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  • 7 Australian Hip Hop Artists To Watch In 2020

    7 Australian Hip Hop Artists To Watch In 2020

    7 Australian Hip Hop Artists To Watch In 2020

    Hip-hop from Australia is currently finding considerable international success with the likes of Hilltop Hoods, ChillinIt, Kerser and OneFour all breaking out beyond domestic market success to new audiences. With Australia’s The Kid Laroi also hitting mainstream success in America with his music featured on Lyrical Lemonade and working with the likes of Lil Tecca, Lil Skies, Lil Tjay and more, we take a look at the next top 7 artists to watch from Australia teetering on an international breakthrough in 2020.

    HP Boyz (Melbourne)

    The biggest group to truly emerge in the second half of last year was the HP Boyz trio of Onit, YJ and MWayz out of Melbourne. With a string of hit singles from their smash debut Blueprint to the below viral Engineers to Bad N Bouj to their most recent drop in Moves, HP Boyz have continually progressed. They sold out most of their 7-date international tour of New Zealand late last year and have played major festival shows and support slots throughout Australia, with a large and growing fanbase internationally already. A memorable live show coupled with releasing quality over quantity positions HP Boyz strongly for possible international success.

    HP Boyz -  Engineers


    Hooligan Hefs (Sydney)

    One of the most original sounds to develop out of Australia in recent years is Sydney’s Hooligan Hefs. Developing his sound since 2017, last year was really his breakout which saw half a dozen big singles released and several festival and major support slots including Tyga along with his own sold out tour. Hooligan Hefs crossover potential into EDM is massive and unique, expect for him to continuing to push his sound into new directions. A fan favorite whose energy transcends music and solidifies his true star power, it’s hard not to like his already iconic moves and language.

    Hooligan Hefs - IYKYK


    Sampa The Great (Sydney)

    Recent 2x winner of the prestigious Australian Music Prize in both 2017 and 2019 , Sampa has been making waves for herself since the release of her debut project “The Great Mixtape” in 2015. She has since followed this up with two very strong projects in 2017’s mixtape “Birds And The Bee9” and her debut studio album in late 2019’s “The Return”. Drawing on influences including Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and Mos Def amongst others, the talented and versatile Sampa has already toured domestically and internationally on her own accord significantly. As her fanbase continues to expand through continued quality releases, expect that to continue as she develops herself into an even more of a much sought-after Festival act as comfortable on the main stage as she is performing her own solo tours internationally as well as throughout Australia.

    Sampa The Great – Final Form 


    LISI (Brisbane)

    LISI burst onto the scene in mid-October last year with his single debut “Say Less” that captivated significant attention throughout Australia and internationally from West Brisbane. He followed this great anticipation up successfully with the two singles “The Come Up” and “Got This” on either side of the New Year, before beginning to release music with his group Th4 W3St last month. With a groundswell of support throughout Brisbane already, he is likely to be able to tour internationally in the region in the near future as well as nationally post-COVID-19.

    Lisi - Say Less


    Youngn Lipz (Sydney)

    Youngn Lipz burst onto the scene in late 2019 with a string of hit singles including the below Misunderstood, Silent, Otherside earlier this year and his most recent Lifestyle with DJ Discretion and the aforementioned Hooligan Hefs. Such a rapid rise has never before be seen at such a scale in Australia and Youngn Lipz has already found himself performing on the biggest of stages in the country and about to commence his own extended solo headline tour throughout Australia. His sound, along with HP Boyz and One Four, has the most natural sound that is likely to be easily absorbed smoothly internationally and if he continues with another hit or two with a notable international feature, 2020 could prove even faster than the last few months of 2019 for him.

    Youngn Lipz -Misunderstood


    Wombat (Tasmania)

    The trademark rapid-fire delivery that Wombat has become known for has led him to selling out his own solo national tours and he has developed a cult like following that grows every week across Australia. With a stack of his own singles plus memorable collaborations with some of Australia’s best in Fraksha, ChillinIt, Nerve, Greeley and Scotty Hinds he has also been making inroads into the UK and continental Europe of late. With the release of an extended project on the near horizon, expect to see more big things coming up soon.

    Wombat  And Chillinit - Underrated


    Complete (Perth)

    Testament to the age-old adage that hard work pays off, Complete has built a very strong following from the ground up over the last decade slowly but surely. With the successful release of his highly anticipated and eagerly awaited debut solo studio album last year Death Rattle on Warner Music, Complete seems to be levelling up yet again as he continues to expand his diverse catalogue to international audiences. With a bunch of hits already under his built and a nationally renowned live show, we can expect a follow up that will push him even further to new audiences.

    Complete - Jordan

    Words By BattleRap Writer

  • Brisbane Hip Hop Collective Swish Music Release 'Showtime' Remix Ft Dau Dau, Hoodzy, Nerve And Unamii

    Brisbane Hip Hop Collective Swish Music Release 'Showtime' Remix Ft Dau Dau, Hoodzy, Nerve And Unamii

    Swish Music Showtime Remix

    Queensland hip-hop collective Swish Music today release the remix of their single‘Showtime’, featuring fellow Queenslanders Hoodzy and Nerve, through Sony Music Entertainment Australia. Head here to catch the premiere of the brand new ‘Showtime’ remix video at 4pm AEST this afternoon.

    Swish Music was founded by Dau Dau, one of the groups MCs, and named after the city in which the outfit began – Ipswich, Queensland.

    Within eighteen months, the group has evolved from a small tight-knit crew into a 12-person collective, with Dau’s friends and family from Ipswich and Brisbane slowly joining based off their musical and creative talent.

    Dau says ‘Showtime’ is the product of Swish Music’s dedication to honing their craft:

    “We’re in the studio five times a week, making two to three songs a day and helping each other become our best.” 

    With Australian hip-hop continuing to grow and diversify, and crews popping up repping their areas, Swish were keen to get local Brisbane legend Nerve on a remix. They also loved the energy and talent of Gold Coast raised Hoodzy, whom also features on the remix.

    The 12 members of Swish Music come from diverse cultural backgrounds including South Sudanese, Uganadan and Australian, with each member flexing and bringing their personal experiences and stories to the table.

    Swish Music is: Dau Dau, Unamii, Reddeye Glizzi, Deemenace, Jay Swi$h, XPunhc, Showt!me, DC Ralph, M2, Been Ballin, TMB and AG.

  • Alerts Drops New Suffa Produced Track “Southside” With Purpose

    Alerts Drops New Suffa Produced Track “Southside” With Purpose

    Adelaide Mc Alerts

    Adelaide emcee Alerts has dropped his new single “Southside” via YouTube tonight featuring Purpose, produced by Suffa of the Hilltop Hoods, mixed by Simplex and featuring cuts by DJ Sanchez. The three-minute offering from the pair gives a full 360-degree insight into growing up in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide, affectionately known by many as the Southside. Per capita, the Southside of ADL has arguably produced more nationally prominent rappers than anywhere in Australia with the likes of Hilltop Hoods, Delta, The Funkoars, Terra Firma, Prime, Prime, K21, After Hours and Train Of Thought all coming from the South and this track continues the legacy of quality – check below.

    Alerts first came to national attention on Simplex’s debut Obese Records solo album “Audio Biography” through the standout posse cut track Opus Operandi along with Australian legends Delta of Nuffsaid Records and the ever-talented Motions. His memorable show stopping live performance accompanying this song at Home Grown for Da Klinic’s 10th birthday bash in July 2011 at the now defunct HQ Complex main room really put him on notice. The track earned a place in esteemed Sydney DJ’s Shan Frenzie’s memorable Show & Prove mixtape showcasing the best hip hop released that year across the country along with the likes of Trem, Bias B, Drapht, Mantra plus more.

    Alerts would go on to collaborate significantly with Kimence, as well as with a careful selection of Adelaide best including Mnops, Social Change, DJ Dyems and most recently Conseps. It is his stand-alone music however which has really established himself in his own right and led to support slots with the likes of Royce Da 5’9, Ras Kass, Kerser, Kings Konekted, Tech N9ne, Raekwon & Slick Rick, Skrub, Complete, ChillinIT & Wombat, Rates, Delta, Cormega, Spice 1 and Fat Joe since 2015 leading him to headline his own gigs. Having performed all up and down Adelaide, Melbourne and Tasmania, Alerts has built a reputation for himself somewhat the old-fashioned way as a writer and performer from the ground up with a swell of support.

    Back in late March 2018 almost two years ago to the day, Alerts dropped his impressive debut “The Prisoner” track produced by Simplex of Terra Firma. With the captivating visuals to the song executed by Josh Davis & Heath Kerr (Heata) of 1984 Films, the 4:20 minute offering has been played over 42,000 times on YouTube alone – a strong effort for his first independently released, unfiltered track.

    Following a busy period of extensive performances across the country, the in-demand follow up was the three and a half minute “Get It” single released in June 2019, again produced by Simplex. The continuity in production work of the pairing of Alerts and Simplex sounds and feels like a natural fit and served as popular follow up to the breakthrough The Prisoner track. The music video is again Executed by Josh Davis and Heath Kerr of 1984 Films, really showcasing their diverse talents behind the lens. Get It also spawned a recent remix by Simplex, providing a fresh take on a heartfelt track.



    Stay tuned – more Alerts music on the way soon, from the Southside to nation wide.

    Words By BattleRap Writer



  • Elefant Traks: Recipes For Lockdown – The Herd

    Elefant Traks: Recipes For Lockdown – The Herd

    The Herd

    ET cooking inspiration Dale, aka DJ DGGZ aka Rok Poshtya from The Herd is back with another fool-proof recipe for lockdown, this time a sweet treat!

    We're all in the same boat trying to make beans and lentils taste good so each week we're sending over one of Dale's restaurant-worthy recipes and coupling them with the perfect Elefant Traks album to cook along to.

    Next up... Pancakes and The Herd's Better Alive EP.

    Happy cooking - be sure to tag us in your pics @elefanttraks

    The Herd Better Alive EP

    The Herd's Better Alive EP turned 8 this week (Happy Birthday!) and we couldn't think of a better album to soundtrack your morning pancake making. Reminiscent of melted butter, Better Alive is funky by nature with the hard-hitting lyrics we love <3

    Dry Ingredients
    1.5 cups self raising flour
    OR 1.5 cups plain flour + 2 tsps baking powder
    2 tbsp sugar
    1 tsp salt

    Wet ingredients
    1 cup milk
    1 tsp vanilla essence
    2 eggs beaten
    50 grams butter melted

    - Melt the butter slowly in a pan on low heat.
    - Meanwhile beat the two eggs until they come together and add the milk to the egg mixture.
    - By this stage your butter should be pretty much melted. Add that into your mix and leave aside.

    Add all the dry ingredients together in a separate bowl and mix through with a dry fork. Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and then pour in your wet ingredients and fold them in until they start to come together. You can then get a bit more tough with it and give it a whisk. Don't worry about small lumps as long as all the flour is mixed you'll be right.

    - You should have a fairly stiff mix - it should be closer to gloopy than flowing but still should be what you would class as a liquid. if it's too firm add a splash of milk / too liquid - add a bit of flour. But add small amounts (eg tbsp at a time).

    - If you can leave it for an hour or so and wait for a couple of bubbles to form on the surface of the mix you'll have fluffier pancakes. But you can cook straight away if not.

    - And then it's just a matter of getting the mix into a moderately hot pan in some oil or butter. Wait for bubbles to form on the 'wet' side then flip. If your base is dark turn your pan down. and obviously, if your base is looking a little blonde turn the heat up.

    Serve with maple syrup / sugar and lemon / sliced bananas.

    Substitutions: got no milk? A mix of yoghurt and water will work.
    Vegan substitutions: you should be able to replace the 2 eggs with half a cup of mashed very ripe bananas. And the milk just use your favourite milk substitute. Main thing is to get it to the gloopy liquid stage as above.




  • South West Syndicate Release Brand New Music "The Next Chapter"

    South West Syndicate Release "The Next Chapter"

    South West Syndicate


    Historical Hip Hop group South West Syndicate (SWS) release "The Next Chapter" - Friday 3 August with Western Sydney heavy hitters.

    "This is dedicated to the Kings and Queens of the Sydney Hip-Hop scene"

    JPoint, Izzy and Mikoen - The next generation of SWS members
    Tomorrow, Friday 3 April 2020, South West Syndicate (SWS) release their second single "The Next Chapter", since the group's reformation.

    "The Next Chapter" features the next generation of SWS members who are all acclaimed heavy hitters in their own right within the hip-hop scene: Mikoen, Izzy, JPoint, DJ Black President and SAJ.

    "The Next Chapter" is a tribute to the hip-hop icons who have paved the way, when local hip-hop was not accepted in Australia. In the track, Mikoen, Izzy, and JPoint pay homage to some of Sydney's hip-hop legends, "the kings and queens of Sydney's hip-hop scene" Spice, Def Wish Cast, 046, Sound Unlimited Posse, South West Syndicate.

    The music video was filmed at Sydney's only Hip Hop bar and SWS host venue Hustle and Flow, which is also home to Rock the Block a weekly hip-hop event run by Izzy and supported by Nigel Tarrant, owner of Hustle and Flow.

    South West Syndicate - The Next Chapter

    The Next Chapter video will premiere online on Saturday night 4th April at 9pm 2020, as part of the 4E programming for the 4Elements Festival running digitally from 4th August to 5th December. Hosted by the effervescent Jess Paraha. (Link to stream available on the SWS Facebook event page)

    As a posse, South West Syndicate (SWS) have been making music for more than 35 years, starting as youths in Bankstown and Redfern. After achieving success and breaking new ground for underground hip-hop in the '80s, '90s and 2000's, the group parted ways in 2003 to work on their individual careers. In 2019 the original SWS crew Munkimuk, Naz and Brothablack reunited and pulled a dream team of South West Sydney rappers and merged metal and rap for the release their first single ain August 2019, "Back like a Boomerang."

    After 12 months of the 10 people crew working on new music in the studio, SWS are ready to release the singles off their upcoming album, also named, "The Next Chapter".

    In addition to the new songs, SWS recently released a music clip of a 1996 retro track, "Just Another Day" filmed in Bankstown. This will be part of an SWS retro album, including their signature SWS song "Are you with me out there?"

    Watch the full video for "Just Another Day" here. It will be available on streaming services on 7th August 2020.  Pre-Save on spotify here!

    Listen to The Next Chapter Here



  • Elefant Traks: Recipes For Lockdown - Jane Tyrrell

    Elefant Traks: Recipes For Lockdown - Jane Tyrrell

    Jane Tyrell - Echoes In The Avery

    Many of you will know Dale, aka DJ DGGZ aka Rok Poshtya from The Herd but did you know that he's also our in house chef?! Jokes we wish Dale could cook us lunch every day but he quite seriously is our cooking-inspiration at the ET mansion. When our office went into lockdown this week our team hit up Dale immediately for his lockdown recipes.

    We're all in the same boat trying to make beans and lentils taste good so we thought we'd share them with you too. We've even coupled them with the perfect ET album to cook along to.

    First up Lentil Dahl and Jane Tyrell.

    Happy cooking - be sure to tag us in your pics @elefanttraks
    Lentil Dhal and Jane Tyrell's Echoes In The Aviary

    Dive into Jane Tyrell's brooding and self-expressive solo album Echoes In The Aviary while simmering your red lentils and spices.

    2 cups red lentils
    6 cups water
    2 tsp ground coriander
    1tsp turmeric
    2 fresh green / red chillis (omit for family obvs)
    1/2 bunch of coriander
    tsp salt (possibly more)
    tadka (this is like the 'dressing'/flavouring for the dhal)
    1tsp black mustard seeds
    1tsp cumin seeds
    1/2 tsp hing / asoefetida (or you can use whole garlic cloves
    handful fresh curry leaves)
    2 or so tbsp cooking oll (we use olive - which is not traditional obvs but it's the only cooking oil we use)


    - Wash the lentils in plenty of water until the water runs clear. This is normally three or four rinses. Then put the red lentils and the 6 cups of water into a pot with the coriander, turmeric and chilli if using and set on a medium-high heat. leave to simmer until the lentils start to break up - normally about 25 mins or so.

    - In a separate pot heat the oil to moderately hot, then add the seeds and wait until they start popping. Add the hing (or garlic) and then add the curry leaves and cover and remove from heat immediately and add the tadka to the lentils.

    - Finish with chopped coriander and salt. Don't skimp on the salt - most home made non-indian dhal I've had skimps on the salt and it's amazing how the flavour blossoms when it's seasoned well.



  • Brisbane Rapper Viliani Drops Brand New Music Video 'Round of Applause'

    Brisbane Rapper Viliani Drops Brand New Music Video 'Round of Applause'

    Rapper Viliani

    Brisbane rapper Viliani has just dropped a brand new music video 'Round of Applause' and it is a very unique track. Produced by Axl Beats, mix and mastered & shot by Chess Sounds. Although Viliani is pretty new to the Australian rap scene she has been working hard on her delivery and flow over the past few months while increasing her stage presence through numerous gigs across Brisbane.

    The brand new track takes on a personal note while reflecting on the past and certain things that have happened throughout her life but she speaks on coming out the other side a better person. Viliani speaks on learning from the mistakes some might make and to not dwell on the past.

     Watch Viliani 'Round Of Applause' Below!

  • Sydney Hip Hop Gig News: Rock The Block - DeadBeats 'Now Rockin It' Single Launch ft. Masta Marx

    Sydney Hip Hop Gig News: Rock The Block - DeadBeats 'Now Rockin It' Single Launch ft. Masta Marx

    Sydney Hip Hop Gig News: Rock The Block - DeadBeats 'Now Rockin It' Single Launch ft. Masta Marx

    Rock The Block - DeadBeats 'NOW ROCKIN IT' Single Launch
    ft. Masta Marx


    DeadBeats is made up of Dan the Underdog & Threat3 , both artists are MC’s and producers and collaborate on the beats and the rhymes.

    Dan the Underdog is an Adelaide born MC who grew up in Buffalo, New York. He moved back to Australia in 2004 and linked up with Threat3 who had already been a fixture in the Northern Territory Hip Hop scene for some time. The 2 worked together on projects with TASK, Teknikal Onslaught, ACID and Northern Versifiers.

    When Threat3 moved out to Queensland and Dan moved back to Alice Springs, they decided to work on a collaborative project via the internet, hence DeadBeats was born.

    This powerful duo are know for live sets that absolutely smash the stage with their grown man flavour of hip hop. Flexing dope beats, wicked lyrical styles and impressive vocal skill this crew take you back to the roots in the early nineties of Australian hip hop.

    Masta Marx:

    Born in Sydney Australia Masta Marx is an active hip hop producer and decorated lyrical MC with smooth bouncy flows and a complexity in pattern and meaning that Marx's words could be interpreted in many ways.

    Rah Records
    Who Knows AUS

    Hosted by:
    Izzy & Mumbles

    ✂️ Dj-tones

    ? Live Set:
    - DeadBeats
    - Masta Marx

    Sydney's Premier Open Mic Cypher Night.
    Live beats, DJ scratches and freestyle cyphers.
    Local and international artists performing live sets.

    This event is for the Hip Hop community with nothing but positive vibes for newbies to vets.

    A space for everyone involved in the creation of Hip Hop music (Emcees, Producers, DJs, Beatboxers etc.) to meet, network and refine their craft.

    If you're a Hip Hop 'Head' and you're in Sydney this is the spot!


    Presented by:
    Hustle & Flow Bar - The Home of Sydney Hip Hop!

    Sponsored by:
    Wu-Tang Clan Liqueur
    567 King
    The Craze Co
    The Goodz
    Rah Records
    Sounds Espresso
    UnEkst Clothing


    **$5 BEERS






  • Tour News - Complete - The Death Rattle Tour

    Tour News - Complete - The Death Rattle Tour

    Complete Death Rattle Tour

    Perth’s Complete continues his 18-leg national tour w/ Omac, Mysc and Uncool Sam of The Psych Ward to support the release of his highly anticipated Death Rattle 17-track studio album released late last September on Drapht’s own The Ayems label with Warner Music Australia. Supporting his upcoming run of shows across WA, QLD and Byron Bay include Syllabolix’s own Bitter Belief, Manaz Ill (Adelaide), Greeley of ThcTV plus additionally Rome’z and 5past for selected shows.

    Complete – Blood Stained Nikes 

    The album Death Rattle itself has been received very well widely and features work from Rob Shaker of Shake Down Records / Studio, legendary Melbourne emcee Bias B, K21 of Golden Era Records, Mitchos Da Meance of Menace Records, Dazastah of Downsyde, Sever, Bitter Belief, Greely, Manaz Ill, Uncool Sam, TPW on a posse cut as well as additional production from relative newcomers Penacho, Yusei, Dominik Wirsching and Ratfooshi.

    Complete – Death Rattle

    Complete has already taken in almost a dozen shows across NSW, Victoria, Adelaide, Hobart after starting off with a hometown opener in Perth. A seasoned performer and musician, Complete has previously dropped Panic Disorder in 2010 (feat. Layla SBX, Mr. Grevis + TPW), the joint album Devil’s Resume with Omac in 2012, Paranoia Prison in 2014 and the While We Wait… mixtape at the end of 2017, building up a dedicated and loyal fanbase all too familiar with his back catalogue and memorable live shows. Having performed with the likes of Kerser, Merkules, Wombat, Drapht, The Funkoars, Madchild of Swollen Members, Lord Finesse & Large Professor, R.A The Rugged Man, Necro, Rates amongst others since 2010, Complete has built up a diverse fanbase from the ground up over the last decade that has grown with him.

    Complete – Roses

    A versatile and multi-layered rapper, Complete has the unique ability to provide a wide array of different music from the heartfelt to the comedic. With an excellent solo studio album now under his belt and finishing off his first extended national headline tour, the musical future seems bright for Complete. Catch Complete coming to a town near you soon or buy / stream his album Death Rattle - out now. It seems 2020 surely is the year for the Rise of the Ward.

    Complete – Jordan

    Words By BattleRap Writer

  • Album Review: Caustic Yoda - Mutant Beats

    Album Review: Caustic Yoda - Mutant Beats

    Caustic Yoda - Mutant Beats

    There's a saying they use when describing the vast pool of musicians in the Blue Mountains Hip Hop scene, 'There must be something in the water.' If this is the case then Caustic Yoda's studio must be built on an ancient spring. Caustic Yoda is a multi instrumentalist, beatmaker, turntablist, producer, visual artist and percussionist from the heart of The Blue Mountains.

    Caustic Yoda Live

    The Producer behind one of my favourite bands Cooking With Caustic, one half of the instrumentalist band GORO along with Waza, also the beatmaker/producer behind the politically charged and consciously hard hitting Hip Hop group Bomb Threat, a member of one of the mountains most well known original Hip Hop groups Two Toes, the beatmaker/producer behind Scratches Records recent signing Otherside among many other artistic ventures including mixing and mastering most of your favourite Hip Hop albums from the state.

    Caustic Yoda has a sound and a reputation in the industry, a reflection of decades of work.
    With all this under his belt its surprising to think that this latest album Mutant Beats is Caustic's first ever solo venture.

    The album has been described as Minimal Organic Boom Bap, which really helps give you an idea of what Yoda is known for.
    His sound is very analogue, rich and earthy. It has body, and a lot of the organic sound comes from Caustic Yoda's hands on approach to beat making. That's hands on literally, as both a drummer and a beat creator Caustic Yoda makes his sounds using live finger drumming on a drum machine, synths and playing percussion. He's not the sort of cat I often see with a loop or carefully constructed sample on a computer monitor, he's a live unquantised producer, both on stage and in the studio.

    Caustic Yoda Mpc 2500

    His studio is filled with instruments of percussion, pianos, turntables, heavy cassette players, vintage arcade machines and keyboards that look like they were lifted straight from the bridge of The Starship Enterprise.

    When I last visited his studio we went out the back to where he is hand printing the sleeves for his records. The walls and floor covered in oil paintings he's working on and cover designs.
    Caustic Yoda is a passionate and humble cat who creates works reflecting not only an expression or narrative, but also a personal take on what music means to him, and nowhere is this more clearly articulated than on his new album.

    Mutant Beats is an album with a rich fidelity. It has a nourishing sound and is beautifully spaced and each instrument and rhythm given time and room to breathe.Caustic Yoda's beats sound human, the kicks and snares have character and I've always been a fan of Yoda's ability to swing. The BPM is slow and smooth, very Blue Mountains.

    If you're lucky enough to pick up the vinyl I can't recommend it enough to get that A side B side experience out of the track list, as well as hearing the music the way it was intended.

    Caustic Yoda Studio

    Stand out tracks for me are Test Patterns, Anti-matter, and the stunning song Xtapolapocetl which in my opinion is the peak of the B side to Mutant Beats. (I have it on good authority that the closing song Juno Landing is dedicated to his dog.)

    I asked Caustic Yoda about the album and he told me it's not a record that's really meant to demand your attention, it is an exercise in minimalism to create whole songs while still leaving space.
    He told me Mutant Beats has been a handmade project from start to finish and seeing how he works in the studio I couldn't think of a better way of describing it.

    You can get the album on vinyl, CD, cassette (limited) or as a digital download here.

    And of course you can find Caustic Yoda on all streaming services and social media to stay up to date with releases and see him live in concert. Peace.

    Words By Mighty Ash


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