Cliffhangaz Cypher - Otherside & Ivy Mics

Otherside and Ivy Mics present Cliffhangaz Cyphers.

Lounge room jams with Caustic Yoda and Mumbles simultaneously MPC bashing out live beat jams while DJ Platterpush burns the cuts One takes, no edits, no loops, all recorded live.

MCs in order of appearance, Carlos the Jakal, Wise Guy, Kropsman, Hammy, Mumbles and Otherside. (Wise Guy, Hammy, DJ Platterpush, Caustic Yoda) Ivy Mics (Carlos the Jakal, Kropsman, Mumbles)

Filmed by Morgan Jones and engineered by T.Kabanov at CwC Studio.

Catch Wise Guy hosting and Caustic Yoda on the MPC for Bomb Threat tonight (Sat March 11th) at Toasted Loops and Spaceport2's SpaceToast at Gearin Hotel Katoomba Blue Mountains Hip-Hop represent.