Kudos The Paradox Tour Brisbane Show

Ozhiphop, Australian Hip Hop


Doors at 7:30pm
Local supports: TrigzJamie-Rose

Can you say existential crisis? No? Well, how bout you come on down and listen to Kudos’ new single “Paradox”. As he wades into the paradox of his own mental health, you can be at the forefront of witnessing that which he fears most. Experience the different view points as Kudos bounces back and forth inside of himself, from subject to subject, rarely landing on any objective truths.

“I’m not sure people will realise it when listening, but this is definitely one of the most personal tracks i’ve ever released. My head gets pretty intense sometimes and i’d say this song is definitely a good entry level position for people to get a taste of what it’s like.” - Said Kudos to himself as he wrote this press release in an empty room, somewhere in Malaysia.

Instrumental produced by none other than Brisbane beat lord; Insideus and mixed and Mastered by Benjamin Kramp at Earthshake Audio, “Paradox” is bound to be a good listen for the whole family! On top of all that, Kudos’ “Paradox” tour, featuring DJ Lickweed.

Listen to Kudos - Paradox Below.