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  • Interview: Brisbane's Karsniogenics Label Mate Gaz Hazard Talks The Lower 42nd and A King.

    Interview: Gaz Hazard Talks The Lower 42nd and A King release.

    Interview: Gaz Hazard - “The Lower 42nd b/w A King”


    With the recent release of Gaz Hazard's 7" wax release and the drop of the brand new film clip, Ozhiphopshop caught up with the Brisbane local to chat about the recent release and whats on the cards regarding his sophomore album due out via Brisbane independent hip hop label Karsniogenics. Gaz is no stranger to the scene has been putting in the hard work with multiple shows and releases over the last few years including work with CRS.

    Hey Gaz, good to catch up with you again. Hope everything is good since last time we spoke?

    Yeah everything is good mate.

    You have just dropped the “The Lower 42nd b/w A King” 7” wax off the upcoming sophomore release ‘Welcome to Gullywood’ out through Brisbane label Karsniogenics soon, can you tell us a bit about this release and how it came together?

    Welcome to Gullywood actually came about while we were doing our first official recordings at the new studio at my old place in Acacia Ridge. We naturally called it Gullywood Studios and since then we had created about 18 tracks. For various reasons a few didn’t make the cut, then after joining the label I decided to turn it into another LP. #W2G was born.

    The first track that was produced by Sean B(The Statesman, Kold Heat) The Lower 42 features some heavy hitting features in a massive posse cut with the likes of Lazy Grey, Jake Biz, Overproof Pete and Simplex. What was it like working with them artists and getting everyone to lay down the heat?

    Its always incredible working with such veterans and truly talented people . I am lucky enough to call them all my brothers. The track came about very quick actually in the scheme of things, getting 6 dudes on a joint together can be hard sometimes but everyone came threw asap for the project. We are all label mates anyway so a posse cut was fitting.

    Did you all record at the same place or were different studios used?

    The Lower 42nd  was recorded completely at Simbiotic Studios by Simplex. The album #W2G was all recorded at Gullywood Studios by me.

    Gaz Hazard - Welcome To Gullywood

    Sean B is a brilliant beat maker and has been killing it in the scene for many years now with production credits on a range of local releases, what was it like working with him on this track?

    Seany is an incredible beat maker but I gotta be honest I didn’t see him or even talk to him about it. Jake showed me the beat and we both had that look in our eye like fucking bang..thats for a posse cut on the album. Dj Dcide co produced the track too so mixing and structure was created by him.

    You have teamed up with Director Dolan from Dfdes1n to produce a dope clip that has been well received by fans, can we expect to see another one drop soon for the second track?

    Yeah we have a new clip dropping soon for the Bezrock tribute track. A King shot and cut by Heethan Steelberg. Dolan did  an fucking rad job with the clip too.

    The second track “A King” is a very personal and touching story written about the sad passing of a Brisbane legend and fellow hip hop head, it’s a very emotional track and I’m sure it was very hard to write. Was this one of the toughest ones to pen or do you feel it has helped with the grieving process?

    Most Definitely.  The track began from a eulogy I didn’t get to say at his funeral and a week or so after he passed I found it on my phone and began writing instantly. Threw endless tears I just kept writing, it was hard but I felt it needed to be done. For Bez, and yeah for me it helped me vent and go threw those stages of grieving properly. Its still hard. I still tear up hearing the track and almost everyone who has listened to it with me has teared up too. So much of my heart and soul went into that track and with the production from Bigfoot and Heata it became a very powerful song. Cant thank them enough for creating it the way they did.

    Losing a friend can be very hard. It must feel good tho to be able to tell his story and allow his legacy to live on through music?

    I always had a vision of the song on Vinyl with his B logo on it so of course the B Side made so much sense. It's a very humbling thing to be told by his close mates and mine that they thanked me for writing it because they wouldn’t of been able to do it. To be honest his legacy is already set amongst those he was close to anyway. His impact on this life especially mine will never be forgotten.

    The track was produced by none other than Bigfoot along with Heata(Hired Goons) on the scratches. Did the beat selection come play a major role when it came to writing a track like this?

    I wrote the lyrics to no beat actually. It wasn’t until Biggie asked to produce it for me and with Heata's help A King was born. They did an incredible job.

    How would you describe this release to someone who is about to listen to this for the first time?

    The Lower 42nd is a bass heavy posse cut with a mash up of styles from Karsniogenics.

    A King is a heartfelt tribute to my old mate and CRS OG with production from Hired Goons finest.

    The new album “Welcome To Gullywood” and follow up to “Hazardous To Ya Health” is your first release through Brisbane label Karsniogenics. What has it been like working with them and has it been a lot easier to release music now instead of being an independent artist?

    These guys are true veterans of rap music in this country full stop. Lazy Grey and DjDcide who run the label have been dope to work with. We all come together on the project and aimed for next level every time, sonically, lyrically everything. Always trying to step our game up. You seriously cant fuck with the K TEAM.

    When can we expect to see the new album drop?

    The LP will be available on cd, digital and as a 12 inch record due on within a few months along with a new video for a solo track off the album that i'm hoping to have it ready soon.

    Gaz Hazard Drops "THE LOWER 42nd" feat. Lazy Grey, SussOne, Jake Biz, Overproof Pete & Simplex

    Is there a show or tour coming up to coincide with this release?

    Yes we have Brisbane ,Melbourne and Adelaide in our sites to launch the album. Hoping to do them all this year. I also have a couple big international support spots to be announce soon.

    Any advice for upcoming rappers looking to get into the game and release music professionally?

    Be yourself. Do You and focus on you. And yes exactly, make ya music professionally. Dont judge your value as an artist by the views or likes  you get. Judge it by how many people turn up to your shows and actually buy your music.

    Where can the fans check out more of your music?

    My last LP . Hazardous to ya health is on I tunes.

    It was good catching up mate, wish you all the best for this release and I’m sure we will speak soon.

    Words By Travis Broi


    Keep up to date with Gaz Hazard via Karsiniogenics

  • Gig Review! The Big Chill Festival 2015

    The Big Chill Fest 2015 New Years Eve

    Gig Review! The Big Chill Festival 2015


    This year we were lucky enough to spend New Year's Eve in Brisbane at The Big Chill Fest, taking over West End for the second year running. And, if last year's festival was anything indicator, then tonight punters were certainly in for a treat. Although it would be hard to squeeze every minute of every act on tonight's long-listed billing, OHHS made sure to spend quality time at every staged event catching all acts. Everyone performed at the top of their game at tonight's event and this review promises to highlight some of the stand-out moments from the event.

    The Amazon-themed event kicked off early with all opening acts rocking out over every stage with the jungle cocktail bar in full swing. Simplex's and Myk Reid's set was off the hook, stirring up the crowd with a few of everyone's favourites; Schoolyard Politics and Beautiful Day over a hyped set. These are two truly great performers in the way they physically engage with their audience with some handy place-cards driving up the atmospheric pressure.

    Further performances from the likes of I Am D, DJ Seany B, DJ Katch, Calski and Desmond Cheese filled the mid-afternoon's entertainment and while feeling the effects of some jungle juice, punters had submerged into the Underwater stage to get wet in preparation for Lazy Grey, Jake Biz and DJ Dcide. Straight from the get-go the fans packed in as the music banged out, the crowd frothing with every track for more, which is exactly what it got when Overproof Pete, Gaz Hazzard and Suss One answered the call, joining the boys to drop that Kold Heat on them.

    The festivities didn’t slow down with The Tongue and Calski peeling off their new joints on the Underwater stage and Vinyl Slingers were keeping the dance floor packed and moving on the outdoor stage.  As the night kicked on OHHS got the chance to see the headline act Big Pooh sustaining a charged crowd through a show that really got the fans amped. Seeing Pooh live was a first and definitely an act to recommend as he really knows how to tear the roof off.

    All in all this evening was a special occasion to ring in the new year with outstanding live music and crowd to boot who came and left with one thing and that was a good time. OHHS would like to thank Kel and everyone involved in putting together such a great event on. OHHS looks forward to being a part of The Big Chill festivities next year.

  • New music! Overproof Pete - Same As It Ever Was

    Run Royal

    New music! Overproof Pete - Same As It Ever Was

    Overprooof Pete has just dropped a brand new track from 2013 that didn't make the cut on the latest 750 Rebels release Kold Heat. This banging beat was produced by Seany B and was mixed and recorded by non other then DCE.

    Check the brand new track below.

    Overproof Pete - Same As It Ever Was

  • Artist on Artist Interview! Cormega VS Jake Biz

    Cormega Australian Tour Flyer 2015


    Artist on Artist Interview! Cormega and Jake Biz


    For what had started as a kid in the hallways of a Nas storyline, Cormega has grown a notoriety as one of the most-revered emcees out of 41st Side and Vernon of Queensbridge, New York. Despite his independent career having been met with great adversary, twenty years after Cormega’s release he has stayed true-to-form and triumphed along the way with some well-regarded records, The Realness and True Meaning. For a rapper Marley Marl had once referred to as the ‘original gangsta rapper of Queensbridge’, Cormega regards himself a veteran of hip-hop. After long-service leave, his 2015 album, Megaphilosphy marks a return to fold for the rapper and, for the first time, is bringing his steez to every capital city down-under which opens up in Melbourne, September 25.

    Before the arrival of one of QB’s finest, a purist of the art of rap who has always upheld the traditions of a microphone fiend, we decided to let one of our own emcees, Jake-Biz from Bris-Bang’s Karsniogenics label and one of the formidable few of the 750 Rebels to ask Mega anything and everything about the what-could-have-beens and look-backs at the commercially-underrated career of an incredibly-talented MC. Never shy to tackle the business-side of his business, Mega chopping-up with Jake Biz resulted in a frank and concise exchange of realness between two true heads of hip-hop.

      Cormega Australian Tour

    JAKE BIZ -     Your first album The Testament was shelved by Def Jam in the 90's and didn't see a release until the early 2000's. How was your experience as a signed artist on hip hop's preeminent label?

    CORMEGA - Being on DEF JAM was a learning experience and introduced me to the industry.

    You predate 50 Cent as one of the early artists to use mixtapes as a promotional tool but you rarely receive the credit. Was that the early inspiration for Legal Hustle and your independent grind?

    I was definitely the first to utilize mixtapes as marketing schemes and also as a determiner of where I stood with the public.

    The Realness and True Meaning could almost be viewed as companion pieces and are both clear, fan-favourites. Do you ever feel the pressure from fans and the public to recreate that early success?

    Realness and True Meaning are definitely albums I aspire to equal or exceed every time I make an album.

    You've shown immeasurable growth over the course of your career and you've never hesitated to cite peers such as Chuck D, Slick Rick and the Juice Crew for that, how have you managed to stay a fan of the game and not seem as jaded as other MCs from your era?

    I love what I do and understand it is a blessing to be in my position as an artist plus I respect the foundation.

    The chemistry you share with Large Professor is unquestionable and your latest album Megaphilosophy is a testament to that and you've also worked together in the past. How did the process of making a whole project together differ from getting single tracks from individual producers?

    Working with LP is a challenge but when challenges are met you find out who you really are.

    ‘Industry’ (and its subsequent remixes) is one of the most profound statements in hip-hop from the last five years! In a time where digital reigns supreme and CDs are essentially obsolete do you think the recording industry could ever regroup and see the immense profit it saw throughout the 90s?

    The industry will always find a new way to return like a villain in a superhero movie.

    You're a known sneaker head, do you still get out and cop on release day or has hype-beasting seen your interest diminish?

    I love sneakers but I’m not a hype-beast and luckily I have some cool friends at Puma and New Balance. I really don't wear Nike anymore until I see them show more respect to the black consumer who, by-the-way, kept them from going out of business.


    Can't wait to see you here in Australia. Thanks for your time!

    Jake Biz(750 Rebels/Karsniogenics/Run Royal)

    You can catch Cormega on his massive upcoming Australian tour.


    Cormega Melbourne Show

    Cormega Hobart Show

    Cormega Brisbane Show

    Cormega Perth Show

    Cormega Sydney Show

    Cormega Adelaide Show


    Keep up to date with Jake Biz via the links below.


    Karsniogenics Youtube



    Run Royal

  • Gig News! 750 Rebels Kold Heat Album Launch Melbourne


    750 Rebels, AUssie Hip-Hop, Australian Hip Hop, Hip-Hop, Oz Hip Hop, Australian Hip-hop, Lazy Grey, Jake Biz, Kold Heat

    750 Rebels announce Kold Heat album launch


    Anyone familiar with the Australian hip hop scene needs no introduction to the Brisbane natives 750 Rebels. The crew and their label Karsniogenics have been a cornerstone of Brisbane underground hip-hop for some 15 years now and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon!

    Following the release of their long awaited ‘Kold Heat’ CD the group will be taking the Laundry stage this February.

    With support from:

    Ciecmate & Newsense

    Bigfoot 750 HG



    Prophet Rayza

    Dj's FX & HEATA


  • New Music - 750 Rebels Clip Live At Sprung

    750 Rebels live at Sprung Hip Hop Festival 2013

    750 Rebels 750 Rebels

    Coming hot off their latest promo release Cold Heat, 750 Rebels have done it again. This time a dope promo clip from when they recently headlined Sprung Hip Hop Festival in Brisbane late last year. For those that missed the performance this will give you a taste at what will be showcased at Stand Up 2014.

    Keep up to date on the latest 750 news and releases over at www.karsniogenics.com.au

    Karsniogenics Karsniogenics
  • Matt Van Rooy Presents - Catchwreck



    Every so often, an event comes along with the purpose of cementing
    itself a place in history. In a time where large showcases are usually catered towards the more mainstream listener. Matt Van Rooy and Catch Wreck have proudly assembled an impeccable line up of artists revered by Hip Hop aficionados and fans Australia wide. This is a night put on by the fans, for the fans. Underground royalty, of this phenomenal caliber have never appeared together in this capacity to perform on the same night. Until now, Get ready to Catch Wreck


    Lazy Grey has been an Australian hip hop icon since the early 90's. With an unmistakable, impeccable delivery and reputation for witty and honest rhymes, Lazy has forged his way into the "Top 10 MC" lists of both artists and punters Australia-wide. Often partnering up with fellow Brisbane MC Len One to create music as Brothers Stoney, Lazy Grey brings the real BBQ funk with rare funk samples and gritty drums.



    When we attempted to hunt down Maundz's bio, well, we found this "Well, I've read all of your bio's on your music pages (cause everyone is a fuckin rapper nowadays) and i don't know what to say. I aint got a chance of standing up against any of you big time cats out there cause apparently its "Your year" and "You takin Over" with your bedroom raps. Whats a man to do? I cant compete with that shit..I'd buy you a trophy or a medal, but I'm sure you got enough ice comin out ya ass..Suck a dick....MAUNDZ THE HORRIBLE"


    Recognised by his peers Australia-wide as one of the hardest working Hip Hop producers, Simplex's guest appearances and production work reads like a who's who of the Australian Hip Hop landscape including the Funkoars, Hilltop Hoods (of which he is a fellow member of the Certified Wise Crew), Drapht, Pegz, Brad Strut and Reason. International artists including C Rayz Walz (NY) have also requested his unique production sound.

    In 2011 Simplex released his debut solo album on Obese Records titled 'Audio Biography' backed by a national tour. The album had been a long time in the making but Simplex shone as an emcee, vocalist & producer with supporting guests appearances by his crew Terra Firma, Delta (Nuff Said Records), Candice Monique (from M-Phazes' "Goodbye Gravity") and Ranto Bokgo (South Africa).

    K21 (SA)
    Raised in Adelaide since the early 90ʼs, K21 embarked on a diverse
    journey through hip hop entering battles, producing beats and
    recording songs since his early teens. Known well amongst the
    community for connecting with local artists and gaining crucial
    experience in the studio, K21 puts together lyrics and beats of a
    global standard and currently works with some of the strongest names in the Australian Hip Hop world.

    Although young in age, K21 shows progression at a level that many
    artists won't achieve in a lifetime, proving himself to be a powerful
    weapon for years to come. Having produced and featured for names such as the Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars & Clandestien, a journey into his own career through his self-ran record label has recently caused an eruption impossible to ignore resulting in overwhelming success for his first official solo release. Released in May 2012, K21ʼs debut album ʻSingle Minded Civilianʼ contains one-of-a-kind style production, brain shattering rhyme schemes and a vibe described as nothing short of astonishing.

    The first single for the album 'Won't Stop' features horns that will echo in your head for days complimented by K21's straight-to-point, raspy yet highly entertaining raps. Receiving support and praise all around Australia, the album shot up to number 3 on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts on the day of its release. Guest features on the album include Adelaide heavyweights Funkoars, Vents, Brad Strut and also production from Trials, Sesta, Vampts & mdusu.





    Smiley. From Perth W.A. comes this hungry and talented mc/producer who has been recording and performing live since early 2006.Smiley's debut solo album, 'The Suspended Sentence' was released through Firestarter mid 2010, featuring Dazastah & Optamus from Downsyde, DJ Perplex(6x Australian DJ Champ), Pirate Mafia and manymore.In december 2011 his song 'Imagine' was released on the 'Australian Hip Hop Supports Canteen' compilation along side Hilltop Hoods, Drapht, Layla, Koolism, Downsyde and Urthboy to name a few. That album has since placed in the top 10 of the iTunes hip hop charts.

    His versatile live show has seen him land support slots for many touring artists including Hunter, Drapht, 360, Optamus, Dazastah, Lazy Grey,Bias B, M-Phazes, Seth Sentry and so this list goes on. This experienced performer is surely one to look out for March 1st.


    In a world that’s constantly evolving, so too is the music scene!
    Enter Backyard Funk; a Frankston based Melbourne band defying all the norms with a raw blend of hip hop, funk and rock that set them apart from other hip hop artists, and into a league of their own.
    MC-SINS lyrics are perfectly complimented by EM- J’s soulful harmonies and with SHANo1 on lead, FUZZY-B on bass, and SLAMMIN-SAM on drums, you are sure to be entertained. Having played alongside Funkoars, 360, Briggs, Muph & Plutonic, and Regurgitator just to name a few, these guys are a live act with a
    strong local following that will always get the crowd moving on their
    feet! Be sure to get the funk in your backyard this summer!



    Def Men Walking are two mates from the unholy lower-middleclass slums of Brisbane who, after a long line of one failed school/garage band in their repertoire, realised rap might be what they should've been doing from the beginning.


    SLAP618's journey though hip hop is as interesting as it is diverse.
    Like many a hip hop head it all started with graffiti but not long
    after the art of DJing became a focal point. His first taste on the
    decks was back in 1990 co hosting a hip hop show on community radio a passion which spanned ten years and led him to purchasing his first set of decks in 1996, and taking his on air antics into the bars and pubs of Wollongong. In 1998 his crew Myspherical released their first cassette release "Journey to the Centre of..." SLAP618 worked alongside Sean Sheap and was inspired by the art of music production. Since then SLAP618 has been working long hours learning and perfecting his art.

    Slap 618 has produced beats and remixes on the iconic Culture of Kings 3 album, Bias B’s ‘B Mixes’, The Argonauts as well as being the DJ and hype man for Australian hip hop heavy weights Muph and Plutonic(2005 -2008). As a producer, Slap never limits himself to any genre, he listens and samples from the widest possible variety of music and styles. His beats are atmospheric. Inspired by up tempo funk, soul and rock, yet always interspersed with a traditional hip hop sensibility.

    This is gonna be a dope night ppl.Tickets wont last......

    Tickets available now from www.mattvanrooy.com


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