Beers Beats & The Biz: Episode 21 - We’re Back: Soul, Sneakers and S950’s With Seany B

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Episode 21. We’re Back: Soul, Sneakers and S950’s With Seany B

After an extended hiatus we are honoured to be back up in your earholes with the one and only Seany B.

This episode is a relaxed and sprawling discussion that takes us from the council flats of Prahran, to the airwaves of Cairns and on to the clubs and studios of Brisbane.

Sean’s legacy is cemented in his contributions to rapping, producing, radio, club DJing, and in this episode we cover it all.

We talk everything, from the early influence of Ransom, Katch, Idem and Frenzy on to Sean’s contributions to hip hop as an MC and producer for artists like Brad Strut, Lazy Grey and the Resin Dogs.

We discuss where we’ve been for the last couple months, travel, albums, tours, labels, sneakers and sneaker shopping, digging, gigging, demoing and everything in between.

This episode is packed from front to back and we thank Sean for his time and all his contributions.

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