Masta Ace w/ Live Band at The Factory Theatre

Masta Ace w/ Live Band (Mister Ott Rhythm Section) @ The Factory Theatre Friday March 9th | 8pm - late  18+  supported by  The Regime Jazz Hip-Hop Freestyle Sessions & guests DJ Shan Frenzie Hosted by Ran-Dee & Rivals

Masta Ace w/ Live Band (Mister Ott Rhythm Section)
The Factory Theatre
Friday March 9th | 8pm - late 

supported by 
The Regime
Jazz Hip-Hop Freestyle Sessions & guests
DJ Shan Frenzie
Hosted by Ran-Dee & Rivals

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Masta Ace
When you think of legendary Brooklyn emcees, the name Masta Ace should definitely come to mind. He first came to fame as a member of Marley Marl’s highly influential Juice Crew, along with fellow talented artists Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Biz Markie, Craig G, Roxanne Shante, MC Shan and more. In 1988 he featured on the Juice Crew’s posse cut "The Symphony", a song that is, still to this day, regarded as one of the best posse cuts ever recorded.

Ace was also a member of Crooklyn Dodgers, along with MC's Special Ed and Buckshot of Black Moon. This was a crew formed specifically around the release of Spike Lee's movie, Crooklyn. Together they created the title track for the movie, which became an instant hit.
Masta Ace has lasted the test of time, having stayed relevant for over 25 years in the game. In that time he has dropped 10 full length albums, all of which have been well received by fans and critics alike. First up was 1990’s “Take A Look Around”, which produced the singles “Me & The Biz” and “Music Man”. He then formed his new group Masta Ace Incorporated and dropped the classic albums “Slaughtahouse” (1993), and “Sittin’ On Chrome” (1995), which included the massive tracks “Born To Roll”, “Sittin’ On Chrome”, “Jeep Ass Niguh” and more.

2001 saw Ace return to solo material with the album “Disposable Arts”, a concept album that follows a young Brooklyn man's release from prison, his return home, and his life at "The Institute of Disposable Arts". 2004’s “A Long Hot Summer” is another concept album that follows Ace, an underground rapper, through his long hot summer in Brooklyn.
In 2008 Masta Ace formed his new supergroup eMC, which included fellow rappers Stricklin, Wordsworth & Punchline. Together they created the album “The Show”. Following the success of this album, EMC went on to release “The Turning Point EP” in 2014 and “The Tonite Show” in 2015.

In 2009, Ace teamed up with Boston legend Edo.G to whip up the album “Arts & Entertainment”, which included the hit single “Little Young”. In 2012’s he dropped the album “MA Doom: Son Of Yvonne”, another concept album, this time dedicated to Masta Ace's departed mother. It follows a short story of Masta Ace's upbringing, and has Ace rhyming over MF Doom production.

Masta Ace returned to the booth in 2016 to record his latest album, The Falling Season, which tells the story of his High School years. The album was entirely produced by KIC Beats and features several guest appearances by Chuck D of Public Enemy, A.G. of D.I.T.C., Wordsworth, World's Famous Supreme Team and more.

10 albums, countless features, and a heavy touring schedule for the last 25+ years have cemented Masta Ace as one of Hip Hop’s living legends!