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  • Elefant Traks: Recipes For Lockdown – The Herd

    Elefant Traks: Recipes For Lockdown – The Herd

    The Herd

    ET cooking inspiration Dale, aka DJ DGGZ aka Rok Poshtya from The Herd is back with another fool-proof recipe for lockdown, this time a sweet treat!

    We're all in the same boat trying to make beans and lentils taste good so each week we're sending over one of Dale's restaurant-worthy recipes and coupling them with the perfect Elefant Traks album to cook along to.

    Next up... Pancakes and The Herd's Better Alive EP.

    Happy cooking - be sure to tag us in your pics @elefanttraks

    The Herd Better Alive EP

    The Herd's Better Alive EP turned 8 this week (Happy Birthday!) and we couldn't think of a better album to soundtrack your morning pancake making. Reminiscent of melted butter, Better Alive is funky by nature with the hard-hitting lyrics we love <3

    Dry Ingredients
    1.5 cups self raising flour
    OR 1.5 cups plain flour + 2 tsps baking powder
    2 tbsp sugar
    1 tsp salt

    Wet ingredients
    1 cup milk
    1 tsp vanilla essence
    2 eggs beaten
    50 grams butter melted

    - Melt the butter slowly in a pan on low heat.
    - Meanwhile beat the two eggs until they come together and add the milk to the egg mixture.
    - By this stage your butter should be pretty much melted. Add that into your mix and leave aside.

    Add all the dry ingredients together in a separate bowl and mix through with a dry fork. Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and then pour in your wet ingredients and fold them in until they start to come together. You can then get a bit more tough with it and give it a whisk. Don't worry about small lumps as long as all the flour is mixed you'll be right.

    - You should have a fairly stiff mix - it should be closer to gloopy than flowing but still should be what you would class as a liquid. if it's too firm add a splash of milk / too liquid - add a bit of flour. But add small amounts (eg tbsp at a time).

    - If you can leave it for an hour or so and wait for a couple of bubbles to form on the surface of the mix you'll have fluffier pancakes. But you can cook straight away if not.

    - And then it's just a matter of getting the mix into a moderately hot pan in some oil or butter. Wait for bubbles to form on the 'wet' side then flip. If your base is dark turn your pan down. and obviously, if your base is looking a little blonde turn the heat up.

    Serve with maple syrup / sugar and lemon / sliced bananas.

    Substitutions: got no milk? A mix of yoghurt and water will work.
    Vegan substitutions: you should be able to replace the 2 eggs with half a cup of mashed very ripe bananas. And the milk just use your favourite milk substitute. Main thing is to get it to the gloopy liquid stage as above.




  • Elefant Traks: Recipes For Lockdown - Jane Tyrrell

    Elefant Traks: Recipes For Lockdown - Jane Tyrrell

    Jane Tyrell - Echoes In The Avery

    Many of you will know Dale, aka DJ DGGZ aka Rok Poshtya from The Herd but did you know that he's also our in house chef?! Jokes we wish Dale could cook us lunch every day but he quite seriously is our cooking-inspiration at the ET mansion. When our office went into lockdown this week our team hit up Dale immediately for his lockdown recipes.

    We're all in the same boat trying to make beans and lentils taste good so we thought we'd share them with you too. We've even coupled them with the perfect ET album to cook along to.

    First up Lentil Dahl and Jane Tyrell.

    Happy cooking - be sure to tag us in your pics @elefanttraks
    Lentil Dhal and Jane Tyrell's Echoes In The Aviary

    Dive into Jane Tyrell's brooding and self-expressive solo album Echoes In The Aviary while simmering your red lentils and spices.

    2 cups red lentils
    6 cups water
    2 tsp ground coriander
    1tsp turmeric
    2 fresh green / red chillis (omit for family obvs)
    1/2 bunch of coriander
    tsp salt (possibly more)
    tadka (this is like the 'dressing'/flavouring for the dhal)
    1tsp black mustard seeds
    1tsp cumin seeds
    1/2 tsp hing / asoefetida (or you can use whole garlic cloves
    handful fresh curry leaves)
    2 or so tbsp cooking oll (we use olive - which is not traditional obvs but it's the only cooking oil we use)


    - Wash the lentils in plenty of water until the water runs clear. This is normally three or four rinses. Then put the red lentils and the 6 cups of water into a pot with the coriander, turmeric and chilli if using and set on a medium-high heat. leave to simmer until the lentils start to break up - normally about 25 mins or so.

    - In a separate pot heat the oil to moderately hot, then add the seeds and wait until they start popping. Add the hing (or garlic) and then add the curry leaves and cover and remove from heat immediately and add the tadka to the lentils.

    - Finish with chopped coriander and salt. Don't skimp on the salt - most home made non-indian dhal I've had skimps on the salt and it's amazing how the flavour blossoms when it's seasoned well.



  • Hermitude Drop Brand New Video "Stupid World" Featuring Bibi Bourelly

    Hermitude Drop Brand New Video "Stupid World" Featuring Bibi Bourelly

    Hermitude - 'Stupid World' feat. Bibi Bourelly (Official Video)

    Photo By Cole Bennetts

    The opening chords of "Stupid World" depict the final stages of a fire burning out and the rising of a new era. It’s an image that feels appropriate, as Hermitude return to the spotlight, after experiencing the grand success of their last album Dark Night Sweet Light. Meticulously working while letting the flames calm, the duo re-emerge with the first taste of a brand new project.
    "Stupid World" communicates the alienation of people in dark times, and highlights the hope that follows. Bourelly's lyric "may the bridges I've burned light the way" is the moment of taking control of a bad situation, illuminating the way ahead.
    Elgusto and Luke Dubs’ great strength has always been their musical chemistry and collaborative relationship. ‘Stupid World’ steps further into new territories of their creative process, inviting songwriters and vocalists into the studio to explore a stronger pop sensibility for the first time.
    Bibi Bourelly signed to Def Jam Records when she was 19 years old. Racking up an incredible discography thus far, she was the co-writer of Rihanna’s "Bitch Better Have My Money," has had her vocals feature on tracks by Lil Wayne and Usher, and most recently co-wrote the Mariah Carey meme phenomenon "GTFO."

    Watch the official video for Hermitude "Stupid World" below.

    Written and Produced by Hermitude and Bibi Bourelly
    Directed by Spencer Hord
    Producer by Inuka Bacote
    Featuring Marcus Braggs
    'Stupid World' lyrics:
    I don't come from a pretty place
    And I get mad when I don't get my way
    She can't stand it when I drink
    'Cause I say whatever is in my brainAnd I have burnt some bridges
    But may the bridges I burnt light the way
    I have burnt some bridges
    But may the bridges I burnt...Light the way
    Light the way
    Light the way
    Light the wayI can't help it, my IPA
    Makes it easier to get through the day
    I don't think that my GPA
    Says anything 'bout the way I think

    And I have burnt some bridges
    But may the bridges I burnt light the way
    I have burnt some bridges
    But may the bridges I burnt light the way

    I have burnt some bridges
    But may the bridges I burnt...
    Light the way
    Light the way

    Yes I just stay in this stupid world
    Yes I just stay in this stupid world
    Yes I just stay in this stupid world
    Yes I just stay in this stupid world, oh

    Light the way

  • Elefant Traks Celebrates 20 Years With Some Special Shows!

    Elefant Traks Celebrates 20 Years With Some Special Shows!

    Elefant Traks 20yr Celebration

    Elefant Traks has somehow hung around for 20 years to become one of the strongest independent labels in Australia. From their humble beginnings in 1998, burning CD-Rs in a grungy bedroom, they have created a vibrant home for a wide variety of innovative creators and artists.

    The Elefant Traks audience have long reflected the same sense of community spirit that the artists have embodied - without you the label would've never endured the bumpy music industry road. These parties provide an opportunity for old and new friends to sing and dance the night away together. We want everyone from our incredible older fans, through to you brand new legends to join us.

    Friday, 9 November
    The Corner Hotel - Melbourne 

    The Herd ~ OKENYO ~ L-FRESH The LION ~ Homeward Bound ~ Jayteehazard ~ Pasobionic ~ Astronomy Class feat. Vida Sunshyne

    * More (very) exciting acts to be announced soon ;)

    Saturday, 17 November
    The Valley Drive In - Brisbane

    The Herd ~ Horrorshow ~ Hermitude (One Off Live Band Performance) ~ L-FRESH The LION - Urthboy ~ OKENYO ~ Homeward Bound ~ Jayteehazard

    * More (very) exciting acts to be announced soon ;)

    Saturday, 8 December
    The Factory Theatre - Sydney 

    The Herd ~ OKENYO ~ L-FRESH The LION ~ Jayteehazard ~ Homeward Bound ~ Astronomy Class feat. Vida Sunshyne ~ The Last Kinection

    * More (very) exciting acts to be announced soon ;)
    General Public tix on sale Wednesday, August 1st www.etturns20.com


    Elefant Traks The Elefant In The Room


    The Elefant In The Room

    Elefant Traks invites you to an evening of storytelling and short tales. It'll be a sit down affair, where artists and friends of the label will be sharing stories from the tour bus, the studio, and the moments in between that are everything.

    Inspired by The Moth Series, The Elefant In The Room will be a very different event in the celebration of 20 years of Elefant Traks.

    Numbers are extremely limited so get in quick. 

    Wednesday, 7 November
    The Thornbury Theatre - Melbourne

    Friday, 16 November
    The Triffid - Brisbane

    Monday, 19 November
    The Giant Dwarf - Sydney
    General Public on sale Wednesday, August 1st www.etturns20.com

  • Scenario Festival 2018: The Newstead Hip Hop Festival

    Scenario Festival 2018: The Newstead Hip Hop Festival

    Scenario Festival 2018 The Newstead Hip Hop Festival



    1PM -1AM

    1st Announcement:
    Resin Dogs
    Ziggy Ramo
    Gratis Minds

    Renowned for some of the most exciting shows in Brisbane, The Triffid will host the second annual Scenario Festival on May long weekend (Saturday May 5th). Proudly presented by Elefant Traks & The Triffid, the festival shows off some of the best established and up and coming Hip Hop artists in Australia all for FREE.

    Resin Dogs, one of Australia’s biggest Hip Hop pioneers lead the first announcement, with a very special 20th anniversary party set which will be a not-to-be-missed performance by any fans or anyone excited by live music mixed with turntables and guest MCs.

    Fresh from his spot on Falls Festival & Sydney City Limits, Perth based Ziggy Ramo will be bringing his refreshingly conscious hip hop sound alongside the fearless Fiji born Jesswar who is no stranger to festivals, having played Brisbane’s Laneway and supporting 360, Tkay Maidza and Bliss N Eso just to name a few. Young up and comers Gratis Minds and iiiCONIC bring their buzzing Brisbane flavour to what promises to be a massive second year for The Newstead HipHop Festival.

    Kicking off at 1pm there’ll be non stop music all day, food, cold drinks and more acts to be announced! With free entry, acts you love, and more to discover, this years Scenario is the perfect plan for your May Long weekend.

    Date: 5/05/18

    Address: The Triffid

    7-9 Stratton Street, Newstead, Queensland, Australia 4006
  • Horrorshow Drop Brand New Single And Announce Australian Tour


    Horrorshow are back with the release of a brand new song and video to coincide with the announcement of a tour. The brand new single 'If You Know What I Mean' is a long time coming from the Australian hip hop duo and it was well worth the wait. 

    Check out the brand new single 'If You Know What I Mean' Below!

    Music Video by Entropico - http://entropico.com.au/
    Director: Harry Hunter
    Producer: Natalie Vrandich
    DOP: Zane Kamat

    Catch Horrorshow On  The 'If You Know What I Mean' Tour October 2016 With Special Guest: B Wise


    Horrorshow - If You Know What I Mean (Out Friday August 5)
    Elefant Traks 2016
    Tickets: http://horrorshow.com/index.php#liveshow

    If You Know What I Mean Tour October 2016
    With Special Guest: B Wise


  • Urthboy Drops Brand New Video 'The Arrow' Ft Timberwolf (Official Video)

    Urthboy - The Arrow feat. Timberwolf (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

    Urthboy, who, a few weekends ago, came of playing his first solo set at Splendour In The Grass, has just dropped a brand new music video for his recent single 'The Arrow' featuring Timberwolf.

    While most people are still recovering from the event, Urthboy was flat-out putting together the brand new animated clip for the single. The visuals were hand-made using 27,000 individual drawings, created and animated by Dominic Aldis who did a spectacular job on this one. It is easy to see where all the hard work on this video clip has gone. Such fitting visuals to the music by Elefant Traks’ Urthboy.

    Peep the brand new animated clip Urthboy Ft Timberwolf 'The Arrow' below.


    Created, hand-drawn and animated by Dominic Aldis.
    Produced by Nic Martin and Styalz Fuego.
    Vocals by Timberwolf.

    Taken from Urthboy's Fifth Album 'The Past Beats Inside Me Like A Second Heartbeat'.

    "Every now and then
    The walls are closing in
    My arms stretched either side
    Who knows where it may end
    The weird thing is that
    I've never had a better fucking time in my life"

    Keep up to date with Urthboy via the links below!

    Urthboy Facebook
    Urthboy Instagram
    Urthboy Twitter

    Words by Travis Broi.



    URTHBOY interviewed by Rip Nicholson
    Images supplied.

    “There are so many instances in my creative experiences where I’ve tried to do one thing and it’s ended up at another place. I’ve been in control of every aspect of this song along the way. Where it ends up is not where I had set for it,” says Sydney rapper and founding member of The Herd Tim Levinson, a sentiment that has never been more apparent to the artist than on his latest creative project, The Past Beats Inside Me Like A Second Heartbeat.

    “Some of that is just because I’m liking things and I’m responding to it and it takes me further down a path, which is not where I set out to go. That’s where you kind of have to acknowledge, even if you set out with a real particular plan, there’s a different compass inside you leading you where it wants to go and just accept that you are not this great, egotistical genius. You’re actually just a vehicle, and I really enjoy the fact that you can separate yourself as an artist from the ego that claims ownership of everything and allow the fact that the audience has ownership over this. We are engaged and participating but we don’t necessarily have to take credit for every single thing, we just accept that we’re all in this together now.”

    The project has led him a long way from its conception three years previous. Past Beats had the working title Decades and was initially planned as five lineal EPs, each representing a decade in Australian music between 1950 and the 2000s. Levinson has previously stated “I dreamt up a beast so daunting, that I spent three years trying to tame it” in relation to the process. However, the beast has changed in the breaking, partly from Levinson’s concerns that the project was going down too academic a route.


    “I really enjoy the fact that you can separate yourself as an artist from the ego that claims ownership of everything and allow the fact that the audience has ownership over this.”

    “You don’t take the contents and circumstance to a song into account when you’re deciding whether you like it or not,” asserts Levinson. “You just like it or you don’t. So, I found the biggest challenge with it was working out where I had to put the brakes on this quite academic nature of the project, and how I would steer it back into something that felt like it had some sincerity and something personal that was very real and honest. And once I stopped trying to force all these elements and ideas into the music and let it happen more it really flowed more. So the beast was, I think, that the concept started as an academic exercise but it became clear that music isn’t academic. It’s visceral, it’s emotional.”

    Another shift in momentum from something strictly conceptual to something with a roaring pulse was the inclusion of several collaborators, such as Sampa The Great and Okenyo on track Second Heartbeat. Sampa in particular goes deep on her own family history in Zambia and Botswana. The resulting verse is indeed visceral.

    “With rappers you’re always going to have that because [they] are always writing their own lyrics,” says Levinson. “With singers it’s a little different, sometimes we collaborate and write, and other times it will all come down to the singer’s performance, which is a great thing in its own right. But it doesn’t take an expansion of the song’s theme into a new direction the way a rapper would. And Sampa absolutely nailed the theme that we were talking about and she brought a different expression of the same theme. So it’s not even that she took it off into a new direction, she expanded on it.”

    As Levinson gears up take his album on the road, the rapper opines that despite the distance and time already travelled with Past Beats, the most exciting part is still to come.

    “There is nothing like the loud nature and the visceral nature of live music. But, it’s not about trying to capture it on a phone and watching it later. It’s about the experience you have with friends at the gig and from me on my side of the fence it’s about diving into the songs and screaming our little hearts out,” he continues. “No matter what you walk into that gig with, you can have the flu and feel like death for the whole day, for that period of time, it’s a fucking weird thing, there’s something magical about performing. The adrenalin just goes, ‘you know what, body? Whatever it is that is currently preoccupying you and making you feel like a fucking deadshit, you’re going to be transported to somewhere else for this time,’ and I love performing for that. It’s a great thing and I can’t diminish that experience.”


  • The Tongue Announces Hard Feelings Tour 2016!

    Australian Hip Hop Artist The Tongue Hard Feelings Tour

    The Tongue launches his new album "Hard Feelings" across Australia in February and March.


    The Tongue is a man on a mission; to create a classic hip hop album. In 2015 the people will decide if that moment has arrived as he delivers his most undeniable record thus far.

    Hard Feelings is the combined effort of both The Tongue and rising Sydney producer Papertoy. Together they’ve crafted an album that touches on the joys and frustrations of modern life; from the pulsating club-banger “You Got Me” through to soulful jams such as “Proud” and “Setting Sun” and political anthems like “The Knock”. Tongue proves himself to be in his prime as both a lyricist and performer as he deconstructs life’s complexities with wit, style and a pinch of humour.

    The Tongue has enjoyed a trail-blazing career which has included highlights such as being longlisted for the Australian Music Prize (for his album Surrender To Victory), performing at the Sydney Opera House, and opening for some of hip hop greatest acts, including Ghostface Killah, Public Enemy, Dizzie Rascal, Pharoahe Monch and more.

    Released nationally November 20, Hard Feelings will be the final statement of the year from iconic Sydney label Elefant Traks. Guests on the album include: Ngaiire, Jeswon (Thundamentals), Ev Jones (Jones Jnr), Thom Crawford and Mataya (who is still flying high from featuring on Hermitude’s platinum single ‘The Buzz’).

    As you push play, be prepared to enter The Tongue’s cartoonish world, you’ll hear pain, triumph, ecstasy and pride. Just a couple of Hard Feelings.

    Peep the latest video from The Tongue and also the first Australian music video to be shot with 360 degree technology below.

    For more info head over to Elefant Traks.


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