Social Change - V.High.E.P


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Adelaide underground Hip Hop favourite Social Change releases official debut EP “V.High.E.P”.

This next-level release is an introduction to the Social Change sound, which features production by beat heavyweights Funkwig and One Above as well as cuts by Australia’s finest turntable veteran DJ Snair.

Social Change takes the stage with a mic, MPC and two turntables, or a complete live band. Having performed for years, sharing stages with various fellow Australian artists and numerous international acts, Social Change has crafted an E.P that leaves you wanting more.

Social Change has previously featured on the critically acclaimed F&d (Funkwig & deNorthwode) album “Worship the Grit” released late 2005 through Crookneck, as well as their own self titled EP with The Expressionist in 1998.

“V.High.E.P” is the first release from Adelaide based production and recording label Butterthief.

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