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  • Brand New Video 'Dog Year' From Melbourne Rapper T Bone Fanton

    T bone Fanton

    Melbourne rapper T Bone Fanton has just dropped his brand new single and video 'Dog Year' Prod. By Envy Prince/Jay.M & Filmed by Jeffrowz. This is the first track from his solo E.P after releasing previous stuff as part of HOB-WeLocal back in 2011. The brand new single talks talks about the struggle & obstacles many have had to overcome. You can catch T bone Fanton  performing regularly Melbourne and also at different evnts due to his heavy involvement as a Member Of Youth Movement.

    Check out the brand new single 'Dog Year' below!

    Keep up to date with T Bone Fanton via the links below.

    Facebook Page

    YouTube Page

    SoundCloud Page

  • Spit Syndicate Releases Brand New Video 'Inhibitions' And Will Play Falls Festival Dec/Jan

    Spit Syndicate Releases Brand New Video 'Inhibitions' And Will Play Falls Festival Dec/Jan
    Photo Credit: Cole Bennets

    Ahead of performing at all three east coast locations for Falls Festival, dynamic, Aussie hip-hop duo Spit Syndicate have shared the sleek visuals for their infectious, feel-good anthem “Inhibitions”.  Filmed across an abandoned military training base with the highly talented team from Entropico at the helm, this video is a smooth accompaniment to the instant party ready track.

    Partnering again with collaborators Entropico, Jimmy Nice of Spit Syndicate said of the video - "'Inhibitions' is all about letting go; in a sophisticated, feel good manner. The team at Entropico understand our vibe and our vision so we just let the cameras roll and did our thing."

    Garnering plenty of radio play, Spotify streams and rave reviews, “Inhibitions” showcases a stylish, forward-thinking side to the Sydney duo. Produced by Styalz Fuego who was also at the helm for “Know Better”, their standout single from earlier this year, “Inhibitions” fuses garage and trap with Spit Syndicate’s trademark sleek style.

    Nick and Jimmy quickly made a name for themselves in the Sydney music scene with the release of their first album Towards The Light in 2008 which earned them an ARIA Awards nomination. It was followed by two successful albums, 2010’s Exile and 2013’s acclaimed Sunday Gentlemen; each album receiving airplay and love from triple j, national tours and sold out shows across Australia.

    Spit Syndicate Summer Tour Dates

    December 28 | Falls Festival, Lorne VIC
    December 29 | Falls Festival, Marion Bay TAS
    December 31 | Falls Festival, Byron Bay NSW
    January 6 | Summernats, Canberra ACT

  • Review: Punch - Everything That Eats At Me

    Punch - Everything That Eats At Me

    Punch - Everything That Eats At Me (Review)

    From the depths of the Brisbane Hip-Hop scene comes Punch with his debut solo release Everything That Eats At Me. Punch has been present in the scene for a while now, working on various crew projects and supporting the likes of Trem One, Brad Strut, Hired Goons, Lazy Grey, Jake Biz, Suss One, Dwizofoz, Dielectrix, Exit Strategy, Gaz Hazard and more.

    Punch has an honest, gruff style. You can tell there is a lot of angst, life experience and emotion put into his lyrics, every lyric is partisan to the person he is (this shines through on every track.) His rough but warm voice reminds me of fellow Brisvegas emcee Rezadent. The whole Ep has a full circle of tracks, variety and allure to that classic "Brisbane" Hip-Hop sound, from the dark street KK style tracks, to tracks reminiscent of "Banned In Queensland," to the clean crisp boom bap sound evocative of Exit Strategy.

    1.  Hiatus (Ft. Triple 3) 03:33

    This is perhaps the perfect title to start the album "I know its been a while, I put my rhymes on hiatus" something artists have to do from time to time. The beat is raw, and so are the vocals, real gutter, street sound. Punch is joined on the track by Triple 3 and cuts by Nuggy Gee. Triple 3 has a similar style to Punch and they gel effortlessly on a track. The cuts are very tasteful and give the track structure.         

    2. 310 03:46

    The beat is extremely warm on this one, Punch delivers one of his best tracks, his delivery so dour, warm and colourful. His lyrics reflect the mentality of the 40 hour worker, where time slips away, day starting at 3: 10. The chorus is extremely catchy, the perfect balance to tie the whole track together. One of those songs that would go down well on a Friday arvo, wit a cone and a couple bevvies.              

    3. Bad Decisions (Ft. Dwizofoz) 03:38

    The track title is self explanatory. Raw, street and life experience put on a track. Both emcees expose their souls, Punch has this controlled aggression, added with sweeping flows and honest lyrics- you can feel the angst in this one. Dwizofoz delivers one of the best verses I've heard from him. As a battle rapper he takes a bit of a risk by laying his cards down flat and tells the listener about his struggles. Multi-syllables and crazy flows he shows why he stands strong as the RT boss, this track is earnestly enjoyable.

    4. Think About It (Ft. Biotic & Elaborate)  03:52

    The instrumental used on this one is my favourites on the album. Biotic kicks the track off with blistering flows, skips in the flow remind me of Kool G, he has a bright rough voice. As someone who hasn't heard much of his work, it makes one wanna check out more instantly. Punch's voice sits on the beat nicely, his delivery shining through on this one, that rough voice on the sweetness of the violin sample in the beat. Wordplay on this track is second to none. The track is rounded out by Exit Strategy's Elaborate. He shares a lot of his thoughts, with an attacking fast paced flow and intricate wordplay.

    5. Randomness 03:29

    This track, Punch is having fun! The beat is funky, jazzy, reminds me of old Hilltops and Banned In QLD. Punch delivers his funny, sexual, random banter on this one.. Really a lot of fun, this is a track even a non Hip-Hop listener would get down with and the type of song that provokes you to get loose!

    6. In All Honesty (Ft. Irrelevant) 02:27

    Sombre and thoughtful, this track tugs on the heartstrings. Punch pays tribute to his family, individually addressing his Mum, Dad and sisters in separate verses. The gravel smooth RnB voice of Irrelevant holds you and reassures you everything is all good. This is a track obviously for his families ears but it translates so well, and I could completely relate to what was being said.      

    7. Regrets (Ft. Nuggy Gee) 02:11

    In line with alot of the content on this album, Regrets ties in the struggles and regrets Punch has obviously felt. He is joined by Nuggy Gee. The baroque melody of the piano sample creates a sombre feel. Nuggy Gee delivers honestly, verbalising through his instrospective lyrics. Punch raps abouts his struggles with drinking, wasting time and regrets. He has one of those voices that cuts through with pure Australian tone, at this point you start to realise how good his voice really is.

    8. I Confess (Ft. Sarah Blasko) 02:29

    The sweet voice of Sarah Blasko opens this track, Punch drops into a double time beat and flow. Love is the theme of this one, with intricate and rhythmic flows he admits to past mistakes but also shows how much he has grown, summarising the content in much of the rest of the tracks. In collaboration with the angelic tones of Sarah Blasko's beautiful voice, this is a fitting song to finish the album, bittersweet and beautiful.

    This release is a biography of Punch's past. You get to know him on a personal level, as an artist and a man just trying to find his way like everybody else. Relatibility is the albums strongest attribute, every line out of his mouth you can feel, or describes perfectly a time in your own life, or thoughts that you may have had.

    Overall I think there could be a few improvements, the tracks going for longer (sometimes your just hanging for verse 2 and it never comes haha) and also in a few technical aspects - mixing and mastering mainly but this does not detract from the quality of the music. This is a man who has taken the last three years to piece together songs that reflect and express himself properly and the result is a musical journey that takes you straight to his heart and mind, fearlessly exposing his soul whilst perforating your ear with his innovative style and thoroughly enjoyable voice.

    Download your free copy of Punch - Everything That Eats At Me here!

    Stream it now below!

    Words by Lani Milbus.

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