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  • The Holy Sinner Released Brand New Album 'Possessed'

    The Holy Sinner - Possessed, Australian Hip Hop, Ozhiphop, Ozhiphopshop, Aussie Hip Hop, Hip Hop Shop The Holy Sinner - Possessed

    The Holy Sinner Releases Brand New Album 'Possessed'


    The Holy Sinner original member of Tha Cannibal Tribe has released another hardcore classic to stack amongst you Aussie hip hop collectables. This album boasts heavy beats mixed with violent melodies to keep the most dedicated hip hop activist ready for war.

    Produced by Legendary Dj Vame along side the incredible Dj Kworks this album is sure to entertain. Featuring some of Hip Hops Finest Mc's from all around Australia including Tha Cannibal Tribe, Layla, Hunter, Bigfoot, Lenz One, Plarks, Lil Jayo E, Profitz, MrCee, (Nunga Style), Gaz Hazard, Fortay, Zeed Mantis and Alice Adriaanse.

    This hardcore hip hop album is not to be slept on.


    Grab your copy of The Holy Sinner - Possessed now!

  • Brisbane rapper MC Mooks drops Easy Street single and clip

    Mc Mooks - Easy Street Official Video Mc Mooks - Easy Street Official Video Still


    Mc Mooks - Easy Street (Official Video)


    Brisbane hip hop rapper MC Mooks has just dropped a brand new album single and clip titled the same as his upcoming album 'Easy Street'. The brand new video features well shot river city landscapes with Mooks not only smashing the verses but also showing off his versatility as an artist while singing the hook.

    Check out the brand new Mc Mooks - Easy Street (Official Video) below!


    Keep up to date with Mc Mooks via these links.


    Mc Mooks Website

    Mc Mooks Facebook

    Mc Mooks Youtube

    Premier Beats Website

  • Australian hip hop producer Rahjconkas has just released his brand new hip hop drum kit.

    Rahjconkas Dust, Bunnies, Australian hip hop, Aussie hip hop, Born Fresh Records, Hip hop, All Australian hip hop, Hip hop drum kit, Sound bank Rahjconkas - Dust Bunnies album art.

    Rahjconkas releases brand new hip hop digital drum kit.


    Australian hip hop producer and beatmaker Rahjconkas has just released his long awaited second drum kit 'Dust Bunnies'.

    The Dust Bunnies kit features some of the most raw drums you will hear, over 50 different sounds including drums, snares, hats and fx. All drums were dug from rahj's  massive collection of vinyl. All sounds have been Eq'd, compressed and normalised and ready to go.

    If you were feeling his first kit, The Goods Kit Vol 1 then this one will make your ears bleed and your beats bang.

    Available now exclusively from the store.

    Rahjconkas - Dust Bunnies

  • Australian DMC DJ Championship 2015 Victorian Heat Winner DJ G Smooth Interview

    Australian 2015 DMC DJ Championship Victorian Heat winner DJ G Smooth Dj G Smooth 2015 Australian DMC DJ Championship Victorian Heat Winner

    Australian DMC DJ Championship 2015 Victorian Heat Winner DJ G Smooth Interview


    This month the 2015 Australian DMC DJ championship kicked off and as always the show opened to some serious heat outta Burn City in the first round of the state heats taken out by DJ G Smooth with an all-vinyl set.

    Ozhiphopshop caught up with the current leader DJ G Smooth for an impromptu tête–à–tête regarding the win before  he gets back on decks for the finals.


    Congratulations on winning the 2015 Australian DMC DJ Championship Victoria heat. It was a huge night, it must have been a proud moment?

    Thanks! It sure was, but couldn’t have done it without the support of friends who kept pushing me to enter.

    It has been a few years since your last appearance in the DMCs, what have you been doing in between?

    I work in a recording studio these days and have been a lot more behind the scenes which has kept me quite busy. And when I’m not behind a mixing console or DJ mixer you can find me behind an instrument.

    Australian 2015 DMC DJ Championship Victorian Heat winner DJ G Smooth, Australian Hip Hop News, All Australian Hip Hop News, Ozhiphopshop, Turntablism, DMC Championships, Ozhiphop

    How was this year’s heats compared to your last time at the championships, were there any highlight sets.

    I usually never watch anyone’s routine until after I’ve finished mine, it just helps keep the focus. It’s kinda weird but sometimes I might even leave the venue all together and comeback just before I go on stage.


    RESPECT! You performed a vinyl only set to take the win in the heat, do you always keep it authentic and original or do you dabble with DVS?

    Well I originally started on vinyl so to me it’s like riding a bike (a really old bike) but one day I’ll get my DVS game on.


    Do you cut regular or hamster style?

    I prefer to cut in hamster style but I juggle normal (no hamster).


    How long normally does it take you to prepare a routine for the DMCs?

    I guess the longer the better but this year I only knew I was entering a few days before it started. Having a couple of weeks to write and a couple of weeks to rehearse is good too.


    What is your favourite DMC routine you have seen?

    I like many but two of my favourites are DJ Noize 1995 DMC & IE Merge 2004 DMC.

     Australian 2015 DMC DJ Championship Victorian Heat winner DJ G Smooth, Australian Hip Hop News, Australian hip hop music, Turntablism, Australian DJ, Aussie Hip Hop Dj, Ozhiphopshop, Ozhiphop, Hip Hop, New Music

    Any advice for the other DJ’s out there contemplating whether or not they should enter the DMC’s next year.

    Just pay your due’s until your payment is due. And no half steppin’.


    Any shout outs?

    Yeah I definitely want to send a big shout to DJ KC and everyone involved in the DMC, also massive shout to the FTA crew, J Red, Perplex and everyone else who showed mad love!

    Cheers mate we look forward to seeing you in the finals.

    DJ G Smooth Interview

    Words By Travis Broi

    Australian 2015 DMC DJ Championship Victorian Heat winner DJ G Smooth, Australian Hip Hop News, Australian hip hop music, Turntablism, Australian DJ, Aussie Hip Hop Dj, Ozhiphopshop, Ozhiphop, Hip Hop, New Music


    Catch G Smooth as he represents Victoria at the 2015 Australian DMC DJ Championship final on Friday the 11th of September in Melbourne at the Laundry Bar.

  • Cormega Announces First Australian Tour

    Cormega Australian Tour

    Ace High Entertainment presents...

    "Mega Philosophy" Australia Tour 2015:

    Cormega (USA) + Stumik (of Raekwon's Ice Water, USA)

    DJ Total Eclipse (of the world famous X-Ecutioners DJ Collective, NYC)


    See Cormega’s (NYC)  1st ever live performances in Australia: September & October 2015!

    After hundreds of thousands of albums sold, multi-platinum appearances, a major label deal, drafting the blueprint for independent success, CORMEGA has cemented his place as one of the greats of hip hop, globally. Hailing from Queensbridge New York, he is heading down under for his 1st ever Australian appearances, promoting his 2014 release "Mega Philosphy".

    Cormega’s tour will also include appearances from Stumik (NYC) of Raekwon’s Ice Water. Stumik is a New York based hip hop artist who features with and performs alongside Raekwon, aka Chef, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Redman and Methodman, regularly throughout the USA and in studio recordings and interviews. He is a solo artist (rapper) andfront man for Icewater which hit the USA scene in 2007, created by and starring Chef (Raekwon) of the Wu-Tang Clan.

    The tour kicks off in Melbourne, Friday 25th September (Max Watt’s), with performances in Hobart (26th Sept, Grand Poobah), Adelaide (27th Sept, The Gov), Brisbane (1st Oct, Woolly Mammoth) & Sydney (7th Oct, Jam Gallery). 

    Don't miss Cormega's first ever performances,

    Supported by Stumik, of Raekwon's Ice Water group (NYC)

    DJ Total Eclipse (of the world famous X-Ecutioners DJ Collective, NYC)

    OZ’s own OG, Hyjak (+ Big Hustle & DJ Skae) – Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney

    & Local Supports: Swishbank / Dirt Turtles (Hobart) + Chase (Brisbane)


    Early bird tickets - $38.00 (+B/Fee) Early Bird tix available August ONLY (unless sold out)

    Pre-Sale General Admission (R18+) - $45.00 (+B/Fee)

    ** Door Sales - subject to availability **


    Presented by Ace High Entertainment


    Cormega Australian Tour Flyer 2015

  • Maundz ft Nitida Atkinson - Whiplash (Official Video)

    Maundz ft Nitida Atkinson - Whiplash Maundz ft Nitida Atkinson - Whiplash


    Australian hip hop artist Maundz drops a brand new track and clip featuring Nitida Atkinson.


    Preston rapper Maundz has just dropped a brand new single and video featuring Nitida Atkinson from his upcoming full length album Nobody's Business out Sep 4th. The video was filmed directed and animated by none other than B Wiv.

    This hilarious video shines light onto the mishaps that can happen in everyday life when people sometimes become distracted.



    Buy Maundz - Zero now.


    Download his free mixtape now.


    Keep up to date with Maundz via the links below.


    Maundz Facebook

    Maundz Instagram

    Maundz Twitter

  • L-FRESH The LION Drops New Single 'Get Mine', Announces Tour!

    L-Fresh The Lion L-Fresh The Lion


    L-FRESH The LION Drops New Single 'Get Mine', Announces Tour


    L-FRESH The LION returns with great conviction and energy to present his bold new single, 'Get Mine'. Setting the bar high for his eagerly anticipated new album, out in 2016.


    Opening with a tranquil birdsong before Parvyn Kaur Singh's (Bombay Royale) fiery call to action brings the song into full focus, 'Get Mine' echoes the struggle of obtaining a sense of belonging and illuminates the issues of racism and ignorance. Resonating from the rhythmic tension of the Tabla and the growl of L-FRESH’s vocal, an urgency is met with bold intentions, “They say, this is yours but what’s your is mine, but I gotta get mine”.


    The serious nature of the lyrical content is contrasted against L-FRESH The LION's trademark uplifting delivery. Co-written by KLP and produced by Damn Moroda, L-FRESH explains: "The song is about smiling even when the odds are stacked against you; stylin' on em, even when the game wasn't made for you to win.” The commanding Punjabi vocal parts by Parvyn Kaur Singh, and KLP reflect of harmony and optimism.


    With a nod of hope to future generations that change will happen, L-FRESH The LION brings it with power and positivity, ‘Get Mine’ will be released in Australia through Elefant Traks on August 14.


    L-FRESH The LION will be touring in September and October on the ‘Get Mine’ Tour, with supports from Philly. Tickets on sale 9am, Wednesday 12th August.


    Check out L-Fresh The Lions new track 'Get Mine' below.



    Keen to catch L-Fresh on the road then check out the dates for his tour below.




    Sat 17 Oct – Fusion15 Festival, Wagga Wagga 

    Fri 30 Oct – The Workers Club, Melbourne 

    Sat 31 Oct – Republic Bar, Hobart

    Fri 6 Nov – Pirie & Co. Social Club, Adelaide

    Sat 7 Nov – Transit Bar, Canberra 

    Fri 13 Nov – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney 

    Sat 14 Nov – The Belmont Hotel, Newcastle

    Sat 28/29 Nov – Queenscliff Music Festival, Queenscliff 

    Thu 3 Dec – The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba

    Fri 4 Dec – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

  • Australian Hip Hop Artist Spotlight - Demolition

    Australian Hip Hop Artist Spotlight - Demolition


    Demolition Tristan Yuile aka Demolition




    From freestyling to writing poetry all the way to rap battles Demolition has immersed himself in every aspect of hip hop within his grasp since he first fell in love with the genre. Standing center stage amongst his sound is the unique deep tone that could only be Demolition, along with an array of melodies and hooks blended within a rhyming scheme that keeps listeners tuned in to his clever and intricate story telling.

    As a performer you can expect to see an artist that doesn’t hold back on stage no matter the crowd or venue. You can expect to hear a freshly polished set of your favorite, or new favorite, tunes from his latest works, as seen while supporting the likes of Cortext, Paulie P, Bam Bam, Manaz Ill and Greeley and more.

    With the release of his latest album “Faith In The Frequencies” Demolition shows his ability to work with artists of all types from the scene, such as Tys & Mitchell James, Shaye Bianchi, Jaks, Cortext, Kogz, The SBX General himself Mc Optamus and many more.

    Faith in the Frequencies was just the beginning, so get ready.


    Available now for purchase in the store.

    We caught up with the rising Australian hip hop artist Demolition for a quick chat.



    OHHS - Hey mate hope all is well, You only have recently landed back in Australia after a year or two break overseas how was that?


    Demolition - Yeah I've been back around 3 weeks I was in Vancouver for just over a year I didn't do any shows or anything but I kept on top of writing tracks and learning new production techniques etc as i'd like to produce my own beats one day soon, so I didn't really take a break but I did have an awesome time while I was there, Vancouver is an amazing city.


    Did you get a chance to see some local hip hop while traveling?


    I was fortunate enough to get free entry to a naughty by nature gig, Treach and Kay gee, and saw the local supports, to be honest i wasn't that impressed at the time, it wasn't till further down the track when i saw some rappers busking in the street using loop peddles and keyboards to make beats using mostly their voices and synth sounds, then rapping over them, that i got into the Canadian hip hop. It probably didn't help that the music scene in Vancouver is over flooded with artists I mean there's musicians everywhere its crazy.


    Did you find they have a different way of doing things in your eyes or was it very similar to the local scene?


    It was similar in some aspects i guess. They have a huge thing with weed being medically legal, although any one can get it really, and its cheap, really strong and everywhere most artists seemed to just talk about getting high and seemed quiet stoned on stage too haha but I guess that's just a difference in our cultures and I only got to see a small part of their scene so I cant really make any assessments to be honest. all I can say is i enjoyed most of what I saw.


    What was the main reason for you getting into the hip hop culture?


    The main reason... well damn there's a few aghhh I guess it comes down to the fact that I used to try my hand at singing but it wasn't a path I could follow really I just don't have the pipes for it in the way i would like, I was fortunate enough in 2003 to meet a guy in high school who was into hip hop and he started teaching me how to rap and then we would freestyle for laughs. Optamus (Downsyde, SBX) came to our school that same year with, My now good friends, Delta Forse and were doing workshops and performances and we spit some freestyles with them at lunch time one day and he was really supportive and acknowledged that we might have something so he, for me personally, was a huge impact on the reason why I got into it but I guess the essence of why i'm into hip hop is due to my love of music in general. I mean there's no feeling better then when you finish writing a song you go in and record it, mix it, master it and then get to perform it in front of people that are really vibing of something as simple as a thought that crossed your mind one day at work or driving home or even just laying in bed.

    Faith in the frequencies by Paul Deej

    Your last album Faith In Frequencies that was released at the start of the year and was a solid debut release featuring some strong local talent like Optamus, Cortext, Bryte Mc and some production from Perth producer Rob Shaker. How did the album come about and what was it like working with the other artists?


    It was a real mission to a degree I mean you don't really know or understand what it takes to put out an album until you've traveled that road yourself, but i will say its really rewarding and I got to work with some of my favourite artists and a few I never dreamed i'd get to work with I mean I never expected in a million years that Optamus would not only be rapping but co producing on a track, City Of Kings, on the album he even wrote the hook for the track which turned out incredible. most of my beats came from Creed Birch, he makes the style that seems to fit me best, with the exception of some beats from Big Tybes and one each from Cam Bluff, Cortext and Andrew Wright. Rob Shaker mixed and mastered the entire album down at Shakedown Studios with the exception of some feature verses and he nailed it, it was a real experience to work with some one that knows what their doing and has been around the scene, I mean i'm real new to doing this thing right, everyone that was involved in the album was only involved because i wanted them and chose them to be and luckily for me their some of the sickest artists we have in Australia, there were moments where I was concerned as its not easy to get feature artists on the same page as you because its not their project its yours and you have a time frame in your head and you want to meet that time frame but it drags out waiting for verses or hooks or when i'm available to record but I stuck to it I knew what i wanted and it was worth the months of pestering Mc's to write or record. all in all i love the album and think it really was a learning experience and will make the next one(s) that much better.


    How do you find the Perth local scene to be going, there seems to be a lot of local events being put on and also a lot of local releases, seems like people be busy?


    I'ts really dope to be fair most artists I meet are really supportive of one another and their seems to be gigs going on every weekend if not every other night lately so its great and lots of releases being worked on from what i can see. a great one to get onto which is free is from Aero D a mate of mine from the Down South Crew he just released some tracks as a lost sessions album and its so dope, as is to be expected from him.




    Any locals we should keep an eye out for?


    Ohh so many dope artists some of whom i'm proud to say are good mates I mean there's Cortext i'm sure every Mc in Perth will tell you to look for him he's a beast then you've got cats like Dista, Paulie P, Kogz, Macshane, Marksman Lloyd, Coin Banks and so many more also my good friend and Hype Man/collaborator Jaks is another guy to look for, when he releases something it will no doubt be pure fire.


    Are there any shows on the cards now you are back?


    Most definitely, I've already hit up the Rosemount for the Moms Spaghetti nights organised by Shaker and performed at a 21st birthday party all within the same week i had a dope time it was really good to be back in front of people doing what i love. it was also good to reunite with Jaks we have a blast on stage every time. I really cant wait to do another show and i'm rehearsing the hell out of my set at the moment so i can really deliver for the crowd.


    Have you been working on anything new lately you want to discuss with us?

    Well I have huge plans for my next album and I've started on it already i'm going about it with a whole different approach and its not like anything I've done before i'm feeling confident with all my abilities and will be singing on it as well this time and putting more effort into making music from the ground up, instead of just writing over beats and using the usual structure, i want to really make music and really feel every track i put out. I will say i'm not going to include too many features this time and this album wont be as big ill probably make as many songs as i did previously but ill choose only the best ones and the ones i feel fit well with the theme/style of album i'm creating. I really want to work with a few different producers too depending on the feel of the song as to which producer I choose, but essentially the plan is to spend a lot of time down at Shake Down studios again.


    You're an independent hip hop artist, what have you found to be the hardest thing about being an independent artist and releasing an album?

    The hardest thing I guess would be exposure I mean i could make track after track and that's great and there's nothing wrong with having no one ever hear them because i love doing it, but my goals are to perform for people and id like to get to the point where i'm doing some big shows because its what i love doing, so getting the music to the people tends to be the hardest thing for me but i'm slowly working on fixing that problem its all just a learning curve.............and I learn fast.


    Is there anyone you want to shout out?


    I want to shout out to Rob Shaker hes taught me so much and is always there to help me the second i need it the dudes a warrior, also to the DSC boys the SMA crew and the SBX members that were a part of the album. Also to Shaye Bianchi who co wrote the title track  amongst others with me and really nailed every session we had together her voice is incredible.  I don't want to list everybody because its a crazy list but to any one that was a part of the album or that helped in its conception a massive shout out, from the Mereenie wolf pack to the people in the crowd at the shows to anybody that gave me a lift to the studio or advice on the album MUCH LOVE.


    Can you leave us with your top 5 Australian hip hop albums?


    Top 5 ohh man that's tough well in no particular order five albums I love and jam nearly every day are.

    Drapht - Who Am I

    Spit Syndicate - Sunday Gentlemen

    Horrorshow - Inside Story

    Seth Sentry - This Was Tomorrow

    Illy - The Chase

    But there could be so many more in that list depending on my mood haha.


    Cheers mate we look forward to hearing more from you.



    Keep up to date with Demolition via the links below or check out his clip for Blue Skies


    JJJ Unearthed



    Words by Travis Broi

  • Elefant Traks weigh in on 'Any Other Name'

    any_other_name_crew_H_0815.c93fe49de09b2de9701ad9ba5d47b839Horrorshow, Jimblah, Thelma Plum and Urthboy call it what it is on 'Any Other Name'

    From the press desk of Elefant Traks:

    After an extremely difficult week of soul searching and heated debate on-and-off the field, Horrorshow reveal ‘Any Other Name’ featuring JimblahThelma Plum and Urthboy, written and recorded over the weekend as a rallying cry to the nation. It calls for honesty and it calls for self-reflection.

    Nick Bryant-Smith a.k.a Solo from Horrorshow explains, “The first step towards resolving any problem is being able to acknowledge that you have one. This song is a response to the intense and inescapable debates swirling around the nation right now and the darker truths this whole episode chips away at the surface of to reveal in full.

    In a time where so many feel compelled to broadcast their opinions via social media and newspaper column inches, what comes naturally to us is to use the medium of music to help us make sense of it all and articulate our response. Our friends Jimblah, Thelma and Urthboy got on board with amazing contributions to help us pull the song together over the last few days. We hope you like it but above that we hope it might inspire us all to take a long hard look at ourselves and the country we live in."

    Jimblah adds, “There is an extremely powerful movement happening in this country right now and we need to ensure that we empower and get behind those whom are courageous enough to lead it in the direction it needs to go.”

    Urthboy summarises, “There's a movement from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders around the phrase "Nothing about us, without us". It's about time we non-Indigenous people actually listened.”

    Listen on Soundcloud 
    Download the Official Audio


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