Benny Morrell Serves up a Cheeky Music Video for Debut Single ‘Sidepiece’

Benny Morrell

Melbourne newcomer Benny Morrell shares a cheeky music video for his debut single ‘Sidepiece’, an addictive hip hop tune released late last year. 

Full of witty moments and cheesy outfit changes, the ‘Sidepiece’ music video follows Benny as he facetiously boogies through a sticky situation when he finds out he’s on the wrong end of a love triangle. Alongside actors Anne McCaffery and Jony Berry, Benny plays a boy toy who competes for Anne’s attention by helping her around the house. 

“The entire concept felt funny to begin with, so when I’m in the bed with them or being a pool boy, it just felt ridiculous in the best way. I knew we were doing something different, and in a landscape where a lot of videos and releases can sound derivative and similar, my favourite part was focusing on the uniqueness of the project and knowing full well it was going to shine through.”

Directed by Rob La Terra, the music video comes as an introduction to the effortlessly cool nature of Benny Morrell, a star in his own right with a familiar brand of cheekiness bolstered by his confident quirkiness and contagious personality. Embodied in his music, ‘Sidepiece’ is an infectious anthem about knowing your self worth even when you might be second best. 

Produced by Elon Bust, the track is a smooth bop that features elements of hip hop, funk and house, inspired by the likes of Anderson .Paak and early Mac Miller. Coming in strong with an energetic beat and hard hitting lyrics that will be sure to stay in your head for days, ‘Sidepiece’ is a tune ready for the dancefloor. 

With his first music video out in the world, expect more to come from Benny Morrell. Guaranteeing more of his dynamic talent and fresh take on hip hop in upcoming releases, the Melbourne artist is set to staple himself as one of Australia’s favourites.