• Brisbane Rapper Viliani Drops Brand New Music Video 'Affliction'

    Brisbane Rapper Viliani Drops Brand New Music Video 'Affliction'

    Brisbane Rapper Vilani - Affliction Music Video

    Brisbane Rapper Viliani has just dropped a brand new music video and track called 'Affliction' and it is a banger. Produced by Mat Rafle and LOKSR this gritty beat complements the verse well and the video shot by Kyel Golly completes the release.

    Viliani has been busy making some dope music lately with recent release Requiem gaining massive support across the local Australian scene and makes her stand out as a new force to be reckoned with. The new album should be out next year and it is definitely one we are looking forward to.

    Watch Viliani - Affliction Below!


    Produced by Mat Rafle X LOKSR
    Mix/Mastering by Ciecmate
    Shot by Kyel Golly

  • Album Review! Ciecmate The Yin Ep

    Australian Rapper Ciecmate

    Ciecmate – The Yin Ep

    Perhaps his most personal release to date, The Yin is more than just an EP. It’s like a tête-à-tête across a table with the man Ciecmate himself. He has always been one to share himself inside the music he creates, but this release is more intimate than anything else he has done before, and is like a conversation between himself and the listener, or himself and himself. It touches on matters of the heart, an introspective look inside the inner faculties of the soul. The Yin is the counterpart of a duo EP, this release showing how both Yin & Yang are necessary, inseparable and contradictory opposites, and consolidating both EP’s as one full project. There is no night without day, the moon misses the warmth of the sun at night, and the seed of a flower grows from complete darkness, as above, as below.

    The Yin is extremely direct in delivering each tracks content, not a single line wasted in the entire EP. Ciecmate leaves himself vulnerable on tracks, but is so concise and straight to the core in each line that he commands this vulnerability. It is sharing all the tiers of emotion, not confined to any specific sentiment which makes relatability an extremely important attribute to this release. From love, reflecting on his formative years, to matters of self-preservation and survival, to the ups and downs of being a creative soul, the content of this EP bursts through in a clear but powerful paroxysm.

    1. My Life
    Slow infectious head banger. One of the countries true specialists of syllable placement, Ciecmate mixes it up between elongated rolls of flows, to bursts of double time, keeping it fresh for the listener. If this album was a conversation, then this track would be the thing that one friend says to the other to break the walls down and bring it to a more personal level. It’s a reflection on his journey to the person he has become, looking back over the years and how that’s crafted the man that’s speaking to you now.

    2. Wifi
    Picking up where the first left off, the second track explains Ciecmate’s teen years, from street crime to music and how life experiences has shaped his mind state. The beat is sleuthy, sludge driven, warm and mean. One of those beats you pull a stink face at. The syllables get chopped up again, nothing being ditto, variety the spice of music not just life. His conviction is real, you can tell from the delivery, and the content inside the track, you get to know him and his history further. An important element to the EP, it holds the place of a ”hype joint” for the project, which is fairly relaxed.

    3. Little Shell
    Soulful, melancholic and free-spirited. This song is the anthem for the introvert, the producer shackled to the computer desk, the vitamin D deficient artistic souls. As inventive people, we often get lost in our creative bubble, and that can create a certain unrest within ourselves. The funny thing is, that feeling only intensifies when we aren’t being productive. “Cabin Fever” the first two words on the track encapsulate the songs title, the content and the emotion portrayed through the beat. This beat continues the dusty, retro, and slower bpm feel for this project.

    4. You & I
    Perhaps the most personal track on the album, You & I is an extremely personal, and emotional account of his break-up and himself dealing with the loss of true love. What I do love about this track (although not my favourite joint on the EP) is that it’s still raw, and concise without any typical “love song” connotations. It’s extremely honest and touches upon relationship issues that are often overlooked by other artists, and written in a broader perspective not just grief and pain.

    5. Many A Lesson
    Bigfoot joins Ciecmate on the production for the concluding song, playing electric guitar. This beat continues and finishes the slower bpm feel of the whole project, but Ciecmate relishes in the double time flow. It allows you to see more cogs turning in the BTE chief’s brain and get to know him and his essence even further once again. Flow is a great attribute of this one, but the mixdown on this one is real fresh also. The guitar work by Bigfoot is variant throughout and creates a “Joe Satriani’ish” baroque sound that compliments the song, the outro playing only creates that feel even more. Probably my favourite track on the EP, it just has a great characteristic in sound and feeling.

    The Yin is Ciecmate’s most personal and polished release to date. A couple key points of this release is: it’s a great reflection of a man not just a rapper, producer or label don. He doesn’t touch on many subjects he usually does ie Grand Lodge 3 sort of material, which I just think is a nice touch (musical diversity, and the anticipated follow up GL3 album is on its way), and rarely even a cuss, you can tell every word and verse was well thought out and crafted personally, but also as the emcee’s emcee. The overall mixdown and master is really nice, quite an enjoyable album sonically and musically.

    The Yin & The Yang is a two part series released on vinyl and digital formats, both records essential to any Oz wax collector.

    Words By Lani Milbus

    Keep up to date with Ciecmate and all the camp here!


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