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  • Interview: Brisbane's Crooked White Talks Music And Breaking Awards

    Interview: Brisbane's Crooked White Talks Music And Breaking Awards 

    Australian Hip Hop Artist Crooked White

    Ozhiphopshop was lucky enough to catch up with Brisbane rapper and recent QMA nominee Crooked White to chat about music and his newly released album "Confessions" and what we can expect from him in the future. 

    (T) Hey mate it’s good to catch up, How’s things been?

    (CW) Good thanks.


    We might start with the recent name change as some may not know you from your previous name or work. What was the reasoning behind it as a name change can be a pretty big thing?

    I’ve always been known as Whitey, and over the years that grew into many titles C.White, White dogg, Idiot boy...originally I was going to go with C.White, but after a little research I discovered an american dude running with the same in order to avoid a clash...I went with Crooked, which is also the title of the first single off 'Confessions'


    You recently dropped your debut album Confessions under the new name Crooked White. Did releasing music as a solo artist differ to how you previously released music with your band?

    My history of releasing music has mostly been with my band Schoolfight, so this process was different for sure, with bands each individual instrument needs attention and tweaking, so the process takes longer, you also have alot more ideas and input, which to be honest I missed at times while making "Confessions"- saying that , I enjoyed the freedom of making the big decisions on things, working to my own time line and seeing it thru.


    Did the writing method differ as well?

    Yeah absolutely, working with Aussie made things pretty seamless, he would swing thru beats every few weeks, Ide go thru em, pick a few, jump in the booth over at GrotBox and demo them, swing em back, and we kinda built the record that way.


    Being an independent artist means you have to juggle a lot of roles, were there any that you found particularly challenging?

    The self promo..hands down, Im old school, and to be constantly spruiking,  posting and talking about yourself gives me the shits haha - its part of the beast I guess, but I always feel like my music sells me better than self hype and the 'look at me' gimmicky rubbish.

    But in order to get heads to listen, you gotta let em know about your product...and...the circle of pain continues...


    It must feel good to see your hard work and effort come to fruition.

    Couldn’t be happier man, a solo album was always on my "to do list" I’ve had great support from family and friends and my team also, I feel like people are enjoying the album, and that’s what matters, we set out to make something familiar, something new and classic, to bring something back that I felt has been missing, and I think we got it right, stoked.


    This isn’t your first time recording with Travesty at the Grotbox, how did you find the experience?

    7ravesty is my ace, without him, Confessions would not have happened. He is a humble guy with a shit ton of patience haha. I returned from holidays a few years back, and we made a plan, started the demos straight up, hours spent, zero dramas and bulk beers, good times.



    You’ve released three videos off the new album, how did they come about and why did you choose to release them?

    We released "Crooked Feat 7ravesty" first, I felt we needed to lay the foundation, an introduction if you will, the clip sees me and 7ravesty reppin' the high vis, just being shit kicking bastards, which isnt far from the truth..

    Second came "Put me on" I shot the clip up home with some help from my big bro, the track means alot to me, and I wanted to show peeps around my neck of the woods and also rep beautiful FNQ.

    And last but but not least "The 4th Beegee" The jewel in the crown haha, Beegees is the ladies jam, we shot it here in West End with a cast of awesome cats and a solid team behind the scenes the clip was directed and edited by my good mate Bobbi from Ninja factory, she did a ripping job.


    Can we expect a Brisbane album launch or a tour?

    We will be officially launching the Album 'Confessions' Friday the 13th Of July @ the Flaming Galah.

    Supports announced soon! Hard copies and merch available on the night! You heard it here first!


    You have recently been nominated for a QMA award for hip hop. That must have been some great news considering all the hard work you have been putting in. How do you feel about it?

    Always nice to be nominated, heaps of good music being made here in Queensland, and it’s nice to be mentioned and involved, I actually took one home many years ago with Schoolfight, it was a great moment and honour, annnnnd I dropped it, shattered it into 14 pieces...full grown man, just picking up the flakes of glass, salty tears...

    Be real nice to replace that one.


    Any advice for young people looking at getting into music or hip hop?

    Sell out, dress like everyone else, sound like everyone else - you’re up and away!

    Or, be yourself, write every day, respect your peers and those that came before you, be original, create your own scene, accept things aren’t always going to go your way



    Where can people see you live next?

    Flaming Galah Friday the 13th July!


    Any shout outs?

    Shouts to my friends and family! Everyone that has copped the Album, shared, liked and sent messages of support! It means heaps!


    Good luck with it all mate.


    Keep up to date with Crooked White here!

    Peep the new album here!


    Words By Travis Broi

  • Video Premier: Otherside Bring The Funk With "Mold" The Smokestack Cypher #1

    Otherside Release The Live Version Of "Mold" Taken From The Brand New EP "Slug"

    Otherside Mold - Smokestack Cypher #1 - Live Recording

    Otherside - "Mold" Smokestack Cyphers #1


    This live version of 'Mold' taken from Otherside's new EP 'Slug' is the first part of a 2 part Smokestack Cyphers series. The video was filmed by the acclaimed photographer Adam Scarf in the shadow of the iconic Carrington hotel smokestack that has towered over Katoomba for over 100 years.

    Otherside have become renown for their live video renditions of tracks and it seems fitting as live performance is extremely important for the four-piece Blue Mountains crew. In an unusual approach the crew perform with no pre-sequenced backing tracks, instead the entire musical arrangement is tapped out live on the MPC sampler and complimented by DJ Platterpush's rawkus turntablism. Perhaps an even less orthodox approach is that this same methodology is also applied to their recording process, with Caustic Yoda the groups producer recording the music from beginning to end in one pass with no sequencing or quantization. This gives the music that human feel of imperfection that is so rare in the world of overproduced soulless contemporary music. 

    Lyrically Wiseguy and Hammy exchange braggadocio bars and take shots at the absurd approach taken by many of their musical contemporaries. 

    Otherside are currently part-way through their east-coast tour with only their Sydney launch at the Hideaway bar in Newtown on Saturday 14th of April and their hometown gig at the Roxy/ Gearins Hotel in Katoomba on the 27th of April left on the slug trail.

    The crew are eager to head back into the studio and begin work on their next project, with some exciting developments already in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for these fellas as this is not the last you will hear of Otherside by a long shot.

    Watch Otherside 'Mold' The Smokestack Cypher #1 Below!


    Keep up to date with the boys here.

  • Resin Dogs Ft Indigenoise & Jesswah Live at Sol Bar!

    Resin Dogs Ft Indigenoise & Jesswah Live at Sol Bar!

    Resin Dogs At Sol Bar

    Resin Dogs Ft Indigenoise & Jesswah Live at Sol Bar!


    Australian live hip hop and party starters Resin Dogs return for a one off night bringing that feel good hip hop that they are renown for. These guys have legendary status throughout the Australian music community and were the go to band for every festival in the early 2000s which won them numerous awards for best live act in the country.
    Resin Dogs have been secretly working away on a new record and decided to do a little test drive of some new and some old classics for this show.

    Joining them will be INDIGENOISE from Byron Bay.
    Dropping a raw and organic imprint of hip hop infused with their inspired conscious lyrics. On stage they empower the individual, standing united as indigenous youth and beyond. Dominating the mass consciousness with their gift of music, traditional ceremony and dance.

    Also joining the line up local legend Jesswah.
    Jesswah is an inter dimensional time travelling being currently here to make beats for your body's pleasure ~ bringing his style of Beats Bass and Hip Hop Jesswah will be joined by some special guests for a live performance on the night

    Resin Dogg Tickets available here!

    10 / 12 - 20 Ocean Street, Maroochydore, Queensland 4558

  • Crush This City 2018

    Crush This City 2018

    Crush This City 2018

    FREE EVENT - Secure your ticket using the link below!

    Presenting Crush this City: A showcase of works featuring some of the best local, national and international graffiti and street artists at Urban Paradise Gallery!

    BSAF is partnering with Crush City, Brisbane’s number one spray paint supplier, to present you with the perfect closing party for this years festival.

    Come along and watch live painting with a BBQ, beats and beers- for those who wish to enjoy the afternoon with good conversation for the perfect Sunday Session.

    This exhibition will run for two weeks after the event.

    Live Painting: Snarl, Diz, Drule, Basix, Meks, Tuyuloveme, Kane Brujes, Shida, Kenji Chai, Cloakwork, Emmanuel Moore and Mike Shankster.

    Exhibiting Artists:
    Meks, Basix, Reals, Odie, Diz, Coker, Snarl, Pudler, Cruel, Cekios, Benjamin Reeve, Bore, Tuyuloveme, Cloakwork, Kenji Chai, Tekno, Shida, Basix, Emmanuel Moore, Blex, Jay Christensen

    Sponsored by Ironlak!!


    BBQ Burners Opening Event:
    Sunday 15th April
    12:00 - 21:00
    Exhibition Opening Party
    17:00 - 2100

    Exhibition Duration:
    April 16th - April 28th
    10:00 - 18:00

    Urban Paradise Gallery
    52 Annerley Road


  • Album Review: Crooked White – Confessions LP

    Album Review: Crooked White – Confessions LP

    Australian Hip Hop Artist Crooked White

    Crooked White – Confessions LP


    Confessions is the newest release to drop from Brisbane MC and vocalist Crooked White. The Cairns FNQ raised talent is also the front man for Schoolfight and long time hook man for Triple3. This album showcases the variously titled MC's strengths as a solo artist, effortlessly flowing between gruff verses, to singing catchy and polished choruses, to sharing his insight and personality through the tracks.

    The album is a definitely a party record. As smooth and shiny as it is, it is also, very gritty. It has a nice balance between a "commercial" melodic sound and being downright crass and rude. It has the exuberant humour and brash attitude that acts such as Funkoars bring the table. The type of music to play loudly whilst cleaning your house or having a few drinks with friends. That leads one to the assumption that these tracks would also translate very well live.

    Crooked White has a gruff rough emcee style. His voice has various shades of colour, and he pitches his verses as a rapper very well, often a more overlooked thing that emcees don't take on board. His lyrics are very sarcastic and funny, but he also shares a lot of his personality through them. His singing is on point. Even though I'm more of a fan of chorus cuts as opposed to choruses, all of these hooks are exceptionally well delivered, and pitched nicely. He is joined on "Vibe On" by Masterwolf, and "Crooked" by 7ravesty333 who both contribute dope pieces to the project.

    Overall, the album plays beautifully back to back, with no skippable tracks, although a little light and shade for dynamics would help break the album up a little more. That being said, this album is superbly produced by Aussie Ozborn, every track is a banger, and has a big boom bap sound, with heavy melodies. His beats set the tone of the whole project, and has nice elements of soul, funk embedded in the resin of the songs. 

    The albums biggest strengths are overall vocal performance and production, but perhaps the albums greatest strength is the mix/master by Cris Stevens Federal Audio. It is very professional and extremely well-polished and enhances the already well-developed structure of beats and vocals.

    This album is solid, and a great long player that you don't have to skip a single song and satisfies the musical sensibilities of a positive record. Radio play with this one, you would think is a no-brainer. It has a 'radio' sound to it, but that is not said in a negative way, as it still pays dues to the elements and represents Hip-Hop culture in a good way. It is an impressive effort from a talented vocalist, and a collaborative effort of talented individuals.

    Watch Crooked White 'Put It On Me' Below!



    Crooked White's new album drops this Friday April 11th 2018

  • Album Review: Helen Earth – Hell Hath No Fury

    Album Review: Helen Earth – Hell Hath No Fury

    Helen Earth - Hell Hath No Fury

    Queensland emcee Helen Earth creeps out the fiery underworld with her debut album Hell Hath No Fury, taking no prisoners and cementing herself as one of the most technical and raw female emcees in this country. The viciousness and energy that she projects is ferocious, also her ability to change up her tone and knowledge of her vocal range is usually not present on someone’s first LP, so I find this project very impressive.

    This album continues the winning streak from Shake Down, every release they have distributed has been on point. Originally from Perth, Helen chooses the best in the west to handle the mixing, cuts and master, Rob Shaker, and as usual he does a phenomenal job on that front.

    The album starts with an intro, with a well selected pitched down sample from the movie “The Network” you know you’re in for something good. Then Sun Tzu…. Haha, raw as f. She has an extremely flowy and aggressive style. Every verse she delivers has exceptional bite and ferocity. Aggressive and unapologetic, she rips and blisters through her verses, but does so in a musical way, and her lyrics are intelligent. Sometimes she is ruthless and crass and sounds downright evil, other times she is veracious, and delivers wordy verbose lyrics which you can tell come from a complex, wise individual. The topic matter in this album is vast, so it makes it hard to comment on, but variety in tracks is what makes it an enjoyable long player.

    Production is handled by a lot of different contributors but still has a cohesive sound. Helen does a good job of delivering on every track which adds to that glue between tracks, but it is also a reflection of good beat selection. She has some crazy beats from Matt Rafle, AussieOzBorn, Truth One, Sinks, Uncle Sam, Breath and Rob Shaker. It has a heavy boom bap 90’s flavour, inside the beats and flows. Shadz and Breath contribute dope verses to the project, but Helen does not rely on any other emcees, she is brutal on all the tracks, casually tearing each song a new arsehole.

    Some people will obviously have criticisms, it is the nature of doing something original, and how raw boom bap is a forgotten art form for the most part, but this album is extremely dope, and Helen Earth is my new favourite female emcee in this country. I can imagine Rob Shaker would have had an interesting time mixing this one, as she has the aggressive tones that cut through the beat the way Kogz does. You can tell this is one of the albums seldom created, when a collaborative team just gets everything right. Can’t recommend this one enough.

    Favourite tracks: Sun Tzu, The Handmaid’s Rhymes, In Situ, Rappers Suck and Quote This.

    Grab your copy of Helen Earth - Hell Hath No Fury here.

    Words By Lani Milbus

  • Album Review: Photograph Your Aura LP

    Album Review: Photograph Your Aura LP
    Nelson Dialect & Alnitak Kid - Photograph Your Aura LP


    Photograph Your Aura is the latest self-titled debut from talented Adelaide poet Dialect and producer Alnitak Kid. This release is the first cab off the ranks of the new label Bleu Avian, created by Nelson Dialect and Alnitak Kid.

    Standing firm in solidarity entirely in its own lane, this release is original, woozy, experimental, retro, off-kilter and lo-fi Hip-Hop encrusted gold. The soundscape is more than just ‘beat making.’ Alnitak Kid is more of a composer of sounds and textures, creating soundscapes for Nelson Dialect to effortlessly flow over. He uses really dusty, and small bit rate samples to create an oldish but new feeling inside the beats. He also uses off-beat rhythms, time signatures and interesting percussion to add his own flavour to the whole projects. His production is not trying to be like anything else, it is purely in its own category (especially in the Australian Hip-Hop scene) and matches Dialect’s originality as a lyricist.

    Dialect delivers supreme architecture, poetry and consciousness within his lyrics. His gravelly voice suits the production like a glove and he delivers many different styles and flows over the grainy production. He touches on topics such as love, the world and inner reflective thoughts, plus many other themes. It is a coming of age record in my opinion, Dialect on his grown-man rap steeze, poetically flawless. The two obviously have a cohesive gel together, and the combination of both is really original and refreshing.

    The artwork and film clips accentuate the old rusty feel of the album, the video clips are artistically and creatively designed deliberately to look like its shot on VCR or an older medium. It enhances the feel of the music and is a very brave and brilliant way to showcase the music.

    Overall, this is a release that isn’t a traditional ‘Hip-Hop’ album, but it is far more original than the majority of music being dropped lately. It truly stands alone, in a good way, and is a prime example of how creativity can be pushed, into positive new territory.

    Stream or download Photograph Your Aura here.


    Words By Lani Milbus


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