Drapht - Shadows and Shinings
Drapht - Shadows and Shinings

Drapht - Shadows On My Walls

Witness Drapht reshuffling the deck on this one as one of Australian hip-hop’s most loved rap veterans battles with 2020 the way most of us did on new joint Shadows On My Walls. The first drop from his forthcoming album Shadows and Shinings (out 10 September) demonstrates the tumultuous fight he had with his inner-self in an array of visual settings courtesy of Complete and Uncool Sam from Drop Shot Media.

The video plays out from a local laundromat; the Multi ARIA-award winning Perth emcee putting his ego and consciousness through the wash cycle before wrinkling out his demons. In typical Drapht fashion we’ve come to love, through Shadows On My Walls he dances his metaphors double time to a smashing set of horns and percussive production. From the man who cut his teeth alongside the legendary Downsyde, Perth stands up for the return of the one who brought us ‘Drink, Drank, Drunk’.

This new single encompasses a peek at Jimmy Recard from old while celebrating a return for the now vegan-friendly and fine wine of 2021 Drapht. Expect more to come from this end of town as Perth reopens their music scene as Drapht leads the way with his album drop in the coming months.

Watch Drapht - Shadows On My Walls Video Below!

Drapht - Shadows On My Walls Video

From Drapht - "Thanks for all of the love. Mad props to my brothers Complete and Uncool Sam from Drop Shot Media for killing this video. The Perth love is really real and my city has a bunch on the way.

You can now pre-order Draphts album from www.Drapht.com.au