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  • Beers Beats & The Biz: Episode 21 - We’re Back: Soul, Sneakers and S950’s With Seany B

    Beers Beats & The Biz: Episode 21 - We’re Back: Soul, Sneakers and S950’s With Seany B

    Beers Beats & The Biz

    Episode 21. We’re Back: Soul, Sneakers and S950’s With Seany B

    After an extended hiatus we are honoured to be back up in your earholes with the one and only Seany B.

    This episode is a relaxed and sprawling discussion that takes us from the council flats of Prahran, to the airwaves of Cairns and on to the clubs and studios of Brisbane.

    Sean’s legacy is cemented in his contributions to rapping, producing, radio, club DJing, and in this episode we cover it all.

    We talk everything, from the early influence of Ransom, Katch, Idem and Frenzy on to Sean’s contributions to hip hop as an MC and producer for artists like Brad Strut, Lazy Grey and the Resin Dogs.

    We discuss where we’ve been for the last couple months, travel, albums, tours, labels, sneakers and sneaker shopping, digging, gigging, demoing and everything in between.

    This episode is packed from front to back and we thank Sean for his time and all his contributions.

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    Jake Biz
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  • Canberra Hip Hip Gig News! Canberra Beatdown - Beat Battle

    Canberra Hip Hip Gig News! Canberra Beatdown - Beat Battle

    Canberra Beatdown - Beat Battle

    The Chop & CutLab present Canberra Beatdown.

    Canberra’s first ever beat battle to be held at Transit Bar on Friday the 29th of March 2019 and brought to you by the powerhouse in the beat-maker world The Chop from Sydney and local Canberra cut masters CutLab.

    The best local and interstate beat-makers & producers will be going head to head for the top spot for cash and prizes from our amazing sponsors. Joining them on stage will be live acts from some of our top national artists, definitely not a night to miss out on.

    8pm - Til Late
    Door - $10 Before 9.30pm - $20 After 9.30pm

    **Live showcases by**
    Lab Co. (MEL) - Blk.Mgnolia . Context . MelloWolf . Entro//
    Mumbles (SYD) - Live Mpc Finger Drumming Showcase

    Chemi-cal on the cuts and Guests

    **The Battle**
    The best local beatmakers going head to head in a bracketed tournament-style battle with the winner taking all prizes from our sponsors.

    Citizen Kay ( Kojo Ansah) - Hayds - Mumbles - Context - Blk.Mgnolia - Entro - MelloWolf

    **Hosted by**

  • Across The Globe Vol.1 - Beats By Apollo Brown

    Across The Globe Vol.1 - Beats By Apollo Brown

    Across The Globe Vol.1 beats by Apollo Brown

    “Across The Globe” is the new series of releases from Low Key Source which sees established producers team up with vocalists and MC’s from Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

    Volume 1 showcases the beats of Detroit’s Apollo Brown known for his production through Mello Music Group which has seen him work with the likes of Oddisee, Guilty Simpson, Skyzoo, Ras Kass, OC, Sean Price, Boog Brown, Big Pooh and most recently Planet Asia on their new album “Anchoives”.

    “Reminiscing” sees the UK’s Jehst team up with Children Of Zeus vocalist Tyler Daley and has them reflecting about back in the day and giving a special mention to the passing of UK Producer Mark B. It’s special boom-bap throwback sound with sweeping strings captures perfectly the message of what life was once like being free from responsibilities.

    The English city of Nottingham is represented on the posse cut “Time’s Different” showcasing the lyrical skills of up and comers Juga-Naut and Vandal Savage alongside veteran Cappo. It’s hard hitting snare snaps into a crispy beat which instantly takes you into headnod mode.

    Apollo Brown never fails to execute his signature robust Hip Hop production as heard on "World Revolves" where Dialectrix spits fire with a rhythmical flow that resembles the way a sparrow would slice across the air - in short bursts left and right, up and down with ease. Rounding out the EP is Brisbane’s Lazy Grey with “First Come First Served”. Another sharp serving of distinct Apollo Brown production paired with Grey's own verbal dexterity.

    With the renowned illustrator and designer Dan Lish holding down the artwork for each volume in this series, “Across The Globe” is a limited edition release every good music lover needs in their collection.

    Across The Globe Vol.1 beats by Apollo Brown Vinyl



    Side A

    1. Jehst Feat. Tyson Daley (Children Of Zeus) - Reminiscing
    2. Juga-Naut, Vandal Savage & Cappo - Time’s Different

    Side B

    1. Dialectrix - World Revolves
    2. Lazy Grey - First Come First Served
  • Gig News: Ableton Live 10 Showcase Perth

    Gig News: Ableton Live 10 Showcase Perth

    Ableton Live 10 Showcase Perth

    This is a free public showcase event of Ableton Live 10. & the first 2018 Perth Ableton User group meeting.

    If your into music production or a Ableton user... Novice or Jedi... This event is for you.... presented by Perth's Certified Ableton Trainers - Josh Hogan & Mat Hykus and co-hosted by Kosmic Sound Perth

    Learn about the new Ableton Live 10 features... Tell a friend, bring a friend, family or like minded Jedi. 

    Date: Weds 31st Jan 2018 
    Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm

    Hope to see you all there!!!

    Pizzas will also be provided by Kosmic Sound Perth

  • Gig News: Beats a' la Carte A Brand New DJ, Beatmaker And Production Night

    Gig News: Beats a' la Carte A Brand New DJ, Beatmaker And Production Night

    Australian Hip Hop Event Beats A' La Carte January Beats A' La Carte

    Toasted Loops has just announced that they are expanding the highly successful Blue Mountains hip hop night Toasted Loops out into a regular night focused on the DJs, Beatmakers and producers who hold down our scene. Beats a' la Carte will be kicking off on Friday 19th Jan at the newly renovated Gearins Roxy Room.

    Come check out a night of live beats from Cooking with Caustic,Mumbles & Goro and the DJs Platterpush and Codeks (Down Under Beats), NSW DMC Champ DJ Cost and the Silent Titan!!

    Australian Hip Hop Event Beats A' La Carte January

  • Akai's MPC 2.0 Has Officially Been Released!

    MPC 2.0

    Akai's MPC 2.0 Has Officially Been Released!


    After an extensive beta testing period, Akai are pleased to announce MPC 2.0 desktop version is now available for X, Live, Touch, Studio Black, Renaissance, Studio Silver, Element and MPK2 Series owners. Thank you to everyone who has waited patiently for this to drop.
    MPC 2.0 represents a huge leap forward in the beat-production software category with many workflow enhancements and new features, including:

    • Audio track recording
    • Real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting
    • Audio and MIDI drag-and-drop
    • Redesigned user interface
    • Ableton Link support
    • 64-bit audio
    • Bluetooth 4.0 MIDI support
    • Advanced signal routing capability – submixes FX returns, multi-output support
    • Reimagined mixer layout
    • Enhanced Q-Link control
    • Many more workflow enhancements



    The upgrade paths for all current MPC owners are as follows:
    MPC Live: FREE
    MPC Touch: FREE
    MPC Studio Black: FREE if registered after January 1, 2017/ $99.99 if registered before
    MPC Renaissance: $99.99 USD
    MPC Studio: $99.99 USD
    MPC Element: $149.99 USD
    MPK2 Series: $149.99 USD

    Log into your user account to purchase and/or download MPC 2.0

  • Album Review: Must Volkoff - Aquanaut

    Must Volkoff - Aquanaut Cover

    Must Volkoff – Aquanaut

    From the unfathomable bathymetric depths of the Universe, swims the 2nd production album from Must VolkoffAquanaut. The album’s title lends itself to grand imagery, metaphors and marine-like depth, which can be said for the music itself. Just take a few moments to mull over the title in your head, then apply it when listening. The album features artists from the UK to Australia, connecting the Indian to Atlantic ocean, effortlessly bridging the gap between them.

    Must Volkoff should be in your top 3 producers in Australia, if he’s not then you misunderstand what makes good production. This record is meticulously crafted, easily one of the most well produced albums I’ve heard. One can always provide endless accolades for his beats, however when speaking on production, I’m talking on a broader spectrum. The samples, mixing, cuts, tape hiss etc, are made in such incredible genius and taste, all those 1 %er’s pushing it further into undiluted pristine territory. While a lot of artists in Australia can be sea urchins and leeches, Must (and Pang Productions in general) are lantern fish, illuminating the way through. As the tidal waves of mediocre music crash our shores, Must is always a dependable anchor, firm on solidarity and quality. His production style has evolved a lot over the years but always has the “signature” stamp of authority. As the great Ciecmate once put it “it’s like he knows how to sample the sound of smoke”, a great way to put it. To me it’s the sound of dust mites in your crate, the sound of floating dust particles basking in morning sunlight, the sound of your cherished childhood arcade (mine was timezone) or the sound of water rising above Lemuria. To describe his style of beats forces the author of this article to plunge into a few under worldly oxymorons. The beats are archaic but avant-garde, retro but undeniably fresh, blaringly minimal but satisfyingly full, simultaneously. Each track on this album paints a vivid soundscape, which drags you down like a Grindylow into the murky world he has created, beautiful and healing like Jengu spirits.

    All the guest rappers on this do an amazing job with their verses. Every track is at an exceedingly high standard, dense both lyrically and in delivery. Must really knows how to bring the best out of every rapper he works with. Apollo Brown is an example of someone who does a similar thing. One can only speculate on the creative process of an album like this, but through either his selection of beats, the way he mixes their vocals, or perhaps being on the frontline of quality control, you can expect any rappers collaboration with Must to be super ill. Working with rappers with such high calibre, and distinct styles and voices definitely would help that. The album features and impressive list of rappers including Chester P, Maundz, Remus, Mata, Jehst, Flu, Sonnyjim, Nelson Dialect, Joe Snow, Adam Koots, One Sixth, Ramson Badbonez, Aslan, Dyl Thomas, just name a few. A lot of these artists most people know, a lot you might not. What you can know is that each of these rappers are on the top of their game, each one bringing something both layered and musically pleasing to the table, each rapper extremely secure in their style, effortless flows, complex lyrics.

    I will offer some meek critique on it. The main thing I don’t like is that Must doesn’t spit on it haha. Some people may have expectations before listening to the record, it’s not as “party” as White Russian (for less of a better description) but I believe this album bangs harder, and is overall a much more solid release than its predecessor, and to me that’s saying something. This album is more baroque, woozy, lo-fi and off kilter. But it’s hypnotically entrancing and infectious, supremely rich in texture in sound and arguably one of the best produced oz Hip-Hop releases, in my opinion.

    The supreme battle between good and evil, gods and devils is present throughout this album (this is just my perception.) That duality and polarity within the beats makes it so pleasing to listen to. Tiamat & Marduk, Leviathan & Hadad battling as the title goes, the paradox of minds.. aqua – naut.
    Overall it is extremely hard to pigeon-hole this release into any category as it stands alone as an impressive effort from a barrage of talented individuals, led by the mystro Must Volkoff, which has far exceeded the existing high hopes I had for this album. It truly is a remarkable body of tracks, and as always, Must delivers a true piece of sunken treasure.

    Favourite tracks:
    Aquanaut, Dr Seus (ft Flu), The Holy Ghost (ft Nelson Dialect), Fuck The Arcade (ft Jehst & Mata), Raining in the Hood (ft Mongo), Earth Jewelz (ft Aslan), Psychedelic Purple (ft Sonnyjim), M.F.T.C Shit (ft Remus & Chester P), Every Block (ft Gutz & Maggot Mouf)

    All those said, they could be easily be interchanged with others, it’s that kind of an album. What I will say is honourable mentions to Flu & Mata, as the stand out verses on the joint. Go and cop this release now, and when the wax comes get onto it, worth every cent spent, I would buy it 4 or 5 times over

    Words by Lani Milbus

  • 'Quality Beats' Episode 3: Scotty B & DJ Raine Supreme - Down Right Nasty

    Qualirty Beats 3

    The Chop presents "Quality Beats" a ongoing day in the life short video series featuring local established and upcoming Beat-Maker/Music Producers giving insight to their day to day lives, music, production process and more.

    Third up on Quality Beats we are lucky to have Scotty B The Digital Assassin and DJ Raine Supreme join up for a collaboration on this episode they take us on an adventure show a joint production routine and process where Raine dug the vinyl and laid  cuts and Scotty laid down his handy work on making the beat.

    Shout out to all involved and the  sponsors:  Akai Pro Australia,  Sailor Jerry,  PLAY BAR (for being the home of The Chop events), Well Dressed Vandals,  Phable Denim,  OZHIPHOPSHOP,  Aisle6ix Industries,  Hardcore Classic,  Crown.St Cut Collective

    Listen to full track version of "Down Right Nasty" here.

    Be sure to check out our other episodes.

  • Interview! We Caught Up With Black Milk Ahead Of His Upcoming Aus/Nz Tour

    Black Milk Australian Show

    Black Milk stands on his own, a producer/MC working the underground hip-hop circuit with some of hip-hop’s dopest talent, shining hard out of the same city that laid out Motown to J-Dilla to Eminem.

    Producer and MC Curtis Cross AKA Black Milk has been on the grind, working the wheels as well as the mic for over ten years. From Detroit, Michigan, Black Milk first built his rep producing in 2001 for Slum Village, and so opened a credit list alongside the great ones: J Dilla, RZA, The Roots’ Black Thought, Canibus, Pharoahe Monch, Sean Price and Guilty Simpson as the Random Axe collective. Six albums deep to his discography, creating a sound signature unto his own, his dexterity to a beat rings high on a collection of tracks served up with fellow D-Town local Danny Brown letting off bombs on the 2011 EP Black and Brown that received high praise in reviews.

    Most recently, Black united with Brown off his latest LP Atrocity Exhibition (2016) pulling all the stop signs out on the smash ‘Really Doe’. Here, Black Milk tore out a haunting head-nodding chimer tailor made to the nihilism of rap’s most unforgiving trio: Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul from Topp Dawg and Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt. The latest output pinned Black once again on the map as one of the realest producers a rapper can have on their grocery list. Black Milk makes mountains from beneath an underground soundscape. As an MC he’s known for his steady stream of albums both solo and collaborative, reppin’ the D since 2005’s Sound of the City and beyond.

    Taking his abilities beyond the Motor City, Black Milk is heading down to Australia to perform a live show at Sydney’s Plan B Small Club for a full blown setlist of beatwork and bars. Ozhiphopshop invited J.D. Mack to get in the ear of the one and only where he asked him to drop in on everything from a reuniting Random Axe to his Rebellion Sessions before asking about his plans for Down Under.



    We are extremely excited to have him back in the Country, here is what he had to say to us.

    Random Axe is some of the dopest shit ever!! Will we ever seen a Random Axe 2 drop or was that album not finished?

    We were in the middle of creating Random Axe 2 when Sean passed. Sean left a lot of verses behind, but it’s still up in the air whether or not the project will be completed.

    The Rebellion Sessions you released this year was some incredible collaborative work with the great Nat Turner, a very relaxing jazz atmosphere is created on this album, easy listening! How did this collaboration come about?

    The making of The Rebellion Sessions was a natural next step for me and the band. We have been playing together live for years and fans always ask if they can take a piece of the show home with them. Although the guys have been featured on my albums in the past, we had never sat in a room altogether to jam and record, so that’s what we did. We recorded the album in one week and it was mixed and mastered within a week after that.

    Tell us  how you find your creative zone? Do you find different sparks of creativity for production and lyrics?

    When I’m not on tour, I’m creating. I’m constantly creating. Not necessarily making songs, but creating in some way. So I’m always in my zone. When it comes to beats, I immerse myself into as music new and old music as possible and get glimpses of inspiration here and there. When it comes to lyrics, I draw from life experiences, so there’s never a shortage there.

    How do u keep your production relevant in the changing climate of hip hop today, with the change into trap and 808’s etc?

    From time to time, I’ll incorporate more current sounds into my production but still make the overall sound my own.

    For younger people looking to get into production, what are some tips or advice you could offer?

    My advice to young artists getting into production is to create a unique sound and master the craft.


    What is the biggest change in hip hop you have noticed with the change in technology? And how has it helped your production?

    The ability to produce with software instead of hardware changed things for mostly everyone. It allows me to create more music more often than before.

    What can Australian fans expect from the upcoming shows?

    Fans can expect to see a live beat set, where I play a lot of my unreleased works, and a short rap performance.

    We look forward to seeing your show.

    Black Milk will be touring Australia in November and for anyone who loves hip hop music this is a must see show. Not only has he mastered the art of production but he has stepping into the spotlight as a prominent MC.

    Do yourself a favour and get along to one of his shows while he is down under, you will not regret this decision. Much love Black Milk, thanks for speaking with us!

    Words by J.D Mack.

  • The Chop & Hydro Funk Records Presents: Family And Friends Sydney Show

    Hydrofunk Sydney Show Calski

    THE CHOP, PLAY BAR & HYDROFUNK Presents Hydrofunk Family & Friends Tour - Sydney Show

    Hydro Funk Records is coming to Sin City for one night with a showcase of Live music from the next generation of Hydrofunk Artists gracing us on the night are Tigermoth (Album Launch), Calski, Katch with guest Benny Hinn.

    ***Free Entry All Night***
    ***Happy Hour 6pm - 8pm***
    ***Hydrofunk merch available on the night***

    September & October will see Hydrofunk hitting the East Coast of Australia for a series of nights, with new music from the label. Hitting the road will be...

    With his Album Launch on the night our main man was born in the year of the Tiger, Tigermoth’s (aka Tim Patterson) Beats Take you on on an aural journey. A multi instrumentalist who chooses to express himself using turntables, samplers and FX while his film background and Jazz learning’s allow him to compose sets that tell a story. Tigermoth will be previewing and promoting music from His up and coming Album Effort & Essence…

    Somewhere in the musical ether that connects arrays of genres, you'll find Tigermoth floating through sounds, and feeding off different eras. A healthy dose of Electric Jazz, Boom Bap, psychadelica, world music, and LA beats, make up his musical diet.

    Born in the Chinese year of the Tiger, Tigermoth's (a.k.a. TiM Paterson) beats take you on an aural journey. He is a multi instrumentalist who chooses to express himself using turntables, samplers and FX. His intelligent mixing attests his abstract turntabilism, while his film background and jazz leanings allow him to compose sets that tell a story.

    A prolific producer, Tigermoth has multiple solo releases, and is in high demand for his remix and soundtrack work. He has recorded, performed with and supported a vast array of artists including DJ Krush, MF DOOM, Jon Wayne, Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Del the Funky Homosapien, Oh No, Kool Keith, EL-P, De La Soul, The Opus, Gaslamp Killer, and Cut Chemist.

    Calski who has just dropped his Folkus EP accompanied by a 7’ vinyl feat Hau on a funky party banger Just Clap, while the B-side gets a Serving with I AM D & Briggs on 1 hand on the Bible!! Bringing his Sampler and Laptop drop some fresh heat, plus some Friends from the Folkus EP will be popping up from each state blessing the mic along side Calski.

    Calski is an MC/Producer from Brisbane, QLD. Long renowned for his unmistakable production and profound lyricism, Calski has been a consistent and unmatched presence in the Hip Hop community in Australia since the early 2000's. Also a DJ and multi-instrumentalist (bass, keys and guitar), you may have heard his tracks played on Triple J’s Hip Hop show or on community radio Australia wide.

    Having supported the likes of Ghostface Killah (USA), Public Enemy (USA), Total Eclipse (USA), The Herd, Island Vibe, Urthboy, Diafrix, Mantra, Dialectrix, Spit Syndicate and Joelistics, Calski has long been considered a peer amongst AUS Hip Hop greats and attributes his uniquely soulful but infectious head nod style to the influences of Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, DJ Premier, Black Milk and more.

    Local MISFIT from the early start with Graffiti & Breaking with BBoy Allstars, finding his love for the decks back in 83.Winning QLD DMC several times and then some, years later some how managed to be the host of 4zzzs Phat Tape Hip Hop show, Local ledged & pioneer around Brisbane’s Hip Hop & club scene, creator of Hydrofunk Records and Founding member of Resin Dogs, which has taken him to audiences across Australia and the globe.

    This guy knows his way around a record crate...

    ***BENNY HINN***
    Benny Hinn (Daniel Robertson) began spinnin’ vinyl back in 01′ playing a range of phat funky house and some chunky big assed broken beats for the masses… Although now only 34, the Hinns has played at some of the finer establishments, parties and festivals around Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Spain, Wollongong and the South coast, gaining a rep az a bit of a party starter and one with some def skillz, finesse and sheer artistry on a pair of 1200s.

    The Hinn has also toured with the MOS Label for an Annual release and has supported many artists such as, The Stanton Warriors, Freq Nasty, Krafty Kuts, A.Skillz, Jay Jay, Sneaky Sound System, The Resin Dogs, Katalyst, Sarah Love, Shortee Blitz, Frenzie, Total Eclipse, Mr. Doris, Cool Hand Luke, Normski, DJ Katch, DJ A.$.K, DJ KC, Edseven, Inkswel, Omegaman, Busta, Koolism, [love] Tattoo, Mark Dynamix, Ajax [RIP], Bang Gang, Goodwill, Alex Taylor, Funktrust, Purple Sneaker DJs + many many more…

    Benny has also been dipping into a little production here and there with a few little mashes and beats all up on his soundcloud & mixcloud page & is host of the Radio Program Sydney Underground on Bondi Beach Radio.

    His latest venture has been building and establishing PLAY BAR SYDNEY. After drawing inspiration from his last stint in Melbourne and meeting his partner & co-owner Sarah, the two worked hard to build what they hope to be for many years to come, an institution that brings decent music into Surry Hills Sydney. He has programmed every bit of music that has come through the venue and supported a huge range of hip hop, breakbeat DJs and just awesome beat-makers and producers both local and abroad.


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