BryZone (YBP) Melbourne Beat Maker

Melbourne producer BryZone (YBP),  who performs regularly at numerous BeatLAB Melbourne events and recently won the Beatlab x Today's Future Sound BYO Beat Battle in 2016 has teamed up with US rapper J. Malik (A 21 year old rapper from Pittsburgh) to release the SSJ730 EP

The name is based off of the Anime "Dragonball". J. Malik starts off in "Time Fix", as the current him wishing he can go back in time using his rolex to fix things that caused him pain in his life. From 'Dues' to 'My Imagination' he revisits the past to observe how became the person he is today. ‘Joseph’ is based on an alternate life with a twist at the end. ‘Sunday Night In Florida’ is the only song along with Dark Half that is set as current. J.Malik is also writing a a fan fiction/story based off 'SSJ730' due in Spring.

Check out the brand new EP below!

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