Sydney Hip Hop Gig News: Rock The Block - HMO Tour

Sydney Hip Hop Gig News: Rock The Block - HMO Tour

Rock The Block - Heightened Modus Operation Tour

Sydney's Premier Open Mic Cypher Night.
Live beats, DJ scratches and freestyle cyphers.
Local and international artists performing live sets.

This event is for the Hip Hop community with nothing but positive vibes for newbies to vets.

A space for everyone involved in the creation of Hip Hop music (Emcees, Producers, DJs, Beatboxers etc.) to meet, network and refine their craft.

If you're a Hip Hop 'Head' and you're in Sydney this is the spot!


Hosted by:
Mighty ASH - On the mic
Elliot Mumbles Jeffcott - On the MPC

DJ's TeraByte| Jay See | Rabble - On the cuts

Live Sets:
- Azza D
- DJ Whitewater


HMO is an MC, musician and producer from the South Coast of NSW. With an organic fusion of instrumentation and electronic elements, HMO’S music channels a range of Genres from early Funk and Soul to Reggae and Blues. Inspired by funk bands such as The Meters and James Brown, along with Hip Hop artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Ice Cube, J Cole and a host of new Australian Hip Hop artists. HMO’s music aims to deliver funking beats with a distinct social and political message.

Find his music:


Presented by:
Hustle & Flow Bar - The Home of Sydney Hip Hop!

Sponsored by:
Wu-Tang Clan Liqueur
East 9th Brewing
567 King
The Craze Co
The Goodz
Rah Records
UnEkst Clothing