New Music: Waza - Dead Headz

Australian Hip Hop Producer Waza

Waza is back after a four year hiatus, with his new Beat Tape titled ‘Dead Headz’. It features 9 rugged, boom bap beats, that will get your dome knocking in no time.

The tape is cleverly pieced together with audio commentary from a documentary about the 60s Rock & Roll band, The Grateful Dead’s devoted fans called the ‘Dead Heads’.

The audio bites from the documentary features discussions about political and social issues that are ironically still very relevant in 2020.

Waza recorded the tape while Sydney was in locked down back in April to June.With the current world situations of Global Warming, the Trump administration, Covid 19 and the BLM protests all coming to boiling point, the Beat Tape was a outlet for Waza to express himself mentally.

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