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  • Synth Gives His Top 5 Producers Ahead Of The Sold Out Get Bodied Festival In Brisbane

    Synth Gives His Top 5 Producers Ahead Of The Sold Out Get Bodied Festival In Brisbane

    Brisbane Rapper Synth

    Ozhiphopshop got the chance to catch up with upcoming Brisbane rapper Synth ahead of the massive sold out Get Bodied Festival held in Brisbane Saturday 9th June 2018 at The Triffid. Synth has been steadily working hard on his music over the last few years and has recently dropped his debut EP 'Breaking The Curse' out now on all platforms. 


    Synth gives his top 5 producers ahead of the sold out Get Bodied Festival.

    ProfSe Music

    Shout out to the Professor - without this incredible human I wouldn’t have started releasing music. Deserved spot at the top of my list, linked up with ProfSe (pronounced like “Prophecy”) at the start of 2017 and laid down a track the first afternoon we hung out, by the end of the year we released my debut Breaking the Curse. A humble but immensely talented multi -instrumentalist and producer, he’s worked with a multitude of artists of varying styles, notably releasing an LP titled ‘Medicine of Life’ with Mr. Hill of MHRC under ‘Ok No Heroes’ in November. Check it out!



    DJ, producer, emcee, engineer! A cornerstone of the collaboration and production between the original Syntax Era (Mesc & Spekter) and Thought Junkies (Nerve & Jolly Rotten) that lead to the rise of Syntax Junkies. Big Nerve does it all and is killing the scene with his solo content, he’s now produced and mixed for some of the best up and coming Australian emcees. Syntax for life, much love to the umbrella gang and No One Network.


    Estranged: Official

    If you know you know, this beat-genius prefers to be heard and not seen. Responsible for the creepiest and most delicious original Syntax Era beats, along with some of your favourites on The Syntax Junkies LP and five tracks on Mesc’s solo LP “Just a Joke” amongst hidden others.



    Switching continents, hailing from NY, USA - Blockhead gained notoriety producing beats for Aesop Rock in the late 90’s. Crucial to Aesop’s earlier albums, his production also features heavily on the incredibly successful ‘None Shall Pass’ from 2007. His unique style and playful sampling couples delightfully with abstract and verbose schemes from one of my most influential hip-hop artists.


    Chemo / Telemachus

    From London, England - Chemo AKA Telemachus takes the last spot on a potentially very long list of amazing producers for his work with another of my all time favourite hip hop artists Jam Baxter on 2014 album “ we ate them whole”. From enthralling drum rolls to heavenly piano to steel drums from another dimension, this album is (subjectively speaking) a masterpiece.


    Catch Synth performing alongside and a massive line up of local and interstate acts Saturday 9th June at the sold out Get Bodied Festival. 

    GetBodied Festival Brisbane

    Keep up to date with Synth here!

    Image supplied by Asher Lagosha

    Banner image supplied by Kyle Golly

  • Across The Globe Vol.1 - Beats By Apollo Brown

    Across The Globe Vol.1 - Beats By Apollo Brown

    Across The Globe Vol.1 beats by Apollo Brown

    “Across The Globe” is the new series of releases from Low Key Source which sees established producers team up with vocalists and MC’s from Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

    Volume 1 showcases the beats of Detroit’s Apollo Brown known for his production through Mello Music Group which has seen him work with the likes of Oddisee, Guilty Simpson, Skyzoo, Ras Kass, OC, Sean Price, Boog Brown, Big Pooh and most recently Planet Asia on their new album “Anchoives”.

    “Reminiscing” sees the UK’s Jehst team up with Children Of Zeus vocalist Tyler Daley and has them reflecting about back in the day and giving a special mention to the passing of UK Producer Mark B. It’s special boom-bap throwback sound with sweeping strings captures perfectly the message of what life was once like being free from responsibilities.

    The English city of Nottingham is represented on the posse cut “Time’s Different” showcasing the lyrical skills of up and comers Juga-Naut and Vandal Savage alongside veteran Cappo. It’s hard hitting snare snaps into a crispy beat which instantly takes you into headnod mode.

    Apollo Brown never fails to execute his signature robust Hip Hop production as heard on "World Revolves" where Dialectrix spits fire with a rhythmical flow that resembles the way a sparrow would slice across the air - in short bursts left and right, up and down with ease. Rounding out the EP is Brisbane’s Lazy Grey with “First Come First Served”. Another sharp serving of distinct Apollo Brown production paired with Grey's own verbal dexterity.

    With the renowned illustrator and designer Dan Lish holding down the artwork for each volume in this series, “Across The Globe” is a limited edition release every good music lover needs in their collection.

    Across The Globe Vol.1 beats by Apollo Brown Vinyl



    Side A

    1. Jehst Feat. Tyson Daley (Children Of Zeus) - Reminiscing
    2. Juga-Naut, Vandal Savage & Cappo - Time’s Different

    Side B

    1. Dialectrix - World Revolves
    2. Lazy Grey - First Come First Served
  • Ladi6 & Raiza Biza AA Side Limited 7 Inch Vinyl Release Out Friday May 11th

    Ladi6 & Raiza Biza AA side limited 7 inch vinyl release Out Friday May 11th

    To coincide with New Zealand Music Month Low Key Source releases a limited edition AA side 7 inch vinyl release featuring exclusive remixes of Ladi6 and Raiza Biza tracks.

    To coincide with New Zealand Music Month Low Key Source releases a limited edition AA side 7 inch vinyl release featuring exclusive remixes of Ladi6 and Raiza Biza tracks.

    "Royal Blue" is taken off Ladi6's "Royal Blue 3000" EP and gets the remix treatment courtesy of Silent Jay (Silent Jay & Jace XL), Sensible J (REMI / Sampa The Great) and Leigh Fisher.

    Raiza Biza enlists Melbourne based Hip Hop artist REMI of his "Strong Woman" track taken off his "Day & Night" EP as they pay homage to the women in their lives with this lyrically charming remix.


    Side A - Ladi6 "Royal Blue" (Silent Jay, Sensible J & Leigh Fisher Remix) Side AA - Raiza Biza "Strong Woman" Remix Featuring REMI

  • Pang Productions Presents "Magnetism" A Collaboration Between Must Volkoff And Nelson Dialect

    Pang Productions Presents "Magnetism" A Collaboration Between Must Volkoff And Nelson Dialect

    MAGNETISM Must Volkoff and Nelson Dialect

    Since they first colluded on Must Volkoff’s White Russian album in 2013 producing two stand out tracks Homeostasis and Time Wields Everything, the musical chemistry between Must & Nelson Dialect has been unmistakable.  Dialect's raspy vocals flawlessly complementing the trademark sounds of Must Volkoff was again displayed when they joined forces on their Metastasis/Jewels & Crystals 7 (2016), and The Holy Ghost on Volkoff’s Aquanaut (2017). The consistent quality of this small catalogue has lead to mounting demand for a full length release from the duo.  We're proud to announce the pair have packaged up 7 new songs plus interludes in the form of the Magnetism LP, pressed to 45prm 12" vinyl.

    Magnetism is set for release on Vinyl and Digital on Friday June 22.

    Vinyl pre-orders will be available at from Friday June 1.


    Australian Hip Hop, Pang Productions Presents Magnetism by Must Volkoff and Nelson Dialect

    Must Volkoff and Nelson Dialect - Magnetism Tracklist



    Side A

    01 Intro

    02 Get It

    03 Magnetism

    04 Electric Current Flow

    0S Acute Vision

    06 Hyper Aware


    Side B

    07 Storm Boy

    08 As Above So Below

    09 Mind Your Wants

    10 Laws Of  Physics

    11 Ulterior Motives


  • Scribble Slam: Benny Pierce VS Sarge

    Scribble Slam: Benny Pierce VS Sarge

    Scribble Slam: Benny Pierce VS Sarge

    Scribble Slam is now back once a month at Ric's Backyard on the first Sunday of each month! The live art battle where street artists compete to a 90 minute timer to create an artwork that responds to a theme provided to them at the start of battle.

    Shani Finch will be MCing all the minute-to-minute details of the grueling battle between artists Benny Pierce and Sarge and Jai will be DJing during the battle.

    Each event showcases two artists battling against each other, working to a 90 minute time limit, and each creating their own artwork on a 2.4m x 2.4m wall. 

    The two artists involved are able to use whichever medium they like to create an artwork. Both artists will be completely unaware of what they will be painting until the countdown timer is started. The element of the ‘unknown’ lends Scribble Slam a sense of intensity and intrigue that draws a diverse crowd of art aficionados. 

    Be there for 6pm to ensure you see the battle right from the moment the buzzer goes off! 

    Scribble Slam: Benny Pierce VS Sarge


    Address: Rics Bar 766 Ann Street, fortitude valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4006
    Supported by Rics Bar, Captain Morgan, Ironlak, Coopers, Brisbane Street Art Festival and Vast Yonder

  • Interview: Australian Hip Hop Artist Helen Earth Talks About 'Hell Hath No Fury' And The Journey So Far

    Interview: Helen Earth - Hell Hath No Fury

    Interview of Australian Hip Hop Rapper Helen earth

    Ozhiphopshop caught up with Helen Earth a few weeks ago to discuss her brand new debut album 'Hell Hath No Fury' and the journey so far. Helen isn't new to the scene and has be honing her skills for the last few years in preparation for this release. The emotion and bars that went into this release is something special. From the lyrics to the production this album will drop jaws and snap necks. The wordplay is on another level and makes you double check you haven't jumped back into time when lyrics were everything.


    Hey Helen, hope all is well. I have really been enjoying this release.

    Hello Travis. Thank you, I’m glad to hear this.

    You have been extremely busy the last 6 months working hard on your brand new album Hell Hath No Fury, what has the road been like?

    It was longer than six months, although I’m not too sure precisely how long. But it took awhile to get off the ground. I had a few bumps linking up with producers, but as soon as I linked with a solid network it all came together pretty quickly and smoothly.

    The artwork is insanely good, Deej is an incredible artist. Did you work closely with him on the concept and design?

    Not at all. Like you said, Deej is an incredible artist, so I gave him free artistic rein. I know my limitations, and I wanted his interpretation of the theme I was running with.  I’m not sure if that makes me easy or difficult to work with.

    What part of the process are you most comfortable in; writing, recording or performing live?

    Probably writing, and I see myself more in terms of a writer than I do an emcee. Recording is fun and performing is always an incredible experience. But writing gives me a feeling that words can’t describe, as ironic as that is.



    This is your debut album and creating it must have been a learning curve especially being independent, did you find anything about the process hard?

    If I made my own beats, this album would have been done a long time ago. Unfortunately, I don’t. The merit in self production is that you don’t have to synchronise your work ethic with another producer. You have complete autonomy. So, the challenge for me was to find someone who’s work ethic matched mine – and I did, several in fact. I am grateful to have worked and continue to be working with some of the producers who feature on my album. But it was a fucking pain in the ass finding them.  

    The album features some head snapping beats laced with some heavy bars. How did you decide on the beat selection for this album?

    The way I approach writing to an instrumental is through interpretation. I interpret what the instrumental is saying. I don’t like coming into things with a pre-conceived notion or expectation. It’s a mediation of sorts. If I hear something, I say something. You know what I mean, it’s like the bomb squad for writing rhymes. Of course, I have a preference for certain beats. Rafle, for example is pretty switched onto what I like. Producers gauge your preference, and if you’re working with a lord (Rafle is a lord) they’ll cater to that – or they might facilitate and encourage a different direction because they hear something you haven’t yet.

    Good choice on the beat selection and the production is on point. Do you stay within a circle of producers who know how you like it or would you prefer to go with who can create the most suitable beat for each record?

    What’s suitable one day might not be suitable the next. I just like whatever I like. Right now, I am happy with who I’m currently working with. I think working with Rafle is a good formula, and I want to pursue that and hear it in full. I like to keep my ears open, and if I like something: I’ll engage it. There’s definitely a range of producers who I try to keep up to date with, like Insideus gets busy as fuck. He has a great work ethic as well and I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for beats.

    Where did you record the album at?

    In the spare room aka the ’office’ where I do my uni work, yeah definitely nowhere fancy.

    Rob from Shake Down Records has been working really hard in the local music scene especially with upcoming talent like yourself, did you find working with him has helped with the overall outcome of the album?

    This album would have taken a lot longer if It weren’t for Rob. Rob provided me access to catalogues from a variety of producers and put me in touch with those who I wanted to work with. He navigated me through the album process, referred and advised me, facilitated gig opportunities. Rob is the fucking man.  He’s a professional, and that’s who you want to work and be in touch with - professionals. He makes good memes too.

    What are some of the lessons you've learnt in the industry thus far, be they good or bad?

    The first lesson I learned was from Ciecmate, and that lesson is ALWAYS GET THE STEMS. Lessons I’ve learned myself? Just do it for you. I write for me, and it’s been like that since I was a kid. Writing is just something I’ve always done and enjoyed. It’s apart of me, to the point that at times it’s a seemingly thoughtless action. But when I read it back, there’s a body of reflection. And this reflection addresses what I’ve been overlooking.  Writing facilitates growth. So I guess, what I’m addressing here is motivation. Is it intrinsic or extrinsic? Because it’s the process that’s enjoyable for me, I don’t have an expected outcome. I’m interested in the mechanics, the how. That’s my pursuit. Enjoy the process.



    Is an album launch or tour on the cards?

    I’m not too sure at this stage, right now my priority is uni. In the holidays I’d like to head back to Perth and do some gigs. I also want to head down to Sydney sometime, and a few other places.

    What first got you into hip hop and how has it changed your outlook on life?

    Probably my mum’s record collection, her record collection is stacked with samples. I was exposed to a lot of good music as a child. And I always had this obsession with writing, and rhymes and manipulating words. I’m not too sure what age I was exactly when I started brain washing myself with hip hop, but It started at a young age. Regarding my outlook… Music is like this intertextual secondary source, an accompaniment of this weird concept we call self. I don’t know if it changed my outlook, think if anything it reassured it and at times challenged it. Back then listening to hip hop was like falling in love for the first time.

    What steps do you go through in writing your tracks, do you have a set method that works for you or does it vary?

    I’m a lot more disciplined these days. I pace myself, I think my approach to academic writing has greatly influenced my approach to writing rhymes. I don’t follow a set structure though. It comes from this deeply immature part of myself. I don’t know why, but I’m so resistant to structure. I have this problem with uni too, I do really well when it comes to textual analysis, my mind is wired for it – but when it comes to assessments that require a very strict structure and admittedly very boring content, my inner disruptive student screams ‘get fucked’. I have been following a set structure lately though for something im working on.

    Who in the Australian hip hop scene would you like to work with next and why?

    Sinks. I feel like I don’t even need to explain why because I’m under the impression that everyone is of the understanding that Sinks is a fucking GOAT. Sinks music makes me feel a way about hip hop that I haven’t felt since my teens. I would also like to do a track with Shook one day, I hold her in high regard. Hands down, Shook is a Queen.

    What home grown hip hop are you currently listening to?

    Definitely the artists I previously mentioned. I don’t get too much time to listen to much music anymore. And in my spare time, I’m usually trying to make it. But Sinks gets regular play, and I always try to keep up to date with Dialect. I placed an order for Photograph Your Aura the other day.  And I’m very keen for that album he’s doing with Must Volkoff – most rational beings are, right!

    Any shout-outs?

    Thanks to everyone who’s been involved in this project and especially to those who have been supporting it, sharing it and reaching out with their thoughts. It’s truly humbling.

    Any advice for others wanting to pursue this art from?

    Don’t add me and tag me in your shit.  Have some fucking decorum.

    Thanks for your time.


    Catch Helen Earth at the upcoming Scenario Festival in Brisbane!

    Listen To Her Music Here!


    Words By Travis Broi

  • New Zealand Rapper JessB Announces Her First Australian Tour 2018

    New Zealand Rapper JessB Announces Her First Australian Tour 2018

    JessB New Zealand Female Rapper


    New Zealand rapper JessB announces her first Australian tour to launch her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Bloom’. The 7-track EP features her diamond-hard single ‘Set It Off’ as well as the just released, P-Money produced ‘Take It Down’ (Feat. Rubi Du).

    Quickly making her mark on New Zealand hip-hop, Jess has already racked up over 450,000K streams, collaborated with award-winning legends SWIDT, and secured the first female appearance on David Dallas’s ’64 Bars’ - a Red Bull backed project whereby MC’s are invited to take the mic and freestyle over a fresh beat. "She came in and handled it first take. She’s got a vibe, and she’s super confident" says Dallas.

    JessB has already conquered New Zealand’s biggest festival stages, Rhythm & Vines, Northern Bass and Soundsplash and most recently Auckland City Limits. She was also selected to open Stormzy’s two NZ shows in 2017.

    Of Kenyan descent, JessB grew up in Auckland and naturally gravitated towards hip-hop from an early age. Raised by her adoptive parents, hip-hop offered an avenue to explore her identity in a way that felt natural - providing a cultural touchstone as a minority in New Zealand.

    After meeting renowned producer P-Money through SoundCloud in 2014, the two began what would go onto be a solid friendship and musical partnership. As well as producing Jess’s debut release ‘Soul Free’, P-Money has become a mentor to Jess as well as playing his hand in producing, mixing and engineering a number of the tracks on the ‘Bloom’ EP.

    Speaking about her latest single Take It Down’, JessB describes it as a reflection of writing music that blends the significance of discussing serious issues with the necessity of having a good time with the people you love:

    “I am very passionate about my role as a female artist and what I want to be saying in my songs. I think it is super important to have a balance between talking on serious issues that affect myself and other people of colour and women of colour, but I also think it is so important to remember that we also need to have fun with life and our friends who we cherish.”

    JessB Australian Tour 2018


    JessB Australian Tour Dates:


    Brisbane - Friday May 4th - The Flamin’ Galah, Brisbane

    Supported by Jesswar, BlaqCarrie, Aywin, G Elenil, Dameeela & Babymama



    Melbourne - Saturday May 5th - Belleville, Melbourne

    Supported by Yaw Faso, DJ’s Mz Rizk, Creamy Mami & Colette



    Perth - Thursday May 10th - The Rosemount, Perth

    Supported by Jamilla, Hyclass & DJ Aslan



    Sydney - Friday May 11th - Oxford Art Factory (Gallery Bar), Sydney

    Supported by Kaiit, DJ’s DIOLA & Nicole Tania


  • Freestyle Fridays - P.Smurf Brisbane Album Launch

    Freestyle Fridays - P.Smurf Brisbane Album Launch

    Freestyle Fridays PSmurf Brisbane Album Launch

    Freestyle Friday's is back this month at a brand new venue. This month's show will see Sydney rapper P.Smurf make his way up for a massive night to launch his most recent release 'Playing The Blues' featuring DJ Cost on the decks.

    P.Smurf Album Launch Tour 'Playin the Blues" feat. DJ Cost & Billie Rose
    The Jackal
    - Late1 
    Joey Legit

    Beats, cyphers, rap games and a bar!

    Hosted by Master Wolf AKA Skinz

    $10 Entry

    Address: Bloodhound Bar
    454 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    Time: Friday at 7 PM - 11:30 PM


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