Interview: Bomb Threat Returns With Their 4th Single "Fly On The Wall"

Sydney Rap Group Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat returns with their 4th single" Fly On The Wall."
A hard hitting and brutally truthful song by the conscious Hip Hop group consisting of Sydney and Blue Mountains artists well known to the scene.


Ash spoke to Mikoen, the lyricist and emcee from the group.


Talk us a bit through the message behind Fly On The Wall?

Ah man, for me, and I know everyone in the crew is one hundred percent with this, It really is "United we stand divided we fall."
It's bigger than politics, it's about community, It's about breaking down the divide between us.
There's way too many divisions and we're being polarised by so many different things. I can see it and it bothers me on the deepest level.
I've been fighting this war, It's like a spiritual war I feel I've been fighting with my music, trying to gee everyone up for it and to wake us up because you gotta be real, the news and the mainstream media has been lying to us for a long time.
Whether they're twisting facts or outright lying it doesn't matter, they have an agenda and they're working for the richest fucking one percent of the planet.
Their objective is to control us and direct us in certain directions so you should always look at them with a large amount of scepticism.
My message is to basically question everything, but also get in tune with each other and combine and unite.
There doesn't have to be a seperate movement, we've all gotta strike together as one united general front.
Shut down the machine. Then they'll listen and we can negotiate for a better deal, rather than being separate individuals fighting our own little thing.
The biggest unity we need is the human unity across all the racial shit.
They're trying to make us afraid of each other and hate each other, and it's all just being stirred up so we fight each other and become more and more divided and thereby easier to control and manipulate.
We've gotta put our differences aside.


As an emcee what role do you see Hip Hop playing in regards to consciousness and being vocal in this current climate?


We need unity and I've always felt Hip Hop is a vehicle for that movement.
It's a vehicle for feminism, you've got female conscious emcees, strong women getting up and putting shit down and representing.
You have all people representing, like now we can have openly gay emcees doing the same, so we can be a movement for everybody.
We've both seen it bro, music has been infiltrated by the mass media. They've corporatised it and it's no coincidence they're selling us back drugs and stupid unconscious imagery now. Because they want us divided.
We need unity and we need community and we need positivity and we need peace. We can't get anywhere with violence, we can't get anywhere with attacking each other. It has to be a conscious, peaceful revolution.


Just speaking a bit on the history of Bomb Threat and how it all came together, you've been  writing songs with Caustic Yoda for a while now. I first caught you both working together with the Cooking With Caustic album From Mercury To Pluto.


Yeah Yodas been fam since about 2009.
Daily Meds did our demo up there and I connected with him and he slung me some beats while I was working on a solo mixtape in between Reverse Polarities and Daily Meds. I've always recorded at Yoda's studio, I just connected with him.
It's a comfortable studio to work at and he's professional as fuck.


You played a Toasted Loops show in Katoomba in 2016 and you were just called Mikoen and Caustic Yoda, I think that's the first time you had Aisha on stage.


That's correct, that's technically the first Bomb Threat gig but we just didn't have a name. I think in 2015 or very early 2016 Yoda and myself and Aisha were in the studio.
I've always been like 'this chick has a great fucking voice man' and we sorta just dropped her in the deep end.
We ended up writing three songs within that one session and they wrote themselves man it was just so easy.


Then Codeks from Down Under Beats joined the crew on the turntables. How did that come about?


Codeks is just family man, you know how it is with the Sydney scene man it's all family. We've all worked with each other on one project or another, Platterpush being fam with Yoda and the Otherside boys and so it was only natural when thinking we needed a dude to
handle the wheels.
Codeks is also a dope producer in his own right.


And Jarv on bass, which also kind of connects the whole Cooking With Caustic thing yeah?


Jarv's been bass on pretty much everything, you'd be pretty lucky to find a beat that hasn't got her bass in there.
She's in video clips, she's in tracks, yeah she's the fifth member bro.


So what's the future plans for Bomb Threat?


I'll be doing this as long as people are listening to it.
We've got songs in different levels of being finished where if we spend some time there's an
album there.
I'm a Hip Hop lifer so it is what it is, if people are feeling it sky's the limit.


Words By Mighty Ash


Watch Bomb Threat "Fly On The Wall" Below!