Calski has been grinding hard for a long minute now, underground talent seems to run extremely deep in QLD and this new track is no exception.

'Want The?' brings the rambunctious B-boy vibe back, "I'm not here to kill ya buzz," Calski opens with. A clever line to setup the lyrics for the rest of the song. The whole track has undertones of banging party rap, but Calski delivers a very honest and conscious look at life. Summed up shortly, he is engaging with you and encouraging to life in the real world. What do you want? Everyone wants something different, especially in the Australian Hip-Hop scene. Some people want the bangers, others want the commercial melody stuff, some people want the heritage listed Bboy breaks, some people want the funk, some people want conscious dope lyrics etc. Calski's done a great job branching through all of these, effortlessly switching between styles, whilst still maintaining his signature style.

Production wise, Calski switches up the beat constantly, different breaks, breakdowns and samples are what really makes this track exciting, very reminiscent of Funkwig. The beat is polished and crunchy, the whole mix (including the vocals) is very, for lack of a better word, fresh. The cuts by Dj Butcher top the track off, putting a slice of authenticity on the plate

Check out Calski Ft DJ Butcher - 'Want The?' Below!

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Words by Lani Milbus.