P.Smurf Abalone Produced by Must Volkoff

P.smurf - Abalone

A bit late to the uptake, "Abalone" was released in May this year, a bold statement to all people sleeping on P.Smurf. Backed by the infectious slow Jazz instrumental by Must Volkoff, P.Smurf decimates the flow, effortlessly stringing his unpredictable multi-syllable rhythm, casually tearing through the bars with his gusto filled word play, offering that vintage wine flavour over his soul food groove in ya belly.

My favourite Sydney artist by far, P.Smurf has a thing that rappers lack in this day and age: style and originality. His unshaven baritone vocals scratch across the track like a jagged rock jungle. He is not pushing, or trying to project either, he is ultra relaxed and concise in his delivery, rapping from his stomach not his lungs, in his element over this type of instrumental.

The track is complimented with Must Volkoff's signature tasteful cuts adding the condiment and spices to this already palatable recipe. It also complimented by an awesome film clip, which although is shot in a traditional rap style, is very creative in alluring you into the track, blending different textures, comedy and sarcasm into the mix.

P.Smurf Ft Must Volkoff - 'Abalone'


Abalone is the first single taken from the Sydney MC's forthcoming debut solo LP 'Playing The Blues', due out later this year through Big Village Records.

Produced by Must Volkoff

Cuts by Must Volkoff

Video edited by Billy Zammit

Directed by P.Smurf & Hollie Black

Shot by Hollie Black, Rodrigo Torres, Calum Ridlle


Words By Lani Milbus.