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  • Premier: Brand New Video 'Pain Of Regret' From Sydney Rapper Izzy Ft Zeadala

    Premier: Brand New Video 'Pain Of Regret' From Sydney Rapper Izzy Ft Zeadala

    Sydney rapper Izzy has just let loose the visuals to ‘Pain of Regret’, the second single release from his debut solo album Snake Eyes. The clip is painted nicely in a backdrop off a jetty side by side with the soulful vocals of Zeadala who adds a perfect pitch to the harmony of the track. Visuals were shot and edited by Riley JM to beautiful effect matching the sentiment of the new track.

    Check out the brand new video Izzy Ft Zeadala - Pain Of Interest

    Second Single Release from Izzy's Debut Solo Album "Snake Eyes".

    Shot & Edited by:
    Riley JM

    Written and Performed by Izzy & Zeadala
    Produced by The Profit @ The Eski
    Recorded by DJ Maniak @ Mi Casa Studio
    Mixed and Mastered by Drakezilla @ Drake Designs

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  • Gig Review! Kerser live @ Max Watts With Rates, Jay UF and Skrub & Nerve

    Kerser Tradition Tour 2017

    KERSER live @ Max Watts [March 17]

    W, Rates, Jay UF

    Supports: Skrub & Nerve


    As evidenced by tonight’s turn-out, where Hilltop has history Kerser has an army of soldiers loyal to whatever ABK 225 does next. Never has a homegrown rapper been such the puppet master as this Sydney-sider. Tonight could very well be a recruitment drive.

    Outside the event at Max Watt’s in West End (formerly Hi-Fi), loiterers amped for something hyped gather in clusters not far from police ready with the paddywagon just in case together with security bulked for a full house. Inside Skrub & Nerve  warm up before Jay UF and Rates open up the evening’s ABK assault. And by 10pm the already-raucous audience ramps up their rabid reception for the self-proclaimed King Kerser dressed in matching tee and cap emblazoned with ‘Enjoy Codeine’. SHit just went from 0 to 100 real fucking quick!

    KERSER live @ Max Watts [March 17] W, Rates, Jay UF Supports: Syntax Junkies

    Chants of ABK-225 set the place into a frenzy as new joints off Tradition (2016) ‘God’s Gift’ and ‘We The Type’ trump out - bellowed word-for-word by most in attendance. So when his classics from waay back are introduced it’s a patriotic war-cry like no other rapper has ever mustered (outside of a touring Wu-Tang or Nas set). Big brother Rates is coerced into the fastest freestyle performance which doesn’t fail to register and a fight in front section is broken apart by Kers and Jay demanding they shake hands and enjoy the night peacefully. It doesn’t, however, stop a few scuffles in the back from jumping off. Put it down to to high octane spirits of The Sickest being in the building. Crew-thick with 225 fully flexed and flanking Kers, Rates and Jay UF the rappers prowl the stage and pull strings on their legion of ABK even so far as leading a revolt against triple j before the anti-radio play teams pulls up for ‘We the Bad Guys’.

    Kerser KERSER live @ Max Watts [March 17] W, Rates, Jay UF Supports: Syntax Junkies

    20 minutes over his allotment, the King gives no fucks. All’s well for an encore that concludes on an anthem-like big-hitter that swayed everybody once again into the ABK formation. If there is a sign-up sheet for this shit, it’s gaining at a dangerous level for authorities to take notice! Who runs this shit? ABK 225 apparently!

    Words by Rip Nicholson

  • Premier: Otherside and Ivy Mics Present 'Cliffhangaz Cyphers'

    Cliffhangaz Cypher - Otherside & Ivy Mics

    Otherside and Ivy Mics present Cliffhangaz Cyphers.

    Lounge room jams with Caustic Yoda and Mumbles simultaneously MPC bashing out live beat jams while DJ Platterpush burns the cuts One takes, no edits, no loops, all recorded live.

    MCs in order of appearance, Carlos the Jakal, Wise Guy, Kropsman, Hammy, Mumbles and Otherside. (Wise Guy, Hammy, DJ Platterpush, Caustic Yoda) Ivy Mics (Carlos the Jakal, Kropsman, Mumbles)

    Filmed by Morgan Jones and engineered by T.Kabanov at CwC Studio.

    Catch Wise Guy hosting and Caustic Yoda on the MPC for Bomb Threat tonight (Sat March 11th) at Toasted Loops and Spaceport2's SpaceToast at Gearin Hotel Katoomba Blue Mountains Hip-Hop represent. 

  • Album Review: Context - Rogue Astronaut EP

    Australian Hip Hop Context - Rogue Astronaut Context - Rogue Astronaut EP Cover

    Boom bap. It’s a phrase used loosely in this astrological age. Context & Jimmy Flipshyt are names synonymous with the genre. Transmitting their dusty frequencies through the stratosphere for what a mere mortal may perceive as thousands of Earth days, it’s fair to say they have been making noise in Melbourne for quite some time now. A trio of quality Ep’s saw the duo gain rotation on Triple J and supports for touring acts (R.A. The Rugged Man, High Focus Records, P.Smurf, Dialectrix etc)

    This release is quality. Full Stop. That’s my review done. One would only be gushing to find adjectives appropriate for this. Rogue Astronaut is classic, purist Hip-Hop. Under the guise of Joe Syzlak, the release is primarily produced by Context, heavy mid 90’s vibes permeating the whole release. Obviously refined, the production skill is top notch, the drums tight, punchy and dusty. With the addition of a beat each from Boxtrumental & Jimmy Flipshyt this is an exquisitely crafted record. To speak on the vocals could only be a meagre attempt to accolade what can only be described as a story. You have to listen to it front to back with all the art and you can see what the “rapper” aka author is doing. With tight, multi-syllable, pocket flows Context labourlessly (I just made that word up) sweeps over the beats with his coarse, warm and nasally tones. His style comparatively simlar to Leaf Dog (High Focus) and Dandenong heavyweight Never Settle

    I’ll start from the start of the album but conceptually you could view this project in a different order. I’ll get into that later.

    1. Rogue Astronaut (Intro)

    Vinyl crackle, dusty sample, transmitter frequencies, tight swing drums, launching into the sky, this track starts on some intergalactic space writer shit. Context’s flow on this is so dope, some of his best on the release. Buick finishes the track off right with chirps and tight space noise cuts. A great way to kick off the album, it sounds like ya roll a little something to get warmed up if ya know what I mean. Chill back, expand and enjoy the journey.

    2. Piss Me Off

    This track is produced by Boxtrumental. Bangin’ beat, the saloon style piano and horns have that “big” boom bap sound. The track essentially entails the thoughts of a jaded arsehole haha. It is the purist mind state, Context is letting you know all the things that piss him off. Sarcastic and humorous this tracks is flowy and enjoyable. Clever track placement.

    3. Trouble

    Back to Joe Syzlak production. Classic 90’s style samples. Real nice choice and taste in sounds for the production. Vocals are real dry and raspy, combine that with the rapid fire delivery and fresh mix-down, this track is well polished, with a dusty sound. Cuts by Jimmy Flipshyt are killer, wicked selection of vocal samples. This tracks a bit of fun.

    4. Interlude

    Ill interlude, one of the best beats on the album. The samples give it a Honeymoon On Mars feel.

    5. Jazz Man

    One of those beats that Kool G Rap would sound good on. Not to detract from Context. This one is chilled out and somewhat of a narrative. Sick instrumental from Jimmy Flipshyt, the gel with the beat and vocals is nice. The Canberra landed, Melbourne residing rapper is his most melodic on this one, nice to hear a bigger range from him. At this point in the first listen as a listener you know this release is quality. Context is a talented rapper with a unique voice and style.

    6. Route 11

    As suggested in the intro, you could listen to this ep in a different way. These last two tracks have conceptual film clips on Youtube so you could essentially watch “The Landing” then “Route 11” then play the ep from the start (that being said you could check it out in any order, the album is so cohesive). These clips are cinematic and explain the “Rogue Astronaut” theme.

    Context conceptualized the ideas for it and teamed up with Dayne Edward to produce what are two amazing clips.

    As for this track, it’s the standout track of the release to me. My favourite beat, so moody dark, clean and dirty. Head nodding flow, clear concise delivery. Beat change up about a minute or so into the track keeps you on your toes and only deepens the heart thudding connection to the instrumental. Buick holds down the cuts, an awesome way to finish the track.

    7. The Landing

    This is an excellent clip, it is exciting, weird and sets the tone for the whole release (the author could have a whole separate review for the clip itself.) Fat, punchy, live drums and nice sample. Strung out rhythmic flows, solid tone delivery, this is one of Context’s best performances. The cuts entail “Smooth Crash Landing” from Fliptrix (if not already familiar with that album, one doesn’t appreciate the significance of that particular theme) Great selection from Jimmy Flipshyt, very tasteful. The extra sample at the end and studio snippets close the album perfectly.

    After a few rotates, this Ep grows on you immensely. It has a variety of different styles and textures, not too much of this, not too much of that. At first it seems like the vocals need a bit more air in the mix but after a few listens you realize the mix is in that perfect pocket, not too loud, not too quiet. The master by L-Rox at Redsecta is dope, the whole thing bangs. Overall this is a solid release worthy of astronomical praise, limited to cassette and digital, it’s a cult conceptual release. Not many people do that sort of stuff anymore.

    For fans of: Leaf Dog, Must Volkoff, Never Settle, underground Melbourne, dusty crate, Pleiadian type Hip-Hop

    Words by Lani Milbus.

    Context - Rogue Astronaut EP is available now for free download!

  • Eloquor Releases Brand New Single And Video 'Not About You' Ft Andrew Bautista

    Not About You - Eloquor Eloquor - Not About You Single Cover

    For all the brag and boasts that compound the current state of hip-hop Eloquor supplies a fresh contrast to your door step, a selfless clap back.

    Where social cause was thematic of his previous single, Eloquor continues his awareness bend peeling back further a more selfless message on ‘Not About You’ to counter the existing calloused and self-absorbed tone of hip-hop. Following on from ‘Working Class’ and ‘Chat’, the third and final pre-release prior to the forthcoming album Lunch, the Burnsider once again visits the sentiment of the hardworking classes of Australia’s majority traversing the human condition through his art.

    In his own words, Eloquor describes the track as being “about helping each other a bit more and helping our own selves less” and “reflecting what’s really important in life, and to spark some thoughts about why we do what we do.”

    Lyrically, Eloquor sums up ‘Not About You’ through striking with his vernacular on the business edge of his SM58 mic:

    I fully fight tsunami with no armour,

    I’m armed with a heavy duty SM58-shaped katana.

    To slice through the tyrants with the midas ..... ,

    Just tryna bust the shackles off the many faces suffering in silence.

    Here, he employs Brisbane beatsmith Simplex, having combined forces previously on Eloquor’s From the Oceans of Karana (2013), to shine a knocking beat from a studio gem into an epic, strings ballad over a melody of keys and mix the final cuts. Sheathing the sharp verses between Eloquor’s “heavy duty SM58-shaped katana”, Filipino singer/songwriter Andrew Bautista covers the leading question through a soothing hook. This visuals for ‘Not About You’ was shot and directed by Carl Allison with whom he collaborated on the powerful video for ‘Invasion’ (2013) soon to follow.

    Check out the brand new single and video   Eloquor Ft Andrew Bautista - 'Not About You' below.

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