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  • New music Video! Tornts - Stand Clear (Official Video)

    Tornts - Stand Clear (Official Video)

    New music Video! Tornts - Stand Clear (Official Video)


    Broken Tooth Entertainment member Tornts has just dropped his brand new clip for 'Stand Clear' the first single taken off his brand new album 'No Compromise' and was shot by Discourse(Crate Cartel). This brand new track and clip is just a taste of more to come from Tornts who has made grime his glass of beer.

    Check out the brand new Tornts - Stand Clear video below and let us know what you think in the comments.


    Keep up to date with Tornts via the links below.

    Tornts Facebook

    Tornts Instagram

    Tornts Twitter

    Grab a copy of Street Visions now from the store.

  • Hybrid Culture shows unity in Australian hip hop!

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    Hybrid Culture shows unity in Australian hip hop!


    A project for Arts Link Qld. We believe its the first time Australian Indigenous art has been blended with street art to show unity and the possibilities of working as one. Hybrid Culture is a combination of all races in Australia coming together so that we can move forward. The song and imagery reflect this concept and show that if it is possible to do in the Arts then we can do it politically and socially as well. Together we are strong,  divided we fall.

    Check the brand new clip below.

  • Artist on Artist Interview! Cormega VS Jake Biz

    Cormega Australian Tour Flyer 2015


    Artist on Artist Interview! Cormega and Jake Biz


    For what had started as a kid in the hallways of a Nas storyline, Cormega has grown a notoriety as one of the most-revered emcees out of 41st Side and Vernon of Queensbridge, New York. Despite his independent career having been met with great adversary, twenty years after Cormega’s release he has stayed true-to-form and triumphed along the way with some well-regarded records, The Realness and True Meaning. For a rapper Marley Marl had once referred to as the ‘original gangsta rapper of Queensbridge’, Cormega regards himself a veteran of hip-hop. After long-service leave, his 2015 album, Megaphilosphy marks a return to fold for the rapper and, for the first time, is bringing his steez to every capital city down-under which opens up in Melbourne, September 25.

    Before the arrival of one of QB’s finest, a purist of the art of rap who has always upheld the traditions of a microphone fiend, we decided to let one of our own emcees, Jake-Biz from Bris-Bang’s Karsniogenics label and one of the formidable few of the 750 Rebels to ask Mega anything and everything about the what-could-have-beens and look-backs at the commercially-underrated career of an incredibly-talented MC. Never shy to tackle the business-side of his business, Mega chopping-up with Jake Biz resulted in a frank and concise exchange of realness between two true heads of hip-hop.

      Cormega Australian Tour

    JAKE BIZ -     Your first album The Testament was shelved by Def Jam in the 90's and didn't see a release until the early 2000's. How was your experience as a signed artist on hip hop's preeminent label?

    CORMEGA - Being on DEF JAM was a learning experience and introduced me to the industry.

    You predate 50 Cent as one of the early artists to use mixtapes as a promotional tool but you rarely receive the credit. Was that the early inspiration for Legal Hustle and your independent grind?

    I was definitely the first to utilize mixtapes as marketing schemes and also as a determiner of where I stood with the public.

    The Realness and True Meaning could almost be viewed as companion pieces and are both clear, fan-favourites. Do you ever feel the pressure from fans and the public to recreate that early success?

    Realness and True Meaning are definitely albums I aspire to equal or exceed every time I make an album.

    You've shown immeasurable growth over the course of your career and you've never hesitated to cite peers such as Chuck D, Slick Rick and the Juice Crew for that, how have you managed to stay a fan of the game and not seem as jaded as other MCs from your era?

    I love what I do and understand it is a blessing to be in my position as an artist plus I respect the foundation.

    The chemistry you share with Large Professor is unquestionable and your latest album Megaphilosophy is a testament to that and you've also worked together in the past. How did the process of making a whole project together differ from getting single tracks from individual producers?

    Working with LP is a challenge but when challenges are met you find out who you really are.

    ‘Industry’ (and its subsequent remixes) is one of the most profound statements in hip-hop from the last five years! In a time where digital reigns supreme and CDs are essentially obsolete do you think the recording industry could ever regroup and see the immense profit it saw throughout the 90s?

    The industry will always find a new way to return like a villain in a superhero movie.

    You're a known sneaker head, do you still get out and cop on release day or has hype-beasting seen your interest diminish?

    I love sneakers but I’m not a hype-beast and luckily I have some cool friends at Puma and New Balance. I really don't wear Nike anymore until I see them show more respect to the black consumer who, by-the-way, kept them from going out of business.


    Can't wait to see you here in Australia. Thanks for your time!

    Jake Biz(750 Rebels/Karsniogenics/Run Royal)

    You can catch Cormega on his massive upcoming Australian tour.


    Cormega Melbourne Show

    Cormega Hobart Show

    Cormega Brisbane Show

    Cormega Perth Show

    Cormega Sydney Show

    Cormega Adelaide Show


    Keep up to date with Jake Biz via the links below.


    Karsniogenics Youtube



    Run Royal

  • Gig News! Night Of Rhymes - Soul Benefits

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    Night Of Rhymes - Soul Benefits


    Night of Rhymes is back October 16th, this time we got the boys from Soul Benefits coming up from Sydney to promote their new single!

    16TH OCT - $10 - The Cambridge Hotel - FREE Giveaways - 8PM


    Soul Benefits




    Barzone & Competition Winner


    Soul Benefits are the next generation of Sydney Hip Hop. They are a 3 man crew from West Sydney, Australia, which formed back in 2010. The group, consisting of rappers Storme, Young Supreme, and rapper / producer 26th Letter, are ready to show the country what they are made of. Having hustled hard over the last few years, they are quickly gathering a devoted following and praise from some of the industry's heavy hitters.

    "Soul Benefits on the come-up. Keep your ears to the streets and your eyes locked on the prize " - Scribe (NZ)
    "When I'm in Aussie and not chasing Kangaroos, I listen to Soul Benefits" - Tom Scotch (Home Brew Crew/NZ)

    Over the last 3 years they have supported international acts such as Hopsin, Xzibit, DJ Quik, Kurupt, Pharoahe Monch, Scribe, P-Money, David Dallas, Savage, Home Brew Crew, Horsemen Family & Deceptikonz. They were the official support act for comedian Tahir Bilgic aka Habib's (Fat Pizza) comedy show 'Casula Hahaha'.

    In late 2012 they also won the Mindfield Project Competition and were chosen to perform at the 2012 NRL Grand Final infront of an audience of 50,000+ with Good Charlotte (USA) and The Script (UK).


    For more event info head over to our Australian Hip Hop Gig Guide.


    Catch Soul Benefits via the links below.



  • Maundz Announces Nobody’s Business Australian Tour 2015 and Dates!

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    Maundz Announces Nobody’s Business Australian Tour and Dates!


    The Maundzini Navajo, that tracky-dack rapscallion outta Prestonia who throws bars like bricks through windows in a riot, has just announced a national tour starting late October! Scared? Yeah... You should be!


    Last seen hijacking Hau’s triple j airwaves, to play three hours of the shit he nods his head to, the so-called Mr Nobody is getting known at a runner’s pace of late and a tour has been highly-anticipated for the Melbourne rapper who has great cause for celebration with the release of his third album Nobody’s Business released on wax, CD and digitally last Friday, through Golden Era and Crate Cartel.


    Maundz dropped his first album, Mr Nobody, in twenty-ten and drew respect among heads and from thereon in he rarely went unheard. The last time Maundz and the lethal weapons of Crate Cartel dropped wax, Zero (2012), he let Burn City’s legendary kings Bias B and Brad Strut loose in the booth, cooked up with New York chef Action Bronson and chewed beats with Drapht and Golden Era’s Vents and Sesta. Nobody's Business marks a triumphant return for Maundz and again lines up an all-star guest roster in Hilltop Hoods, Phil Gektor, Billy Bunks, Seth Sentry, Trials, Timeless Truth and Nitida Atkinson.


    Maundzilla is showing to be a giant ascending towards the top tier of Australian hip-hop. The acid tongue rapper grinds his rhymes to the pavement every time he busts loose and a live Maundz gig will put you in the firing line with one of the the sharpest emcees at work. Mr Nobody takes his business on the road this late October and plans to take over the country with DJ Discourse and a host of supporting artists to be announced in the coming weeks.

     Maundz Nobody's Business Australian Tour 2015

    Maundz Nobody's Business Australian Tour Dates!


    Perth – Friday October 30 Babushka

    Tasmania – Friday November 13 Brisbane Hotel

    Sydney – Thursday November 19 New Town Hotel

    Brisbane – Saturday November 21 Prince of Wales Hotel

    Melbourne – Friday November 27 The Workers Club

    Adelaide – Friday December 4 Edinburgh Castle


    For info and tickets head over to


    We will be doing some ticket competitions throughout the coming weeks so keep an eye out on our networks.


    Check out some tracks from Maundz below including the latest single Whiplash Ft Nitida Atkinson.





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  • The Chop - Live Beat-Maker Night feat Cortex Cohorts, DJ Adverse & Louie Headnod, BKLV, Raine Supreme & Benny Hinn

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    Bedrocker Productions & Play Bar Present THE CHOP.

    The Chop is an evening dedicated to showcasing the talents of beat makers and producers.


    After success of a last months banging Beat Battle and killer nights of THE CHOP the last few months, we've kept the ball rolling. This month we taking it down tempo after so many heavy hitters took to the stage at the battle so we have carved up a huge and succulent line up for this September's gig. Some master butchers slicing up some grade A beat and some killer turntablist on the fine cuts.


    Headlining this months session with fresh beats CORTEX COHORTS a new duo project from Caustic Yoda from Cooking With Caustic and Sleuthhound with a atmospherical downtempo live set, DJ ADVERSE and LOUIE HEADNOD of THE GROOVE DEALERS wit a special 3 decks and 2 mixer Dj showcase plus BKLV (Live) with Raine Supreme & Benny Hinn with the choice cuts.


    ***THE CHOP***

    The Chop is a night being held at Play bar in Sydney’s design, music and fashion hub of Surry Hills on a monthly basis. The Chop is an evening dedicated to showcasing the talents of up and coming, as well as already established beat makers/producers. The call has been sent out to all bedroom bangers, mpc masters, beat junkies and production prodigies to bring their finest cuts of A grade beat and they have answered with cleavers in tow.


    All performances will be live and butchered to order for your audio taste buds.

    Along with show casing these talented artists, The Chop will be supported by some of Sydney’s finest DJ’s. They will spinning the most mouth watering assortment of funk, soul, boogie and hip hop to accompany these talented purveyors of cold cuts and dope beats.


    Play bar is an underground urban speak easy in Surry Hills frequented by everyone from corporate city slickers looking for a street style getaway to the cool kids of inner Sydney, which makes it the perfect venue for The Chop.
    This is a free event designed to promote the little known beat scene in Sydney and it is well worth stepping into this musical meat market to see the range of produce.


    Falling off the bone this every last Saturday of the month.

  • Seth Sentry Announces 50th Show Of The Strange New Past Tour.

    Seth Sentry Australian Hip Hop Tour 2015

    Seth Sentry Announces 50th Show Of The Strange New Past Tour.


    To lesser creatures, 49 dates would be a worthy feat, but for completest nerds like your boy Seth Sentry – 49 will eat at your soul. Today, Seth Sentry has announced the 50th show for his massive national Strange New Past Tour, rounding off the dates with an up close-and-personal performance at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory on Tuesday, 22nd September

    Whether or not you found yourself at one of the former live dates, Seth Sentry and ‘Strange New Past’ have gone on to soundtrack the past few months for us all. Lead singles Run, Hell Boy and his most recent single Dumb have kept Seth at the forefront of Australian music lover’s attentions in a way that only he can. After all, it takes a certain type of artist to celebrate the end of a tour by touring some more.

    The date will be the first Sydney metro stop since his Come Together headline appearance, bookending what is currently the undisputed champion for one of the biggest tour in Aussie hip hop history.

    Seth Sentry ‘Strange New Past’ #HalfSentry Show
    Tuesday, September 22 – Oxford Art Factory
    Tickets on sale Thursday September 10 via Moshtix


    Keep up to date with Seth Sentry via the links below.


    Seth Sentry Website

    Seth Sentry Facebook

    Seth Sentry Instagram


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