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  • Gig Review: Beyond The Beat - Melbourne Hip Hop Show

    Gig Review: Beyond The Beat - Melbourne Hip Hop Show

    Pang Productions Live

    On a winter’s night in Melbourne City, you can’t predict the weather - the city of four seasons. And still, despite the rain, tonight’s event BEYOND THE BEAT presents a night of rhyme and rhythm, supporting the underground local hip-hop where all proceeds go to not-for-profit organisation BEYOND BLUE dedicated to helping those in need suffering from depression and anxiety. So, when figuring out what to do when in Melbourne city, the Asian infused bar HORSE BAZAAR has the answer! 

    Australian Hip Hop

    Setting the vibe for the night a collective crew of beats from Columbia Pictures and Krdeo mix a stack of great samples from Australia and the United Kingdom. Manipulating the tempo and pitch from the audio station really sets the tone of tonight’s upcoming sets. Opening up the night Kasper Kaos with her hip-hop grind and stylish steaze which was a breath of fresh air brings the crowd to their feet, highlighting the event with her new single ‘Runnin’it Up’. Next in the line-up Leyvi and his right hand man Kza step up with their boom bap beats and down to earth rhymes before the beautiful unique flare and soulful voice of Melody Myla does her ting - a blessing in disguise with her soul rap displayed on stage. Then, enter Kjdbrd, an old school flavour of grizzly Australian beats and bars to turn the place out. Entro and Buffer belt out mixed and mastered classic tunes we all know and love. Host Context grabs the mic and spits his lyrical precision, his grounded tone and long experience on the stage shining bright. As the night comes to a close the great duo of Raven Verse and Bently frame nicely the passion felt throughout the room prior to the event’s closer. From the family of Pang Productions, the deadly trio of One Sixth, Adam Koots and Joe Snow headline the night’s proceedings, presenting their cultural roots of Australian, UK and African sounds with great reception from a hyped crown in full swing.

    Australian Hip Hop Artist Context

    Truly and unforgettable night of diverse raw talent as delivered by hosts CONTEXT and HORSE BAZAAR. A special thanks to Pang Productions and all those who came out in support of BEYOND THE BEAT. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the rest of 2019 there plenty more to come.

    Australian Rapper One Sixth


    Words By Alisha Hudson

    Edited By Rip Nicholson

    Photos Supplied By Rogue Photo Media

  • Gig Review! Kerser live @ Max Watts With Rates, Jay UF and Skrub & Nerve

    Kerser Tradition Tour 2017

    KERSER live @ Max Watts [March 17]

    W, Rates, Jay UF

    Supports: Skrub & Nerve


    As evidenced by tonight’s turn-out, where Hilltop has history Kerser has an army of soldiers loyal to whatever ABK 225 does next. Never has a homegrown rapper been such the puppet master as this Sydney-sider. Tonight could very well be a recruitment drive.

    Outside the event at Max Watt’s in West End (formerly Hi-Fi), loiterers amped for something hyped gather in clusters not far from police ready with the paddywagon just in case together with security bulked for a full house. Inside Skrub & Nerve  warm up before Jay UF and Rates open up the evening’s ABK assault. And by 10pm the already-raucous audience ramps up their rabid reception for the self-proclaimed King Kerser dressed in matching tee and cap emblazoned with ‘Enjoy Codeine’. SHit just went from 0 to 100 real fucking quick!

    KERSER live @ Max Watts [March 17] W, Rates, Jay UF Supports: Syntax Junkies

    Chants of ABK-225 set the place into a frenzy as new joints off Tradition (2016) ‘God’s Gift’ and ‘We The Type’ trump out - bellowed word-for-word by most in attendance. So when his classics from waay back are introduced it’s a patriotic war-cry like no other rapper has ever mustered (outside of a touring Wu-Tang or Nas set). Big brother Rates is coerced into the fastest freestyle performance which doesn’t fail to register and a fight in front section is broken apart by Kers and Jay demanding they shake hands and enjoy the night peacefully. It doesn’t, however, stop a few scuffles in the back from jumping off. Put it down to to high octane spirits of The Sickest being in the building. Crew-thick with 225 fully flexed and flanking Kers, Rates and Jay UF the rappers prowl the stage and pull strings on their legion of ABK even so far as leading a revolt against triple j before the anti-radio play teams pulls up for ‘We the Bad Guys’.

    Kerser KERSER live @ Max Watts [March 17] W, Rates, Jay UF Supports: Syntax Junkies

    20 minutes over his allotment, the King gives no fucks. All’s well for an encore that concludes on an anthem-like big-hitter that swayed everybody once again into the ABK formation. If there is a sign-up sheet for this shit, it’s gaining at a dangerous level for authorities to take notice! Who runs this shit? ABK 225 apparently!

    Words by Rip Nicholson

  • Gig Review! Exit Strategy - Seventh Dimension Brisbane Album Launch

    Gig Review! Exit Strategy - Seventh Dimension Brisbane Album Launch


    Gig Review! Exit Strategy - Seventh Dimension Brisbane Album Launch


    Down in South Brisbane’s Milk Factory at the and Presents the Exit Strategy Album Launch, Bris Vegas’ hip hop truest swarm a small corner milk bar tonight for Seventh Dimension.


    Hosted by VC’s own Biotic with Pauly B working the wheels, Northside’s MCs Truth and Direct from Grime Connoisseurs deliver just as it says on the label in round one of tonight’s shoot- out. Nuggy Gee guests on For The Raw Remix and as usual his vocals play boss across the mic, owning it again not long after winning full attention of a hundred deep, head-nodding to stand-out Day 2 Day Thing before hosting an impromptu freestyle sesh before Rezadent, the vet MC takes back a tight grip of the reigns spitting out a catalogue as far back as The Way Of The Intercepting Fist E​P with beat work provided by Sammsonite and Crate Creeps alongside a swag of new readies with cohort and producer, femcee Meek Starkiller to a half-filled room.


    Drink, smoke one and return to the sweatbox for Exit Strategy to headline the night, the ill few’s MCs Elaborate and Audacity with producer Insideus peel off the duration of Seventh Dimension in unrelenting shots ringing out for the longest set they’ve accomplished yet. DwizofOz makes a grand appearance, fresh off a support role for Kerser at Eaton Hills, representing 469, to unload his verse on Web Of Lies showing no half measures when he’s on the job. As Exit Strategy wraps up before midnight, the highlight rode out when Brisbane’s own Nate Dogg in Irrelevant joined the crew on stage to belt out the hook on Strategy – the lingering note that sings into Sunday morning. While the bar was slow and moody at best, the venue once again proved worthy for a raucous show-out of boom-bap.




    Pics – Gerard Ahrens


  • Gig Review! The Big Chill Festival 2015

    The Big Chill Fest 2015 New Years Eve

    Gig Review! The Big Chill Festival 2015


    This year we were lucky enough to spend New Year's Eve in Brisbane at The Big Chill Fest, taking over West End for the second year running. And, if last year's festival was anything indicator, then tonight punters were certainly in for a treat. Although it would be hard to squeeze every minute of every act on tonight's long-listed billing, OHHS made sure to spend quality time at every staged event catching all acts. Everyone performed at the top of their game at tonight's event and this review promises to highlight some of the stand-out moments from the event.

    The Amazon-themed event kicked off early with all opening acts rocking out over every stage with the jungle cocktail bar in full swing. Simplex's and Myk Reid's set was off the hook, stirring up the crowd with a few of everyone's favourites; Schoolyard Politics and Beautiful Day over a hyped set. These are two truly great performers in the way they physically engage with their audience with some handy place-cards driving up the atmospheric pressure.

    Further performances from the likes of I Am D, DJ Seany B, DJ Katch, Calski and Desmond Cheese filled the mid-afternoon's entertainment and while feeling the effects of some jungle juice, punters had submerged into the Underwater stage to get wet in preparation for Lazy Grey, Jake Biz and DJ Dcide. Straight from the get-go the fans packed in as the music banged out, the crowd frothing with every track for more, which is exactly what it got when Overproof Pete, Gaz Hazzard and Suss One answered the call, joining the boys to drop that Kold Heat on them.

    The festivities didn’t slow down with The Tongue and Calski peeling off their new joints on the Underwater stage and Vinyl Slingers were keeping the dance floor packed and moving on the outdoor stage.  As the night kicked on OHHS got the chance to see the headline act Big Pooh sustaining a charged crowd through a show that really got the fans amped. Seeing Pooh live was a first and definitely an act to recommend as he really knows how to tear the roof off.

    All in all this evening was a special occasion to ring in the new year with outstanding live music and crowd to boot who came and left with one thing and that was a good time. OHHS would like to thank Kel and everyone involved in putting together such a great event on. OHHS looks forward to being a part of The Big Chill festivities next year.

  • Gig Review! Funkoars Live @ TBC Club


    FUNKOARS Live @ Club TBD, BNE – Friday 8th May, 2015
    Supports: I Am D (BNE), Eloji (MELB), Mathas (PER) & DJ Eclipse (USA).
    For OHHS & Rip2Shredz Press

    Everything from Larry Emdur to celebrating The Price Is Right, The Funkoars talk shit while two fans stuff themselves with dry WeetBix.


    We get all this and more from a deep billing at The TBC Club, a dank little dive fit for teenage rap cyphers or a gangster’s den that manages to squeeze in 100 fans. The night starts with I Am D with DJ Immaculate on a tiny, cluttered stage with a letterbox view. The Brissy MC tries earnestly to involve the slow-building floor space using The Daley Grind and Girls In The City to bring the punters to the front.

    Sharing the 11-stop tour, MC Eloji steps out with a smooth set, harmonising over hooks and sharing his homeboy Branford’s chords with the crowd as he beatboxes and croons. Eloji finishes up with a positive freestyle a cappella. Also on the ‘Oars tour, Perth MC Mathas intrigues most with his blend of melancholic soundtracking behind his throat singing and frank delivery of rhyme, performing his own phone dialogue mid-track. The X-Ecutioners’ DJ Total Eclipse steps out to scratch-fuck some KRS-One while a midnight chant for Golden Era’s whores of funk ramps up.

    They’ve been together for more than 15 years, says Trials, fifth album on its way and they’re still rapping dick lyrics. Finally, The Funkoars show the kids “this is how hip hop is supposed to sound” and trump out their old shit before sending out the aforementioned tribute to Larry Edmur, including a The Price Is Right wheel and two suckers to have a dry WeetBix eat-off during Kidney Shifters. Now the whole venue is a Bix-spitting mess. Adelaide’s purveyors of dick-rapping debauchery close at 1am but not before reminding us of that fifth LP on its way with Below Average.

    The Funkoars


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