Premier: The Dirturtles Release Brand New Music Video 'Phantom'

The Turtles are back at it again, surfacing with a brand new single 'Phantom which will be the third single release off of their upcoming debut full length – The Crossroads LP

After a solid twelve months of shows, tours, writing and recording, it didn’t take the three long to implement themselves as pioneers in their field within the local Tasmanian Hip-Hop scene, and their new song 'Phantom' explains exactly that through the use of punchy lyrics and versatile flows from Primitive and Martian over another classic banger from their producer/DJ, the one and only Hot Cheddar.

"In a city full of try hard gangsters and weaponless thugs, it’s hard to distinguish who is being real and who is being fake – Here at DT, you get nothing but honest lyrics over original beats, and that to us is Hip-Hop.” – Primitive Emcee

Check out the brand new single 'Phantom below.

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