Skrub - 'Skinned Alive' L.P Launch Ft. Syntax Junkies + More

When was the last gig you went to that involved no promotion teams, charged $5 entry, and had a line up you honestly just can not fuck with? Your from Brisbane, probably never...

You might of already heard - 'SKINNED ALIVE' L.P when it was dropped on Halloween, but if you didn't, you can listen online here:

Skrub was recently imported from inland NSW (Muswellbrook) to the city of Brisbane.... In the last 6 weeks, the Syntax Junkies ft. Skrub have supported: Method Man & Redman, Rates, Fortay At Large, Ruckus Poetry Slam @ New Globe Theatre (which actually went off, seriously, we have videos), Butter Beats (Valley Fiesta) and the Wrong End of the Valley Festival. Skrub also performed at Infest the Nation #6 (4ZZZ fundraiser event) @ The Bearded Lady which was was a packed Sunday show featuring Syntax, Webb Shells, and The Loose Screws.

G UP BRISBANE, SKRUB is launching his new album with a bang.

Syntax Junkies
Grime Connoisseurs
The Loose Screws
Mascon Echoes
(more announcements to be made)

P.S. Because Skrub is such a fucking sick knt hes going to take the entry fee (which is fkn $5) off the price of the album (which is fkn $20).... G UP!!!!!