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Rahj On The Beat Episode 2!


Producer Rahjconkas, from Wagga Wagga is back for episode 2 of his beat video series. The murky punches of his well known signature style has long been synonymous with that of production laid down for artists; The Funkoars, Urthboy, Hau, Jeswon, The Tongue, Seven,Tom thumb, Carl Roe, Ellesquire, Defron, Eloji, Mini Coop, Mdusa, Muph and Briggs.

He is a producer well known for his role on many recent hip hop productions including the free album 'Parallel' which dropped early this year featuring former running-mate Mr Hill. Rahj On The Beat Episode 2 is yet another drop from one of the industry’s finest. Peep the video below!

Peep the new clip below.


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