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  • Alex Jones: Taking Grime Down Under in Australia To New Heights

    Alex Jones: Taking Grime Down Under in Australia To New Heights

    Melbourne Rapper Alex Jones

    Melbourne-based rapper Alex Jones is back at it again, showing and proving why he is not only considered one of the best rappers in Australia currently but also one of the most talented grime emcees globally. Balancing classic grime influences including Ghetts, Wiley, JME, Skepta with hip-hop influences of Mobb Deep, 2pac and Nas has led to the development of a formidable and refreshing sound that is Alex Jones. Poised to break through in a major way in Australia, Britain and internationally, Alex Jones is an artist to get familiar before he blows if you don’t know. Having supported the like of The Game, Masta Ace, La Coka Nostra, Trem, Ghostface Killah, Mic Righteous, AJ Tracey, The Outlawz, Obie Trice, Tha Alkaholiks, Madchild and many more, he is certainly no newcomer to the game having amassed millions of streams and has a dynamic live show to compliment his skills on the mic.

    The artist formerly known as Flea (and then Dr. Flea) burst onto the musical landscape in Australia with his self-titled debut Grime album “Blood Runs Deep” in 2011. He quickly followed this release up just a year later with the excellent extended album “Best Of Both Worlds” which dropped in mid-2012. This led to him not only joining local label Broken Tooth Entertainment, but also a handful of notable features with the likes of Tornts, Hyjak, Ciecmate as well as local grime legend and British import Fraksha of Smash Brothers / Nine High. During this period, he also had a major collaboration crossover success featuring on Will Sparks EDM anthem “Chemical Energy” in late 2012 that cracked the Top 10 on Beatport.

    August 2013 saw the release of his debut 9-track solo EP on Broken Tooth Ent. titled “Keep On Moving”, this time distributing by Australia’s then number 1 hip-hop label in Obese Records. Alex Jones would then go on to team up with Son Of Sam forming LGEEZ and releasing the groups’ debut album “Cloud 9” which featured Prime, Big Hustle, Realizm, DJ Flagrant amongst others. The album was a critical success and acted as a precursor to the highly anticipated late-2016 album “Blood Runs Deep – Volume 2” that only served to cement his place as one of the top lyricists and rappers to emerge from Australia in recent years.

    While being relatively quiet on the musical front in recent years, Alex Jones has continued to showcase his skills on selected tracks and radio cyphers – showing and proving why he is widely touted as one of Australia’s leading rappers. His technical ability often steals the show, and with lyrics and delivery to match it is not hard to see how his style has influenced a newer generation of Australian rappers. Now seemingly back and stronger than ever, stay tuned for the next highly anticipated release from the young veteran, and in the meantime catch up on why everyone from British Grime legend Ghetts rates the talented artist so highly.

    While Alex Jones is certainly somewhat leading the charge for Grime Down Under, artists like Diem, Scotty Hinds, Murky (RIP), Sarm, Sunnah, Mr. Wrighty and especially Fraksha were all hugely influential in developing the scene throughout its infancy to today. Over the last few years, we have seen an explosion of new talent led by ChillinIt, Wombat, Nerve, Shadow, Talakai, Mitchos Da Menace and co who are all pushing it forward and starting to get the recognition they deserve, including ChillinIt’s recently released album “Women, Weed & Wordplay” that went number 1 in Australia.

    Check the live radio cyphers below and above to see the best that Australia has to offer and catch him coming to a town near you soon.

    Article by @thewriterau

  • Sydney Hip Hop Gig News - The Apocalypse Tour

    The Apocalypse Tour Sydney

    The Apocalypse Tour Sydney Show

    A collective of Australian heavyweight Hip Hop royalty are about to embark on a tour, which has been a long time in the making.

    This collective is made up of the following artists;

    Menace (Sydney), Shadow (Perth), Fraksha (Melbourne), Scotty Hinds (Melbourne), Diem (Melbourne), Alex Jones (Melbourne), Sunnah (Sydney), Saz (Sydney), Jasper (Perth), Base (Sydney), Raj (Sydney) and PosseShot (Melbourne).

    Rounding out the collective are two tremendously talented turntablists. DMC Champion and OD Clan resident Bace Kadet (Perth) and MGR resident DJ Dizzie Dayze (Sydney) will share the responsibility over the tour.

    Emerging from all over Australia this collective of artists have one common goal ~ continuing to empower the Australian Hip Hop scene and ensure that their efforts are not easily forgotten.

    Menace Gang x Smash Brothers x LGeez x OD Clan x PosseShot Presents:

    The Apocalypse AU Tour

    - MENACE
    - SHADOW
    - DIEM
    - DIEM
    - SON OF SAM
    - SAZ
    - JASPER
    - BASE
    - RAJ

    Emerging from all over Australia this collective of artists have one common goal ~ continuing to empower the Australian Hip Hop scene and ensure that their efforts are not easily forgotten.

    Enter the inaugural Apocalypse AU Tour!

    WHEN ~ Saturday 6th July
    WHERE ~ Factory Theatre, Sydney
    The Apocalypse Tour Sydney Show tickets ~ http://tix.theapo.co

    Facebook Event ~ https://www.facebook.com/events/2014988812131245/

  • Gig Review: 50/50 Melbourne Grime Down Under Vol.2 Launch Party

    50 50 saints Flyer Melbourne Grime


    Review by Alisha Hudson


    To kick off the weekend, my Friday night began at the 50/50 Melbourne Grime Down Under Vol.2 launch party. Which was held at Saint Side City - a family grown street wear business that does a numerous amount of clothing from shoes, shirts and hats with also another business which provides vintage and custom made bicycles.

    With One Puf a collection of Dj’s, on the night it was Alaska, Arctic, 2fudda and Smutle on the decks providing the room with the perfect vibes, mixing beats from tech bass to rumba reggae set the tone of the night, with the room filling with more people preparing to hear their favourite artists, the one and only Fraksha alongside brother from another mother Diem grasped the mic and both took the stage.

    A raw of support from the crowd as Fraksha gave respect and appreciation to Saint Side, his brothers on the decks, as well as everyone else who held it down through the process in the event of his debut release of 50/50 Melbourne Grime Down Under Vol.2

    Fraksha’s stage presence left an aura and glow that transcended through the crowd, rocking  a dark jacket which caught my eye, yet his presence and his double time, lyrical ability and repetitive flow was great to hear. Spitting his rhymes to the fans and the crowd chanting back along with him was brilliant.

    Diem hyping up the stage as well as the crowd with his own lyrical style, definitely two very different artists Fraksha and Diem but work so well together with Fraksha more in your face and to the point and with Diem more of a quite and laid back approach to his set but those bars though – fire!

    After a short interlude with One Puf killing the mixes on the dance floor,  Alex Jones now joins the stage with an obvious fan base in the crowd of Lgeez, and you can tell its going to be an interesting set. Alex Jones giving the crowd nothing but his fiery, witty bars we all know today. Alex Jones up on stage with Fraksha and DIEM the trio pulled the crowd in and gave a great performance.

     Saint side on the night of the launch a raffle was held $10 for two tickets and the winner got two t-shirts from the Saint Side & 50/50 collection. Great and wonderful family orientated business nothing but the realest of guys that have worked hard to get the status they have today, definitely follow their brand, they always have something going on.

    The mixtape may of not been the in the lime light of the night but for sure was the reason why we all gathered at Saint Side to celebrate the hard work of  50/50 Melbourne Grime. 6 years it’s been since the first release, so for the fans and followers it must have been an anxious wait to see, what else 50/50 had to bring.

    50/50 Melbourne Grime Down Under Vol.2 consists of various beats mixed by Auzone throughout the mixtape Auzone gave house, grime, tech beats, from slow tempo beats (compared to the typical grime tempo we all know) gave the artist a chance to slow down a bit and for the listeners themselves a chance to sit back and chill then the fast upbeat tech beats which allowed the various of talent from all over Australia to complete their fiery witty spits, each with a unique flavour and own style but still a consistent flow of similar vibes which kept the mixtape as one.

    Defiantly got to check out the mixtape too much talent for you to miss out on! Great work and great production, well thought out and love the amount of collaborations and various styles. 50/50 MELBOURNE GRIME! 2017!

  • Rise! The Launch Tour

    Rise! The Launch Tour

    Rise Launch Tour Rise Launch Tour

    Just over two years ago, photographer Michelle Grace Hunder began the concept of her Australian Hip-Hop photo book RISE. Through the unprecedented support of both artists and fans via a Pozible campaign, Michelle’s dream of creating the first book dedicated to portraying musicians within the Australian Hip-Hop community is now a long-awaited reality!

    With RISE now in the final stages of printing & production, MGH has embarked on the next stage of RISE – a national tour.

    Michelle’s longtime friends Remi, Briggs, Mantra & Grey Ghost are hitting the road in August, along with Dylan Joel, Jaytee, Flagrant, Sensible J and Mistress of Ceremony. The tour will have each artist perform action packed mini-sets, highlighting their ongoing support for Michelle, and for the groundbreaking achievement that RISE represents for Australian Hip-Hop.

    If the tour’s lineup wasn’t already enough, there is a further bonus added. Each leg of the tour will feature the RISE Cypher with surprise guest artists (also featured in the RISE book) taking to the stage at each show, freestyling a performance of their choice. The cypher performers will be kept secret until the actual show, until then it’s going to be a guessing game.

    Winding around a number of venues in VIC, SA, WA, NSW and QLD, Hunder and her crew are ready to give Hip-Hop fans a long awaited taste of the photography from RISE, and the musicians that helped make it happen.

    Featuring Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Grey Ghost, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony & DJ's Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J


    Thursday 21st August
    The Espy (Gershwin Room), Melbourne
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Grey Ghost, Dylan Joel, Alex Jones, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J

    Friday 22nd August
    Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Grey Ghost, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J

    Saturday 23rd August
    New Globe Theatre, Brisbane
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Grey Ghost, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J

    Thursday 28th August
    Karova Lounge, Ballarat
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J

    Friday 29th August
    Rosemount Hotel, Perth
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J

    Saturday 30th August
    Rocket Bar, Adelaide
    Mantra, Briggs, Remi, Grey Ghost, Dylan Joel, Mistress of Ceremony
    DJs: Jaytee, Flagrant & Sensible J


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