Jk-47 has just dropped his second single from his upcoming debut album and it did not disappoint. Steadily dropping tracks over the last year or so, JK-47 has been building up a name for himself with multiple shows and collaborations across the country and is set to release his brand new album next month.
The new track I Am Here (Trust Me) Ft. Phoebe Jacobs speaks on his peoples struggles with the system. Being an Indigenous MC he felt that he has a voice and needs to speak up on whats happening around the country.
We caught up with JK-47 and asked a few questions about the new release.
1.Can you tell us about the new track and video?
I wrote the track last year and it wasn’t until March that I actually recorded it and put it together. Me Josh Nicholas (Hazy) and Phoebe Jacobs attended a cultural creative camp ran by Desert Pea Media, that’s where we got together to create this piece and later decided to put it out as the second single of my debut album. The words I think speak for the track it’s self but with this song I’m pretty much telling that story of my people who have been physically and mentally crushed by a system that has never taken time to understand us. They massacred us in the past and we are still being murdered today, and as an Indigenous MC I know I have a voice and I gotta speak on what’s happening right now in this country to my people. The video was pieced together by me and Kiarney Mulyono. It was a bit of a process but by the end I feel the clip captured the essence of the song really well.
2.Is this release from an upcoming e.p or album?
Yea actually my debut album drops 04/09/2020 so I’m really keen to show you the rest of what me and the team cooked up.
3. What plans do you have for the upcoming months regrading releases or shows?
Well my album drops pretty soon. I’ll get some merch done up for that because there aren’t many shows happening right now but I’m set to play a tour for my album next year plus “yours and owls” festival in Jan 2021! So I’m looking forward to next year! Hopefully we can get it together by then and be playing a lot more shows

Watch JK-47 I Am Here (Trust Me) Official Music Video Below!