Scribble Slam: Grimes VS Liam Matsen

Scribble Slam Grimes vs Liam Matsen

Scribble Slam is now back once a month at Ric's Backyard on the first Sunday of each month! The live art battle where street artists compete to a 90 minute timer to create an artwork that responds to a theme provided to them at the start of battle.

Grimes -
Liam Matsen -


DJ: Jaia

Rap Kitchen

Shani will be MCing all the minute-to-minute details of the grueling battle between artists.

Each event showcases two artists battling against each other, working to a 90 minute time limit, and each creating their own artwork on a 2.4m x 2.4m wall.

The two artists involved are able to use whichever medium they like to create an artwork. Both artists will be completely unaware of what they will be painting until the countdown timer is started. The element of the ‘unknown’ lends Scribble Slam a sense of intensity and intrigue that draws a diverse crowd of street art fans.

Be there for 6pm to ensure you see the battle right from the moment the buzzer goes off!


Supported by Rics Bar, Captain Morgan, Coopers, Brisbane Street Art Festival and Vast Yonder