Social Change Drops "New Era" Ft DJ Sum1

Social Change - New Era feat. DJ Sum-1

Social Change - New Era ft DJ Sum1

New Era, the latest drop from Social Change is an absolute banger. This track is simultaneously taking us back and moving forward. A true B-Boy anthem, you can easily imagine the breakers getting down to this one on the sidewalk with cardboard.
The heavy groove from Funkwig carries the whole track. A few well-chosen samples over an extremely dusty funk drum break makes this track impossible to keep the neck steady.
Social Change delivers his signature finesse and lyricism over it, effortlessly flowing over the bars. Controlled demolition of the instrumental, the sincerity of his delivery, conviction and tone is reminiscent of old school Rakim. The type of rapping that you could mindlessly party to, or break down elements and bug out on the emceeing.
DJ Sum1 adds the hot sauce to the track, instead of having a cut section, he juggles McFadden & Whitehead's - Ain't No Stopping Us Now, back and forth, which is hugely refreshing change. The skilled veteran DJ tearing up the wheels just adds the perfect element to tie the whole theme and song together.

In an age where a lot of artists are trying to compete with and emulate the "new" sounds, like trap and mumble rap, this is a revival of the true school, essentially a new golden era. Taking it back and moving ten steps ahead.

Go and rinse it!

Words By Lani Milbus