Rah! Records producer and label owner GhostAttacK has been releasing a single every two weeks and it's been a hectic ride.

GhostAttacK's and Toni’s self formed Sydney based label has been making waves in the hip hop scene since it's first single The Realness was released in 2018, and since then GhostAttacK has been working with many incredible artists who have come to form a core posse of musicians and vocalists we know as the Rah! Records fam.

I remember Ghost calling me and saying Izzy had gotten this idea into his head of dropping a bunch of songs as singles. He had a few group projects in the works and had a whole chamber of music he'd written with a diverse group of people. He told me he wanted to start dropping singles immediately and that he wanted something special to kick it all off. Having worked with him for a couple of years I told him we could sit down and write a single right away, and as we went into lockdown we both came up with ‘The Artefact’, which he released on my birthday, April 10.
Two weeks later on the 24th of April he released the upbeat single ‘Banter’ with the Sydney emcee and our good mate Banjoe.

Australian Hip Hop GhostAttack
On the 8th of May GhostAttacK released the dark and heavy hitting song ‘Nightmare’ with the well respected and tireless Sydney emcee Izzy. This was the second single Ghost and Izzy have released after their song ‘What Do You Do This For’ came out in 2019.

On the 22nd of May the single ‘Alright’ was released, this time with the duo of emcees Threat3 and Dan The Underdog known as DeadBeats. DeadBeats have since released an l.p entitled ‘Vivid Pictures’ which has received an amazing response from hip hop fans internationally.

Next was the stunning song ‘Safety Chain’ featuring Ebb Tides, the Wauchope based hip hop group consisting of Brent Clarke and Erin Brookhouse, released on the 5th of June followed on the 19th by ‘Put It Up’ which saw GhostAttacK and Izzy team up with our awesome mate Primitive who has been releasing some amazing tunes himself and some stunning videos to boot.

Australian Hip Hop GhostAttack
On June the 3rd Boo Lawson stepped in to collaborate with GhostAttacK on their song ‘Albatross’. Boo Lawson took things in a new direction co creating one of the most original sounding songs of the label's history.
Then on the 17th Primitive returned with a collaboration called ‘Optimistic’. This tune bangs, it's one of my favourite combos of emcee and producer for some time.

To bring us up to date on the 31st of July which came with a twist seeing Bugsy Ocampo step up to produce with The Profit and Banjoe bringing the vocals to the song ‘Inked’. By that count we can expect a new single from Rah! Records on the 14th of August so stay tuned.

GhostAttack has been doing an amazing job of keeping our scene active during the pandemic, moving our weekly cyphers online and keeping us all working together and releasing music. There's not enough I can say about what he has done for the scene.

RAH Records is on a roll and it doesn't look like anything can stop it.

Words By Mighty Ash.