Greeley g'day 3
Greeley G'Day 3

As he starts out, ‘no need to introduce myself' - on ‘G’Day 3’ his reputation precedes the new music from Tassie’s own GREELEY. From the staunch MC who we know can bust lips and break jaws wastes no breath in breaking down the message. Greelz drops the weight of an uzi on this one.

Never one to be offended if his rhymes will offend - so much so each line is transcribed in caps so there’s no misunderstanding him. Big Greelz peels off on prime ministers, politicians, the corrupt system and bullshit rappers following trends to a fitting staunch beat drop courtesy of Lariken. Taking no shorts, Greeley paints a black and white visual with no frills. Just a cold, unrelenting assault of content.

‘G’Day 3’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Corext @ Lahai Creative - supplied off the forthcoming album ‘Yeah The Greelz’ yet to drop. When it does it promises to have a seismic effect nationwide.

Greeley G'Day 3 (Official Video)