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Waza - 'Kick, Snares & Video Tapes'

Waza is back with his much-anticipated second mixtape 'Kick, Snares & Video Tapes.' A rewind journey back in time to B-Grade 80’s & 90’s Cinema.

The conception of the mixtape came out of two accidental moments. The first in a work lunchroom; somebody had generously left a box packed with old VHS tapes with the notice FREE scribbled on it. The second; inheriting a neighbours old 1980’s drum machine.
Armed with these precious handouts, Waza naturally pieces together a twenty two minute voyage through sound bites & visuals over 808’s and Analog Synthesizers

Chopping Mall, Slammer Girls to The Malibu Bikini Shop are some of the neglected films Waza brings back to life in this entertaining and un-rehearsed mixtape.
Dust off your VHS player and enjoy tonight’s presentation, brought you by your favourite Beat Maker.

Watch the mixtape below!

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