of audio being played creating an acoustic fingerprint based on the sample and matches it against a central database for similarity.]

    Like a dance move, it’s as easy as two-steps to avoid getting your new joint crushed before you can even release it on, Soundcloud and bandcamp. Vulnerable to lawsuits, copyright infringement and having your shit ended easier than it is to take these two steps in precaution prior to riding down these avenues, it doesn’t make sense for an artist NOT to check Shazam and buy stems with every beat.

    Shaker explained to OHHS that artists need to be careful when buying beats produced with what are called ‘royalty free loop packs’ purchased samples with provisions restricting it to use in the buyer’s own compositions only and with allowances to recoup royalties should the track get aired on TV, radio and through online outlets. These restrictions commonly deem it illegal for the samples to be sold as original compositions and are always illegal to be sold in stem form.

    “Let's be honest... It's straight wack to use them in hip hop beats unless you're learning how to do the absolute basics,” says Shaker. “Wouldn’t you be pissed if you bought a Lamborghini only to find when you got it, it was assembled from a kit and some of the parts were made by Hyundai and Kia and they never told you?

    “Two points I want to make is, one; Shazam the beat and two; make sure you get stems,” he stressed.

    Getting the stems guarantees that the beat you are buying is an original composition created by the seller and allows for the final mix and master to be as good as it can be. As some producers legitimately do not have the stems for their older beats they are having to sell them at a reduced rate. This is a risk the buyer must beware of before purchasing music. Therefore, by Shazamming the beat which will prove if the composition is stolen or contains “loop packs” the buyer is able to see both flags to avoid the composition and the seller.

    Young MCs wishing to part with their hard earned ends for a beat should get into the habit of practising two easy steps to heighten their business acumen by ensuring that the beats they’ve bought are legit!


  • Katalyst Collaborates With Guilty Simpson On A Brand New Track

    Guilty Simpson

    Katalyst Collaborates With Guilty Simpson On A Brand New Track


    Stones Throw member Guilty Simpson has dropped his collaboration with Aussie producer Katalyst dubbed “Vanguard Organisation”. You can check out the new track below.

    The brand new track is just a hint at what's to come from the release of Guilty’s Stones Throw sophomore full-length ‘Detroit’s Son’




    This year marks 30 years of the DMC World DJ Championships and we are very excited to be hosting the championships in Australia. DMC was founded in London 1983. It was the world's first remix service for DJs and helped shaped the remix culture worldwide with its' "DMC Remix Cassettes/Records". Through this exclusive DJ only club, DMC played a pivotal role in launching a new breed of DJs "the DJ/Producer". DMC was also the first organization to host the international "World DJ Championships" which was held for the first time in 1985 and since then has given birth to many renown DJs of today including DJ Q Bert, Mix Master Mike, Cash Money, Roc Raida (RIP), Noise, Craze, A Trak, Kentaro, Rafik and the list goes on.

    DMC reached our shores in 1988 and gave many Australian DJs an opportunity to showcase their talents on a world stage. Many past Australian DMC Champs have made a long lasting career in this very competitive industry. This year, DMC Australia is under new management and the crew is on the hunt to find the next Australian DMC Champion who will fly to London and represent Australia at the 2015 World DMC DJ Championships in October.

    DJ B.TWO of Melbourne has won the Australian Championships last 3 years consecutively. This year he will be defending the title to see if he can be the second DJ to take out the Australian Title 4 times (last one being the one and only DJ Dexta). Many new talented DJs will be entering in every state to take him on so it won't be an easy task and we wish him the best of luck. Let the battles begin !!

    The state heats kick off with the Victorian Championships on Friday 7th August at Laundry Bar, Fitzroy, followed by WA, QLD, NSW, ACT, and SA. The Australian National Finals will be held on 11th September at Laundry Bar.


    VIC - 7th August @ The Laundry Bar (
    WA - 14th August @ Rocket Room (
    QLD - 21st August @ Hot Gossip (
    NSW - 27th August @ Play Bar (
    ACT - 28th August @ Transit Bar (
    SA - 4th September @ Sugar (


    Friday 11th September @ Laundry Bar (VIC) - (

    DMC Australia Links:

    2015 Promo Video :

    Official web site and links to our smart phone app:

    Social Media:

    Facebook :
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    Instagram :
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    Special thanks to our 2015 sponsors :

    The Music :
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    Concert AV (Melbourne) :
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    More information regarding support acts, and ticket availability will follow.

    Email Web:

    Entry Forms here :

  • THE CHILDREN CAME BACK by Briggs - Official Video!


    BRIGGS has returned on ‘The Children Came Back’ as  the song of  2015's NAIDOC week.

    BRIGGS reminds us of Aboriginal Australia’s champion spirit, picking up twenty five years on from Archie Roach’s 1990 classic “They Took the Children Away” which documented a powerful protest against the ‘Stolen Generation’.

    Big Briggs pays homage to Roach’s cries of freedom through his celebration of the determined spirit years after, listing the successes of Aboriginal Australian world class sporting legends from Olympian Cathy Freeman, former world champion boxers Lionel Rose and Anthony Mundine to championship-winning NBA player Patty Mills to illustrate a nation’s perseverance against the gross human rights injustices.

    The punch behind Briggs’ spit dictates that the track brings a very roots-n-all delivery, produced in a very traditional theme featuring a yidaki from North East Arnhem Land and clapsticks with stomping feet to a beat which lends to the earthy tones of Gurrumul and Dewayne Everettsmith and musicians from Tiwi Islands called B2M.

    On the visuals taken inner-city Fitzroy, Victoria Briggs walks with the star of the show, 3-year old Samara Muir, the child whose distressing remarks on racism through her own eyes recently made news headlines, together with songwriters Archie Roach and Paul Kelly.

    Briggs’ ‘The Children Came Back’ recently sparked the interest of Vice’s Noisey New Music.


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