'Doobies Girl' Is The Brand New Music Video From Coast & Ocean!


New video for the smooth invites a sense of a new wave of rap in a ballad by Coast & Ocean’s Alex Johnson, aka Lil Chay Jay. He is diving head-first to bring a fresh and funky sound to the Australian indie music scene.

This kid has been riding this style of music through high school on NSW’s South Coast. The self-professed stoner surfer only now taking his shit seriously, brings real issues and content on which he feels most passionate such as politics, police brutality, the treatment of asylum seekers, mental health, past relationships and the natural ebbs and flows of life and incorporating these into his art.

‘Doobies Girl’ is a timely released track for Coast & Ocean who is touring up and down the East coast for his current EP, My Mania. ‘Doobies Girl’ is the first of two new releases jumping off his upcoming album Sandcastle Mansion. Supporting him on tour is his girlfriend, singer songwriter Ali Morgan. “Alex is an inspired, experimental, multi-instrumental, songwriter, rapper musician who incorporates loop pedal rhythms, beat boxing and acoustic percussion with a mix of soulful melodic vocals… making him a stupid cool and talented young artist.”

Directed and Produced by LJ Catman
Edited by Elliot Francis Stevenson
Executive Producer: Foreign Object
Cinematographer: Elsa McGrath
Gaffer: Tony Ganza
Stylist and Costume Desiign: LJ Catman
Makeup: All Natural

Elliot Francis Stevenson
Johnny Wolfenstein
Tony Ganza (as the Squid)

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