Australian Hip Hop 2017

  • P.Smurf Drops The Heat With 'Abalone' Produced by Must Volkoff

    P.Smurf Abalone Produced by Must Volkoff

    P.smurf - Abalone

    A bit late to the uptake, "Abalone" was released in May this year, a bold statement to all people sleeping on P.Smurf. Backed by the infectious slow Jazz instrumental by Must Volkoff, P.Smurf decimates the flow, effortlessly stringing his unpredictable multi-syllable rhythm, casually tearing through the bars with his gusto filled word play, offering that vintage wine flavour over his soul food groove in ya belly.

    My favourite Sydney artist by far, P.Smurf has a thing that rappers lack in this day and age: style and originality. His unshaven baritone vocals scratch across the track like a jagged rock jungle. He is not pushing, or trying to project either, he is ultra relaxed and concise in his delivery, rapping from his stomach not his lungs, in his element over this type of instrumental.

    The track is complimented with Must Volkoff's signature tasteful cuts adding the condiment and spices to this already palatable recipe. It also complimented by an awesome film clip, which although is shot in a traditional rap style, is very creative in alluring you into the track, blending different textures, comedy and sarcasm into the mix.

    P.Smurf Ft Must Volkoff - 'Abalone'


    Abalone is the first single taken from the Sydney MC's forthcoming debut solo LP 'Playing The Blues', due out later this year through Big Village Records.

    Produced by Must Volkoff

    Cuts by Must Volkoff

    Video edited by Billy Zammit

    Directed by P.Smurf & Hollie Black

    Shot by Hollie Black, Rodrigo Torres, Calum Ridlle


    Words By Lani Milbus.

  • Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops)

    Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops) Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops)

    Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops)


    'Comin’ Up' Fast sees two of the biggest Adelaide heavyweight rhymers come together to show people what is f%$#-ing up, down in South Oz.

    Arguably the two most slept on artists in Australia, Social Change & Mnops together is a deadly amalgamation of wordplay, delivery and distinct voices cutting through over a Funkwig banger, (who is also disputably one of Australia’s premium and slept on producers.)

    The track starts with the slamming vintage production, with Ice Cube’s classic sample “Comin Up Fast” taken from his classic song “Colour Blind” from his album “Death Certificate,” setting up the track and building anticipation for the verses to drop, with a few other samples I’m not familiar with (although one sounds suspiciously like it came from a Superman record haha.)

    Social Change comes in with his trademark authoritative style, voice and flow. Razor sharp lyrics, he addresses being in the shadows and sharpening his sword for many years, starving hunger and “comin’ up” which in my opinion, he is overdue for his “come-uppance.” His voice cuts through with such a fresh Aussie tone, and his breath control on this is gargantuan. Flow is always on point with SC but on this one he condemns every word so you can feel the pulse of every single syllable, like a swinging katana blade striking with every word.
    Mnops comes in with his signature fast paced, multi-syllable style and presents his 4th to 7th bars with some creative deliberate stutters which sound doper than hash butter. Using dirty imagery, braggadocio wordplay and similes – “I’m a fucking eagle, you’re a maggot on a flesh piece” and funny lines like “Emcee’s are looking lost, DJ Khaled on a jet ski,” this verse is entertaining, creative and sonically enjoyable from flow to lyrics and delivery.

    All sound effects, mixing/ mastering are all achieved handsomely, using scarcity mixed with tasteful placement and selection of all elements, this track is a certified, head-nodding, true school boom bap classic.

    I’m looking forward to Social Change’s highly anticipated album/s, and Mnops’ follow up to his April Fools mixtape titled “Jokes On You,” and I’m not the only one that should be either!

    Listen to Social Change – Comin Up Fast (ft Mnops) Below!


    Words By Lani Milbus

  • Soul Elixr X Beyond June Release New Music!

    SOUL ELIXR Soul Elixr


    Soul Elixr X Beyond June


    Returning from a 2 year hiatus since the long anticipated and hugely successful album ’Inside Out’, Soul Elixr are back with a self titled EP produced solely by Melbourne based producer Beyond June. Mainstays of the Australian hip hop scene for over a decade, Visionz and Omega-two brothers who make up Soul Elixr and previously from the renowned group Headstrong Company– have reappeared to bring their fans something new and relative.


    Centred on intricate lyrical narratives, Soul Elixr have aimed to push their musical boundaries and steer away from the traditional Boom Bap sound of their previous works. Beyond June’s uniquely sculptured instrumentals and eclectic taste, powerfully complement the deeply introspective lyrical landscape that is laid out. This EP is all about exploration and taking music to new previously unexplored places.

    With a who’s who of hip hop inviting them on stage to support - Redman, Raekwon, Method Man, M.O.P, Brother Ali, Xzibit, Foreign Beggars, Onyx, Blakalicious, Percee P and Def Wish Cast (to name a few) - Soul Elixr have well and truly established themselves as mainstays in the local hip hop community.

    With the help of Beyond June, Soul Elixr have succeeded to create an inspiring sound that has been maturing from a lifelong dedication to the craft.

    Out now!

  • Video Premier: After a 3 year Hiatus Realm City are back with 'Save You'

    Realm City - Save You

    Realm City - Save You

    Video Premier: After a 3 year Hiatus Realm City are back with 'Save You' 


    After a 3 year Hiatus Realm City are back with that conscious rap that they have become known for around Townsville, North Queensland where they have been killing the local scene for some time. The brand new video features a Nrth Queensland rainforest backdrop that suits the funky guitar sample that draws the listener and puts them into higher train of thought. Stay true to yourself is all that matters in music.

    Words By Travis Broi

  • Mesc Drops Brand New Single And Video 'Worthless" From His Upcoming Debut LP

    Mesc - Worthless Mesc - Worthless

    Mesc Drops Brand New Single And Video 'Worthless" From His Upcoming Debut LP


    The brand new single and video 'Worthless' taken off Mescs upcoming LP titled "Just a Joke" releasing November 10th.

    Mesc is the Brisbane based rapper known as part member of Syntax Junkies who has been carving up the local scene with hyped up shows and videos. For the last year we have seen Mesc come fresh faced onto the scene along with Syntax Junkies and grow into an artist in his own right and leave his mark on the scene. Get ready for his debut album out Nov 10th.

    Check out the brand new hip hop video Mesc - 'Worthless'

    Produced by Count BE of The Loose Screws Mixed & Mastered by Nerve Filmed & Edited by Kyel GOLLY

  • Bitter Belief Announces Beastmode National Tour!

    Bitter Belief Beastmode Tour 2017


    This West coast's Bitter Belief, who, from the age of only 14, opened his rhyme book penning lyrics to bring to life the cuts and bruises of his own cousin’s rough experiences found his motivation and through wordplay has never put the biro to rest, has just announced his national tour. Bringing along with him is super producer Rob Shaker and one part of the Syllabolix fam whose handy work behind the boards and across his catalogue of credits helped craft a horde of Australian hip-hop’s most notable talents. Working out of the studios where every nut, bolt and panel is tailored to suit the signature Swan sound, Bitter B and Rob Shaker embark on the first national tour from Shake Down Records.


    Packed with a massive showcase of local supports this tour is set to leave the fans wanting more as the powerhouse that is Shake Down Records comes to town.

    From the long-serving Swan veterans across Australia’s arid hip-hop climate, the return of Bitter Belief and Rob Shaker’s dominance has the nation battening down hatches for what is set to be a massive tour.


    Bitter Belief Beastmode Tour Dates


    Friday September 15 [PERTH ALL AGES] – HQ Leederville 

    Saturday September 16 [PERTH 18+] – The Carine supported by 

    Saturday October 7 [MELBOURNE 18+] – Grumpy’s supported by 

    Saturday October 21 [ADELAIDE ALL AGES] – Northern Sound 

    Friday November 10 [BRISBANE 18+] – The Milk Factory

    All presales are only available through the Shakedown Records store (Link in the comments) except Adelaide which is at through Moshtix.


  • Bitter Belief Drops Brand New Video 'Hot Sauce' As Pre Orders For Beastmode LP Go Live!

    Bitter Belief - Hot Sauce


    Just as the bounty of boasts served up on this one dictates, he’s the chosen one, “if you’re in arm’s reach then it’s over, son!” Following the ‘Battleship Pt. 2’ single drop, Bitter B and Rob Shaker return to the galley and go chef to bang out another MC killer.

    ‘Hot Sauce’, their third release off the Beastmode LP (due out 27 July), has Perth’s most fiery emcee tearing more braggadocio strips off the game while Rob the vinyl virtuoso keeps his fingers greasy on the wheels and reaching for the guitar to peel off a late solo lick, baring that beat-nodding shine we’ve come to expect out of those from the Syllabolix camp.

    This left coast kitchen cook leaves Nando’s Peri Peri on the shelf. ‘Hot Sauce’ reveals a recipe of rhyme slays registering right off the richter while Rob bastes the beat so thick off the bone first bite burnt the roof off Shake Down Studios

    “Got a sauce so hot so hectic, you should only mess with it if you got a death wish.”

    ‘Hot Sauce’ will be available Monday 17th July, 2017 through Shake Down Records.

  • Exclusive Interview - Brisbane Producer/Rapper Insideus Reveals Plans for Exciting New Label

    Inisideus Shire Records Interview Shire Records

    New venture for one of Brisbane’s hardest working crews has finally come to fruition. All the blood, sweat and beats of his craft has finally paid off, allowing Bris-bang beatsmith Russ (Insideus) to build this new stable, Shire Records into a brick house by which to store the fat of the river city’s freshest hip-hop.

    The early roster at Shire Records boasts the album campaigns of Exit Strategy and projects from solo artists Elaborate and Audacity whose latest single ‘10th Pace’ out Friday 14th finds the MC shooting raw lead from the double-barrel - all produced in-house. Shire Records aims to provide a complete music production haven to anyone who seeks to build a platform for making music from production to recording and delivering right through to distribution. Shire Records is a creative, grassroots, do-it-yourself recording studio and label that supports and shelters the local scene and banging out the dopest sounds that the national scene can handle. 

    Ozhiphopshop drops in to see Russ for a quick one-on-one about the label that he built and the roster with whom he shares it.  Everybody’s welcome. Just wipe your feet.


    OHHS with Russ (Insideus)

    For - July, 2017


    It’s been a while. How have things been since we last spoke?

    Things have been wonderfully hectic since we last spoke! I bought a house with my woman, renovated it and built a new studio with the help of some awesome people in my life. Since we (Exit Strategy) dropped ‘Seventh Dimension’ there’s been a lot of work put into a couple of our solo projects and they are finally coming to fruition. We’re very happy about that to say the least. 


    You’ve been working hard the last few months on something special can. Can you finally tell us what that is? 

    Shire Records. Since our first EP ‘Preliminaries’ we have been very much a DIY group of artists when it comes to the production and distribution of our music. We decided it was time to make it official so I started this label with the intention of further distribution as well as professional services for local artists.


    Do you have any artists you’ll be signing to the team?

    So far we have myself, Audacity, Elaborate and Patrsn on the roster. I do plan on getting a few more artists on board and building a collective of like-minded, skilled MCs to in-turn craft a solid discography akin to some of the independent labels we’ve always respected.


    What can The Shire Studio offer local talent?

    Our services include exclusive beats, recording, mixing, mastering and music videos.


    How would an artist contact you to record and send you some work to check out?

    The best way to contact me would be via email at A message to one of our social media pages [links below] would also suffice but email is your best bet for a swift reply. I’m more than happy to give honest feedback and try to steer artists in the right direction in regards to quality of their product.


    What does the future hold for Shire Records?

    $$ Dollar dollar bills ya’ll $$. No, in all seriousness, our main aim is to improve further on what we’ve been doing for the last few years - performing live shows and putting out music and merchandise for the hip hop heads far ’n’ wide and hopefully build the name into a highly respected camp that’ll stand the test of time.


    Hope it goes well for you mate, speak again soon.

    Thanks for having me, OHHS. Always a pleasure. Peace!

    Interview By Travis Broi


    Check out the brand new website and keep up t date via the links below!




    Instagram - @shirerecords

  • Bitter Belief Has Just Dropped The Brand New Single And Video For 'Battleship Pt. 2’ Ft Rob Shaker

    Biter Belief Has Just Dropped The Brand New Single And Video For 'Battleship Pt. 2’ Ft Rob Shaker


    Vowing to sink your battleship, joint chiefs Bitter Belief and Rob Shaker entered the coordinates and turned their keys to launch ‘Battleship Pt. 2’, a straight shut down. A Veteran MC, Bitter B strips ribbons with a sharpened lyrical assault on any MC who dare question this MC’s place in the fast lane.

    Second single off the Beastmode LP (due out 27 July),  ‘Battleship Pt. 2’ stays true to form, failing not to settle the score in the season for grieving. Evoking the sentiment of legendary baller Allen Iverson, he’s talking ‘bout practice preemptive of an all-out throwdown. The left coast MC outta Perth’s illest camp went in on his bread and butter, graduating from scholar to sensei without a template on this vicious cut.

    Teaming with Shake Down Studios’ own Rob Shaker to produce the beat, cut the cake, mix and master the finished product, Bitter B and Shaker picked back up where ‘Battleship Pt. 1’ left off. The weaponry was primed at the house that Shaker built.

  • Album Review: Must Volkoff - Aquanaut

    Must Volkoff - Aquanaut Cover

    Must Volkoff – Aquanaut

    From the unfathomable bathymetric depths of the Universe, swims the 2nd production album from Must VolkoffAquanaut. The album’s title lends itself to grand imagery, metaphors and marine-like depth, which can be said for the music itself. Just take a few moments to mull over the title in your head, then apply it when listening. The album features artists from the UK to Australia, connecting the Indian to Atlantic ocean, effortlessly bridging the gap between them.

    Must Volkoff should be in your top 3 producers in Australia, if he’s not then you misunderstand what makes good production. This record is meticulously crafted, easily one of the most well produced albums I’ve heard. One can always provide endless accolades for his beats, however when speaking on production, I’m talking on a broader spectrum. The samples, mixing, cuts, tape hiss etc, are made in such incredible genius and taste, all those 1 %er’s pushing it further into undiluted pristine territory. While a lot of artists in Australia can be sea urchins and leeches, Must (and Pang Productions in general) are lantern fish, illuminating the way through. As the tidal waves of mediocre music crash our shores, Must is always a dependable anchor, firm on solidarity and quality. His production style has evolved a lot over the years but always has the “signature” stamp of authority. As the great Ciecmate once put it “it’s like he knows how to sample the sound of smoke”, a great way to put it. To me it’s the sound of dust mites in your crate, the sound of floating dust particles basking in morning sunlight, the sound of your cherished childhood arcade (mine was timezone) or the sound of water rising above Lemuria. To describe his style of beats forces the author of this article to plunge into a few under worldly oxymorons. The beats are archaic but avant-garde, retro but undeniably fresh, blaringly minimal but satisfyingly full, simultaneously. Each track on this album paints a vivid soundscape, which drags you down like a Grindylow into the murky world he has created, beautiful and healing like Jengu spirits.

    All the guest rappers on this do an amazing job with their verses. Every track is at an exceedingly high standard, dense both lyrically and in delivery. Must really knows how to bring the best out of every rapper he works with. Apollo Brown is an example of someone who does a similar thing. One can only speculate on the creative process of an album like this, but through either his selection of beats, the way he mixes their vocals, or perhaps being on the frontline of quality control, you can expect any rappers collaboration with Must to be super ill. Working with rappers with such high calibre, and distinct styles and voices definitely would help that. The album features and impressive list of rappers including Chester P, Maundz, Remus, Mata, Jehst, Flu, Sonnyjim, Nelson Dialect, Joe Snow, Adam Koots, One Sixth, Ramson Badbonez, Aslan, Dyl Thomas, just name a few. A lot of these artists most people know, a lot you might not. What you can know is that each of these rappers are on the top of their game, each one bringing something both layered and musically pleasing to the table, each rapper extremely secure in their style, effortless flows, complex lyrics.

    I will offer some meek critique on it. The main thing I don’t like is that Must doesn’t spit on it haha. Some people may have expectations before listening to the record, it’s not as “party” as White Russian (for less of a better description) but I believe this album bangs harder, and is overall a much more solid release than its predecessor, and to me that’s saying something. This album is more baroque, woozy, lo-fi and off kilter. But it’s hypnotically entrancing and infectious, supremely rich in texture in sound and arguably one of the best produced oz Hip-Hop releases, in my opinion.

    The supreme battle between good and evil, gods and devils is present throughout this album (this is just my perception.) That duality and polarity within the beats makes it so pleasing to listen to. Tiamat & Marduk, Leviathan & Hadad battling as the title goes, the paradox of minds.. aqua – naut.
    Overall it is extremely hard to pigeon-hole this release into any category as it stands alone as an impressive effort from a barrage of talented individuals, led by the mystro Must Volkoff, which has far exceeded the existing high hopes I had for this album. It truly is a remarkable body of tracks, and as always, Must delivers a true piece of sunken treasure.

    Favourite tracks:
    Aquanaut, Dr Seus (ft Flu), The Holy Ghost (ft Nelson Dialect), Fuck The Arcade (ft Jehst & Mata), Raining in the Hood (ft Mongo), Earth Jewelz (ft Aslan), Psychedelic Purple (ft Sonnyjim), M.F.T.C Shit (ft Remus & Chester P), Every Block (ft Gutz & Maggot Mouf)

    All those said, they could be easily be interchanged with others, it’s that kind of an album. What I will say is honourable mentions to Flu & Mata, as the stand out verses on the joint. Go and cop this release now, and when the wax comes get onto it, worth every cent spent, I would buy it 4 or 5 times over

    Words by Lani Milbus


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