Escape From The City Of Steel - Bugsy Ocampo x Mighty Ash
Bugsy Ocampo x Mighty Ash

Like most hip hop crews Bugsy Ocampo and Mighty Ash met at the cypher, a music night in the heart of Sydney called Crackin Eggs with beat makers and producers premiering new work and emcees freestyling rhymes.

Over the course of the next two years the producer and emcee crafted an album of vibrant and diverse music ranging from the upbeat and funky to the complex and whimsical, future dope beats coupled with high energy vocals and intergalactic lyrics of a science fiction narrative. All positive vibes.

Bugsy Ocampo is a versatile producer working in many genres of music specialising in hip hop for which his style is celebrated for its energy and originality. He has been working in the Australian music scene for the better half of the last decade releasing music with artists like The Profit, Masta Marx and Banjoe, while making a name for himself in the local underground scene playing shows as well as open mic cyphers, beat competitions and showcases as well as producing, mixing and mastering music on the Sydney based label Rah! Records.

This album's music is entirely produced, mixed and mastered by Bugsy Ocampo at Kraaaken. Mighty Ash is a long time multi instrumentalist and vocalist who’s been performing and producing for over twenty years in many different styles of music from folk to funk to jazz and blues. Now focussing his skills as an emcee he brings every bit of his energy and positivity to his vocals and storytelling as a self proclaimed Generation X geek. Mighty Ash recorded and produced all the vocals on this album at UnderLab.

On this album the duo are also joined by the extremely respected dope emcee and never tiring international spearhead of our hip hop community Izzy, as well as the bilingual emcee and world renowned vinyl DJ Yaknow?Check!. To complete the crew we have BigBoi and Fuwowoy from the Philippines on turntables.

This album is a very proud achievement for both Bugsy Ocampo and Mighty Ash not only for the time and effort that went into making it but also because of what they were able to achieve, coming out with an album that has a sound, concept and narrative that reflects themselves as artists.
Escape from the City of Steel is available now on all major platforms and at