Sprung Crowd, Sprung hip hop festival, All Aussie hip hop festival

SPRUNG FESTIVAL. Australia's Number 1 all Aussie Hip Hop event is back for 2014 after another smashing year in Brisbane in2013.

After Sprung's attempt at expansion in Melbourne unfortunately met with licensing and venue issues leading to the cancellation of the Melbourne show, the Sprung Hip Hop crew have stepped back from their plans of potential cat stroking world domination and decided to put a nailing effort into continuing to make SPRUNG Brisbane the must see calendar event that it has been for the past 3yrs running.

After 6months of planning and washing last year's dirty taste out of our collective mouths, SPRUNG is happy to announce that it will be held on Sept20th in the out door and indoor setting of The Eatons Hill Hotel and Entertainment Centre,

So when you've locked in that date, hold onto your hoodies peeps because SPRUNG FESTIVAL is set to unleash another cracking All Aussie Hip Hop line up later this month.

"This year the format is going to be very much that of the original one in 2011 with some nice surprises to come. We are very excited for 2014 and looking forward to bringing the All Australian Hip Hop festival back for its 4th year in Brisbane"-says one of the event's organizers Josh Taylor of Cassette Entertainment.

Previous years have seen the likes of The Hilltop Hoods, The Funkoars, Thundamentals, Seth Sentry, Kerser, Illy, 360 and Drapht along with a plethora of Aussie Hip Hop's most talented mouthpieces.

So all of you interstaters get your long haul mixtapes ready,lock mum in the back shed and get ready to high tail it to sunny Queensland later this year for what will be without a doubt another life changing Hip Hop festival likened to coming face to face with the almighty himself.

That last part may or may not be true, attendee reactions may vary ;).