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  • Gig News: Rock The Block 31st January

    Gig News: Rock The Block 31st January

    Rock The Block Jan 31

    Rock The Block 31st January

    Open mic cypher that blends freestyle beats, DJ scratches and Emcee bars performed live and unrehearsed.

    Hosted by: 
    Izzy - On the mic
    Mumbles - On the MPC
    with TeraByte - On the cuts

    Special Guest Performances and Showcases by Sydney's best Emcees, Djs and Producers.

    At Hustle & Flow Bar - The Home of Sydney Hip Hop!

    Sponsored by:
    567 King
    The Craze Co

    HAPPY HOUR 5pm-7pm

    **Every Second Wednesday**




  • Gaz Hazard "The Lower 42nd" b/w "A King" Out Feb 7th

    Gaz Hazard "The Lower 42nd" b/w "A King"

    Gaz Hazard "The Lower 42nd" b/w "A King"


    Brisbane's premier home of hip hop music, Karsniogenics is proud to present "The Lower 42nd b/w A King"; the debut 7" single from GAZ HAZARD's upcoming sophomore release 'Welcome to Gullywood'.

    Produced by SEAN B (The Statesmen, Kold Heat), The Lower 42ND sees GAZ HAZARD teaming up with his Karsniogenics label mates for an all-star, roster heavy posse cut.

    Featuring LAZY GREY, SUSS ONE, JAKE BIZ, OVERPROOF PETE and SIMPLEX, The Lower 42nd is a sparse and drum heavy excursion into sonic malevolence, complete with a forthcoming video clip shot by Dolan at DFDES1GN, art directed by HAMS and produced by DJ DCIDE.

    The B-Side, A King is a heart-felt dedication to fallen soldier and former CRS and TBK member, Beza aka Bezrock.

    A King is masterfully produced by Hired Goons heavyweights HEATA and BIGFOOT - with HEATA supplying additional scratches - and conveys the endearing and all too identifiable story of losing someone close after following separate paths later in life.

    Both tracks are taken from the long awaited follow up to GAZ HAZARD's 2013's cult classic album 'Hazardous To Ya Health'; in 2018 Karsniogenics are proud to present, 'Welcome To Gullywood'.


    Available Wednesday February 7th through and digitally through all your favourite streaming & download outlets.

  • Social Change Drops "New Era" Ft DJ Sum1

    Social Change Drops "New Era" Ft DJ Sum1

    Social Change - New Era feat. DJ Sum-1

    Social Change - New Era ft DJ Sum1

    New Era, the latest drop from Social Change is an absolute banger. This track is simultaneously taking us back and moving forward. A true B-Boy anthem, you can easily imagine the breakers getting down to this one on the sidewalk with cardboard.
    The heavy groove from Funkwig carries the whole track. A few well-chosen samples over an extremely dusty funk drum break makes this track impossible to keep the neck steady.
    Social Change delivers his signature finesse and lyricism over it, effortlessly flowing over the bars. Controlled demolition of the instrumental, the sincerity of his delivery, conviction and tone is reminiscent of old school Rakim. The type of rapping that you could mindlessly party to, or break down elements and bug out on the emceeing.
    DJ Sum1 adds the hot sauce to the track, instead of having a cut section, he juggles McFadden & Whitehead's - Ain't No Stopping Us Now, back and forth, which is hugely refreshing change. The skilled veteran DJ tearing up the wheels just adds the perfect element to tie the whole theme and song together.

    In an age where a lot of artists are trying to compete with and emulate the "new" sounds, like trap and mumble rap, this is a revival of the true school, essentially a new golden era. Taking it back and moving ten steps ahead.

    Go and rinse it!

    Words By Lani Milbus

  • Album Review: Vic The Bitter – Side Affects

    Album Review: Vic The Bitter – Side Affects

    Album Review: Vic The Bitter – Side Affects


    Vic The Bitter – Side Affects


    From the west side of AUS, Vic The Bitter has blessed us with a giant release. The “Side Affects” Lp is an extremely bass heavy, full-strength, brusque example of Australian Hip-Hop in its raw but refined form. The type of release that is not simply explained in words, but very easy to comprehend upon first listen, the tunes get you entangled straight away.

    The Perth-born emcee has been around for minute, Melbourne heads may remember him from shows he did whilst he was living there for 3 years, supporting the likes of Brad Strut, Kings Konekted etc. This LP was also started in Melbourne (The sun rises in the east but it sets in the west.)

    The author of this article could be considered a hater. A jaded purist, or a judgemental prick. He could be considered a very critical and hard to impress c@#nt. I say that not to degrade ones character, or to detract from what is being said. I say this as an attempt to explain that the praise and accolades given, is from a source that takes a quality project to impress me, to which this album definitely has (from first listen, through to sequential plays.)

    Vic The Bitter has a fast paced, coarse and rough style. Fans who appreciate both raw gruffness on the voice and interesting/unique wordplay, will love his style. His voice reminds me of a few emcees (although comparisons are always a fickle idea,) such as Dekoda, Billy Bunks and Ken Oath. However, his style of rapping in terms of flow and lyrical content is purely his own. He covers different topic matter from battle/braggadocio tracks, to narratives, to solitary boredom, drug use and random topics. The main consistency with this album, is that every track is a banger. That term not being used loosely either, this shit fucking bangs.

    This album features a surprising yet rock-solid list of guest artists from different parts of Earth, ranging from Perth, to the US, to the UK. The 1st feature is by Stinkin Slumrok from the UK. He slaughters this verse. Crazy flow and infliction on his voice, dope lyrics. I’ve only heard limited amount of his work, but this has definitely pushed me to look at more of it, super nice. The 2nd feature is Aslan, on “Livewire.” Aslan slays his verse as usual, combining his complex black magic imagery and wordplay, effortlessly flowing over his self-produced beat. The 3rd feature is “Death Scholars” featuring Non-Phixion’s Goretex and Clandestein’s own Tomahawk. This track is a huge banger, Goretex doesn’t skimp out on the feature, he goes in hard and Tomahawk delivers his signature cryptic lyrics, baritone hefty delivery. The final feature takes the prize for best verse of the whole album. Sean Price’s posthumously released verse is one of his finest, his delivery is just ridiculous, and he gives me chills on this one.

    The artwork on this one is handled by Vic himself, and is well crafted and gives the album visual representative of what to expect from the sound.

    I left production to last in this article deliberately. The beats on this release are arguably what makes it so good, and in my opinion the albums strongest quality. The main bulk of the album is produced/mixed by Professa Kaos. He has incredible production. Every beat is fucking mammoth, slamming boss, bass heavy, big drum Hip-Hop. It has the perfect blend of electronic influence/sound quality and classic boom bap feels. His mix downs on the vocals is also worth mentioning as he makes acclaimed artists like Sean Price and Goretex sound colossal and as good quality as any of their other work. However the sheer quality of Professa Kaos’ work kind of overshadows the other songs on the album, from beats to the mix downs, there is definitely a sense of a shift in quality when the tracks move from his work to others. This is not to detract from the other songs on the album, they are all great tracks, but in context of the whole album, I think that the project would have been more consistent and possibly better if it were all handled by Professa Kaos. This is meek critique however, as mentioned above, the whole piece is a great album, but the standard of quality on 90% of the tracks does stand at a height quite above the other 10%.

    Favourite tracks: Synaesthesia, Idle Hands, Gum Rot Funk and Disco Biscuits.

    Words By Lani Milbus

    Vic The Bitter - Side Affects Banner

  • Sinks, One Sixth, Dialect & Thando - After/Light (Video)

    Sinks, One Sixth, Dialect & Thando - After/Light

    Sinks, Dialect, One Sixth & Thando - AfterLight

    2017 was a year, solidly filled with an incredible amount of great releases. 2017 was definitely a massive year for Sinks, winning the Hilltop Hoods Initiative, releasing another album following 2016's well-received "Cold Fury" with 2017's "Buy Partisan," and also releasing a few singles.

    One of which features songstress Thando, fellow HTH initiative winner and top tier lyricist, One Sixth & the ever-brilliant Dialect, combining to form a timeless track together.

    Over a dusty, Sinks produced, solemn break, each artist brings their weight to the track, as well developed, unique and seasoned emcees. The song starts with One Sixth's laugh and Thando's vocalisations in the background. This sets the tone for the rest of the track, One Sixth, effortlessly seeping into the track, with slick finesse, and unmatched penmanship, gently slaying the instrumental with his layered inner thoughts. He shows why he is widely regarded as one of the finest in this country. Thando's hook is what ties everything together. Lyrically, and tonally, it matches the dim lit, eerie and cosy feel of the song, and adds that perfect touch of feminine, goddess energy. Sink blazes through his verse with concise authoritative tones, and relentless flow, layering his verse with flavour wordplay & reflective thoughts on the world and life. Dialect takes over the track, essentially, stopping the instrumental at the start of his verse. This to me is someone controlling the beat with one word, after that he is so comfortable, relaxed and poetic, casually tearing through his gusto filled wordplay, double entendres, metaphors and conscious thought.

    The track oozes consciousness, wisdom and well-crafted lyricism, one of those tracks that was just perfect. This mix on this track is particularly sweet (Phil Gektor deserves the credit here), adlibs panning in the left and right worked very nicely. Everyone has a clean distinct sound, but had the perfect blend of old dustiness and clean new sounding vocals.

    Overall this track was one the best of 2017, as it was an incredible collaboration, and ticked all the boxes more than once. It has such brilliant conviction, positive and reflective thought, but is also ear candy too. 15 out of 10 for this one.

    Words By Lani Milbus

  • Gig News: Ableton Live 10 Showcase Perth

    Gig News: Ableton Live 10 Showcase Perth

    Ableton Live 10 Showcase Perth

    This is a free public showcase event of Ableton Live 10. & the first 2018 Perth Ableton User group meeting.

    If your into music production or a Ableton user... Novice or Jedi... This event is for you.... presented by Perth's Certified Ableton Trainers - Josh Hogan & Mat Hykus and co-hosted by Kosmic Sound Perth

    Learn about the new Ableton Live 10 features... Tell a friend, bring a friend, family or like minded Jedi. 

    Date: Weds 31st Jan 2018 
    Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm

    Hope to see you all there!!!

    Pizzas will also be provided by Kosmic Sound Perth

  • Horrorshow Announces Special Brisbane Show With Queensland Symphony Orchestra

    Horrorshow Announces Special Brisbane Show With Queensland Symphony Orchestra

    Horrorshow with Queensland Symphony Orchestra

    Brisbane, Horrorshow promised you something special and here it is!

    Horrorshow joins the mighty Queensland Symphony Orchestra for a one-off show at Brisbane Powerhouse in the year they celebrate a decade since their debut album.

    This is a licensed all ages event. Under 15s to be accompanied by adults.

    With four studio albums under their belt, Horrorshow’s first ever orchestral collaboration includes songs from recent albums Bardo State and Kings Amongst Many, as well as fan favourites Inside Story and The Grey Space.

    Orchestrated and conducted by regular Tom Thum-collaborator Gordon Hamilton, fans of Hip Hop are in for a memorable night as the banging sounds of Queensland Symphony Orchestra brass collide with Adit’s arsenal of beats and Solo’s masterful lyrics. Take a walk on the wild side and get your tickets early for Horrorshow with Queensland Symphony Orchestra! One show only!

    Horrorshow with Queensland Symphony Orchestra Tickets


  • Interview: Ben Iota Talks Jazz, Family And Music

    Interview: Ben Iota Talks Music, Family And Jazz

    Australian Hip Hop Ben Iota Interview 2018


    We caught up with Australian hip hop artist Ben Iota for a chat about what has been going on music wise and what we can expect in 2018 from him.


    Hey mate, it's good to catch up hope all has been well?

    Life is great. Let us begin.


    You are based in Darwin and have just had a new member of the family arrive, how has that been going?

    Darwin has been good to me and mine for the past couple of years. We find it to be a relatively easy place to live. The pace of life is slow, the sun is usually shining and the people are generally neighbourly. These are the qualities of Australia that I cherish. I am in the right time of my life for it. The frosty big city rat race aint calling me no more. And yes, we were lucky to be blessed with the arrival of our second child recently, who were are wrapped with.


    Do you find it hard sometimes to find the balance to do music while raising a family?

    Yeah its a tricky balancing-act. Having children has changed my perception of time. It was only after becoming a parent of one that I realised I had ample free time when I didn't have a child. It was only after becoming a parent of two that I realised that I actually had a bit of time up my sleeve with only one child after all. Now I have two children, I am wondering if I can squeeze any more time out of my 'full' schedule. I probably could, but it is going to take some serious self-discipline, and understanding from the people around me. Releasing a single once or twice a year seems like a more realistic goal, but we'll see. I would love to continue this musical journey.


    I first started hearing your music with the album Born free that was released through Butterthief down in South Australia, Has the road from there till now been hard musically?

    Nah, it hasn't been hard at all. For a few years after 'Born Free' I didn't release anything, but still worked on music steadily. I did gigs, hit open mics and rapped on street corners around Sydney (where I was living). Shout outs to Tall Papi. I wrote lyrics, jammed with a band, and just enjoyed the musical experiences I was having. After Sydney I moved to Darwin and linked with local champions like TASK and Dan the Underdog. They have been welcoming and supportive of what I do, and we have gotten busy collaborating. It has been a fun time.


    Born Free seemed to be well received by the Australian hip hop community what would have been your favourite track from it?

    I was happy with the response to it. I sold all my personal copies, got a bunch of gigs off the back of it, had a few press opportunities, gotten some good support on radio, and have had more than a few people tell me the songs have impacted on them. This all amounts to a win in my book. My favourite track was and is 'Iota'. It sums up my worldview and where I see myself in it. It has aged relatively well.




    What is it like releasing music independently compared to when you were with the label, is it a lot harder now or is it good doing things at your own pace? Has working by yourself giving you a different outlook on the way you release music?

    Nothing has really changed in regards to the pace. I have always worked at my own pace. I am inspired by those I work with, but I am never pushed. Despite not being released on Butterthief I still work closely with other people, including Social Change. Its good being self- reliant because I am learning about the industry, understanding what fellow independent artists do to leverage themselves in the game, learning what they have been telling me for a little while: 'your album is your business card'. Get it out there and make sure you follow-up any connections. It seems that you can't be too cagey with your music anymore. Well, you probably could, but I think it would keep you in your corner. I have also learned about gatekeepers- labels, radio stations, promotors, cliques of artists, etc. I never had to deal directly with any of these people previously, in terms of attempting to squeeze opportunities out of them. However, I see it now and have had small breakthroughs on that front. If I had a bit more time up my sleeve I feel like I could unlock the secrets to this game. Getting older now I stay active for the joy of creating, and for performing. A lot of people don't have a craft or creative outlet in their lives. I feel fortunate I have one in mine, so I keep going forward with it.


    What made you fall in love with hip hop and the culture we love?

    Rebellion and non-conformity. I felt out of step with the mainstream when I was young. I was looking for an alternative to the lack of anything meaningful. I found graffiti first, which gave me a feeling that there was something magical here. Doing something that was so heavily stigmatised and misunderstood by the general populace (this was in the 90s in Adelaide), and was risky to do, gave me a rush and a sense of belonging. It was my middle-finger to the conservative forces and values that I was surrounded by. It was a different world. Hip Hop music was next and had a similar impact on me. It gave me a bigger purpose, it gave me an outlet, it gave me an identity and further validated my 'outsider' status. It formed me. Even now as person who may seem like every other bum on the bus, I know there is a point of difference that I got through Hip Hop. I recognise it when I randomly meet other old heads with Hip Hop in their DNA. Its an experience that stays for the long run, in some way.


    You have recently released a brand new 15 track album produced Dan The Underdog, How did this release come about? How did you select the beats for this project? Where did you record this album? What was working with Dan? Is this the first time working with him? Did you approach this release differently than you would normally when working on an album? Can the fans expect to hear similar style with this album compared to you last releases?

    At some point in late 2016 Dan suggested we do a 'joint' together. We started by doing a single song, which was never released, but we both liked. Around that time I was revisiting old A Tribe Called Quest albums and realised how much I still love that jazz Hip Hop style, vibe and attitude. Its just good, laid-back Hip Hop music that means something. Even in my mid-30s, it still resonates with me and is relevant to my life, and thats the type of  music I want to make for other people. Anyway, with a new child on the horizon and a bunch of lyrics up my sleeve, I stepped to Dan with the idea of doing an album of all jazz Hip Hop, and getting it done before my son-to-be arrived. Dan was down. I linked him with the first samples in late June and by early September we were releasing an album. It was all recorded in Dan's studio (apart from the two bonus tracks), and produced by Dan, with me playing basslines on a bass synth that gives the songs extra depth 'in da clurrrrb'.We had a good energy and finite time to finish the album in, so we went hard. I felt the stress of the looming deadline and the pressure to perform, but we had a lot of fun making it. Dan and I have a similar sense of humour, values and outlooks on the world, so we clicked. I hope we can work together again. He is a machine when it comes to making Hip Hop music, and a really good-hearted human to boot.

    Any advice for other upcoming independent artists that are thinking about releasing an album or are starting their hip hop journey?

    Everyone is on their own path, so I can only speak on the advice I would give a younger version of myself, with my limited knowledge on how this all works. Here goes:

    Speak from the heart- thats number one. Be true to yourself, but don't be afraid to change, because you inevitably will if you are living life. Don't go by the book. Allow your musical journey to unfold. Believe in your process and dedicate yourself to your craft. Don't listen to the scene and don't become bitter by all the setbacks. Create your own thing. Jump at the opportunity to perform and enjoy connecting with people through it. Get the experience. Be a martyr and do mad favours when you start out. Don't charge people for beats or verses. Don't decide that $400 is your going rate for gigs. Just do the gigs and get the feel for performing. Use features as opportunities to get your name out, but make sure you respect the artists you collaborate with. Be real with supporters and be humble when you succeed. Be real with the more decent industry people out there and look to create something with them. Put a bit of your hard-earned into your music. That means getting a publicist, travelling interstate if gig opportunities arrive and making your product quality. Vinyl and merch are worth the shell-out if you have disposable income. Connect with like-minded people, including musicians and artists of all sorts, and get busy. Don't become egotistical. Diverge from the path of the parasites, vultures and toxic people. Try not to belt them. Get knowledge. Study and travel help with that, as does living life and making mistakes. Get your mind right to navigate this unpredictable, confusing, and sometimes-demoralising journey through music and industry. If you stay balanced, you will look back at this time as a rewarding time in your life, even if you don't achieve all your goals. And you may be even be one of the few who strike it lucky. None of this will make sense until you get out there and start doing, so take the first step and keep it moving.


    What can the fans expect from you in 2018? Where can the fans catch you live next?

    A music video for 'Do Dat', from the 'Jazz' LP, should be released around the same time as this interview. Keep an eye out for that on Youtube. I plan to keep gigging around Darwin at random intervals when the opportunities arise, as I have been continually doing for the last year and a bit. A launch is in the works. I also hope to chip away at making new songs, in a similar vein to the last album, because I am still loving jazz beats, but made via a different studio method. It's all about the process for me. Its gotta be fun and interesting. I am excited to announce that I will be launching a music-based blog in April. It looks fill a void in the current industry landscape. I can't give too much away but I can promise it will be quality, with some awesome artists on board. The Ben Iota Facebook page will give notice when the blog is live.


    Was good to catch up mate, look forward to peeping some new music this year.

    Cheers! Thanks for the reaching-out



    Stay up to date with Ben Iota music and blog happenings at:

    Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, iTunes



    Words By Travis Broi

  • Who Knows Drops Massive Video Showcasing New Collective!

    Who Knows Drops Massive Video Showcasing New Collective!


    Who Knows is a collective of hip hop artists established in 2018 to provide a fresh platform for local talent from Sydney and the Blue Mountains, Australia.

    Who Knows have just released a massive video featuring  Hammy, Mr.Whippy, Krops, Jumbusta, Keggles, Wise Guy, Docile, Carlos the Jakl. This impressive track is the first in a long line of content planned for 2018 from the new collective and they will be a force to be reckoned with on the local front.

    Who Knows is a collective of hip hop artists established in 2018 to provide a fresh platform for local talent from Sydney and the Blue Mountains,  Australia.

    With a stacked card of well known and up and coming emcees and producers from multiple crews, Who Knows is the spot to keep an eye on for straight up, unapologetic, boom bap freshness in 2018.

    Artists include -  Hammy, Mr.Whippy, Krops, Jumbusta, Keggles, Wise Guy, Docile, Carlos the Jakl, Mumbles

    Crews include - Otherside, The 3G Network, The Regime, Ivy Mics

  • Bailer Announces 'Duality' Melbourne Art Exhibition 30 January - 10 February 2018

    Bailer Announces 'Duality' Melbourne Art Exhibition 30 January - 10 February 2018

    Bailer Duality

    Created by Bailer

    Join us for the opening of Bailer: Duality at fortyfivedownstairs on 30 January, 5:00PM - 7:00PM.

    Duality invites you to explore the evolution of Bailer's surrealist manifestations, through a series of canvas and sculptural works, that traverse through the internal dialogue between the ever-changing states of the mind and the human condition.

    Painting publicly in Melbourne for 20 Years; with large scale public creations across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia and Europe. Bailer’s style is instantly recognisable with the roots of his work embedded deeply within the graffiti subculture.

    The intimacy of Duality breaks open the self-imposed boundaries of the genre and showcases the development of Bailer’s own visual language through a broad range of artistic modes and expressions.

    Exhibition Featured: 30 January - 10 February 2018.


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