Greeley And Alerts Drop Brand New Video 'Rhyme Life'


Greeley and Alerts drop brand new video 'Rhyme Life'. The brand new collaboration from Adelaide rapper who is now Brisbane based and Tasmanian rapper Greeley is the first time the two rappers have come together to work on some music.

Alerts comes through with his signature style and flow that most have come to enjoy and bang their head to while Greeley drops some heavy bars discussing some home truths through some wicked metaphors.

The brand new video features some cameos from some well know rappers and artists from Brisbane city including Linz, Nerve, Simplex and Lazy Grey. Directed, shot and edited by the  Noone Network and Av Club members Kyle Golly and Hugo along with SFX done by Fever Media.

The mesmerizing beat was produced by Perth producer Uncool Sam who has been steadily smashing out some dope production with recent beats being used by Purpose, Mysc and Bitter Belief  among others. Uncool Sam also recently just did a massive 24hr back to back recording session as a challenge to himself.

Watch The Brand New Video Greeley And Alerts 'Rhyme Life' Below!