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  • Album Review: Photograph Your Aura LP

    Album Review: Photograph Your Aura LP
    Nelson Dialect & Alnitak Kid - Photograph Your Aura LP


    Photograph Your Aura is the latest self-titled debut from talented Adelaide poet Dialect and producer Alnitak Kid. This release is the first cab off the ranks of the new label Bleu Avian, created by Nelson Dialect and Alnitak Kid.

    Standing firm in solidarity entirely in its own lane, this release is original, woozy, experimental, retro, off-kilter and lo-fi Hip-Hop encrusted gold. The soundscape is more than just ‘beat making.’ Alnitak Kid is more of a composer of sounds and textures, creating soundscapes for Nelson Dialect to effortlessly flow over. He uses really dusty, and small bit rate samples to create an oldish but new feeling inside the beats. He also uses off-beat rhythms, time signatures and interesting percussion to add his own flavour to the whole projects. His production is not trying to be like anything else, it is purely in its own category (especially in the Australian Hip-Hop scene) and matches Dialect’s originality as a lyricist.

    Dialect delivers supreme architecture, poetry and consciousness within his lyrics. His gravelly voice suits the production like a glove and he delivers many different styles and flows over the grainy production. He touches on topics such as love, the world and inner reflective thoughts, plus many other themes. It is a coming of age record in my opinion, Dialect on his grown-man rap steeze, poetically flawless. The two obviously have a cohesive gel together, and the combination of both is really original and refreshing.

    The artwork and film clips accentuate the old rusty feel of the album, the video clips are artistically and creatively designed deliberately to look like its shot on VCR or an older medium. It enhances the feel of the music and is a very brave and brilliant way to showcase the music.

    Overall, this is a release that isn’t a traditional ‘Hip-Hop’ album, but it is far more original than the majority of music being dropped lately. It truly stands alone, in a good way, and is a prime example of how creativity can be pushed, into positive new territory.

    Stream or download Photograph Your Aura here.


    Words By Lani Milbus

  • Sinks, One Sixth, Dialect & Thando - After/Light (Video)

    Sinks, One Sixth, Dialect & Thando - After/Light

    Sinks, Dialect, One Sixth & Thando - AfterLight

    2017 was a year, solidly filled with an incredible amount of great releases. 2017 was definitely a massive year for Sinks, winning the Hilltop Hoods Initiative, releasing another album following 2016's well-received "Cold Fury" with 2017's "Buy Partisan," and also releasing a few singles.

    One of which features songstress Thando, fellow HTH initiative winner and top tier lyricist, One Sixth & the ever-brilliant Dialect, combining to form a timeless track together.

    Over a dusty, Sinks produced, solemn break, each artist brings their weight to the track, as well developed, unique and seasoned emcees. The song starts with One Sixth's laugh and Thando's vocalisations in the background. This sets the tone for the rest of the track, One Sixth, effortlessly seeping into the track, with slick finesse, and unmatched penmanship, gently slaying the instrumental with his layered inner thoughts. He shows why he is widely regarded as one of the finest in this country. Thando's hook is what ties everything together. Lyrically, and tonally, it matches the dim lit, eerie and cosy feel of the song, and adds that perfect touch of feminine, goddess energy. Sink blazes through his verse with concise authoritative tones, and relentless flow, layering his verse with flavour wordplay & reflective thoughts on the world and life. Dialect takes over the track, essentially, stopping the instrumental at the start of his verse. This to me is someone controlling the beat with one word, after that he is so comfortable, relaxed and poetic, casually tearing through his gusto filled wordplay, double entendres, metaphors and conscious thought.

    The track oozes consciousness, wisdom and well-crafted lyricism, one of those tracks that was just perfect. This mix on this track is particularly sweet (Phil Gektor deserves the credit here), adlibs panning in the left and right worked very nicely. Everyone has a clean distinct sound, but had the perfect blend of old dustiness and clean new sounding vocals.

    Overall this track was one the best of 2017, as it was an incredible collaboration, and ticked all the boxes more than once. It has such brilliant conviction, positive and reflective thought, but is also ear candy too. 15 out of 10 for this one.

    Words By Lani Milbus

  • 'Metastasis' The Brand New Track And Music Video From Dialect And Must Volkoff

    Must Volkoff ft Dialect - METASTASIS (Official Video)

    Melbourne independent hip hop record label Pang Productions have just released a brand new track and video clip featuring Adelaide rapper Dialect. This brand new track 'Metastasis' is the follow up for 'Homeostasis' featuring Must Volkoff on the pads again.

    A limited edition  Metastasis/Jewels + Crystals 7" will be available from the store on 21/7/16.

    Peep The brand new video for 'Metastasis' below.

  • Speech Therapy 8

    Speech Therapy 8, Speech Therapy 8, Sydney Hip Hop, Australian Hip hop,Ozhiphop Speech Therapy 8

    Australia's premier hip-hop-spoken-word event Speech Therapy is back for its 8th installment with a line-up that is sure to grab your attention.

    Joe New - Sydney/Blue Mountains rap veteran, who played a crucial role in both Down Under Beats Crew and Gully Platoon, has been working on solo material recently and you get a chance to hear it first. 

    MC Dialect from Dialect & Despair has established himself as a one of the brightest lights of the new school of Australian hip hop. Already working on his third album this lyrical master has agreed to make to trip from Adelaide just to rock the mic at Speech Therapy .

    Muph , your headliner, is one of the most influential rappers in Australia...he's ARIA-nominated.....has appeared on tracks with Hilltop Hoods, Urthboy, Horroshow, Pegz. etc...and has released several classic albums with his partner in crime Plutonic Lab. His lyricism is touching, witty and brutally honest. Despite some time away from the spot-light recently Muph has agreed to make an exception for Speech Therapy and give us a unique one-off spoken word performance as this month's headliner.

    Your host, as always, is Sydney's own The Tongue

    Thurs July 31st at Work-Shop 

    Address - 80 George Street SydneyAustralia 2016

    For more info head over to the website here.

  • Dialect JJJ Unearthed Feature Artist

    Dialect – JJJ unearthed feature artist


    South Australian emcee Dialect has been picked as this weeks Triple J Unearthed feature artist. As a part of the whole deal, Triple J threw a few q’s Dialects way. You can check that out below. Also, make sure you head over to Dialects unearthed page here, and download some new tracks plus leave a review.

    1. Tell us about your music – How did you develop your flow and sound?

    I make straight up Hip Hop music with a focus on heavy beats and true lyricism inspired by my life experience, passion for record collecting and that 90′s New York Hip Hop sound. I want to make music people can pull out their crate or play on their ipod and still appreciate 20 years down the line and know it isn’t any temporary or throw away music that was created as a reaction to a trend. My flow and sound has naturally developed over the last 8 years. I first started rhyming at age 12 just going through my eldest brothers collection of classic Hip Hop and when i heard Raekwon’s opening verse on ‘Knuckleheadz’ from his album ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx’ thats the moment i went “yep thats what i want to do”.

    Growing up with 3 older brothers all listening to Hip Hop there was no escaping it at the family household, i feel for my parents! But i felt a real affinity with the culture so i started collecting records, writing and freestyling. Then being inspired by MC’s like Juice and the entire Stronghold crew i entered my first battle at the age of 13 which i won so i kept doing it. I went on to win 6 more invitational battles but decided to stop at 16 to focus on recorded music.

    By doing live shows, recording more music, constantly writing and gauging people’s responses i refined my style. Also the peers i surrounded myself with growing up like Motion, Social Change and Delta have always encouraged me to strive for my best and never perform something you’re not happy to stand behind. So it was always a healthy and positive incentive to want to bring your best to the table when your rhyming with that calibre of MC’s.

    2. What can the audience expect at a live show?

    An honest, raw and entertaining performance. An uncompromising Hip Hop show; true lyricism, crates, turntablism, freestyles. But i always hope to engage with the crowd and above all have fun with it because thats why we’re all here, i don’t believe hardcore Hip Hop and having fun should be mutually exclusive. I want people to still party and have fun to music with integrity and a message, they did in the 60′s so why should that consciousness in live performance and music still not be there? If something i said made someone think /smile/dance or all at the same time then im happy.

    3. Tell us more about working with Erick Sermon.

    While he was in Adelaide, touring Australia with EPMD, he came back to my man Despair’s studio, The Vortex, and kicked it with the family here and listened to some beats. We had a draft copy of the new album that started to play and he had a real positive response which was a really humbling experience to hear him support the project and give it a good rap. He shared stories of growing up in Long Island New York, recording those classic EPMD albums, discovering Redman, being an aspiring artist himself at 19 approaching labels and other dope stories of his career in the Hip Hop game. He gave us a lot of encouragement and advice about the music industry and how to maintain your own identity in it, which were jewels i know ill apply each day.

    Reflecting back, Its a pretty classic story to happen in little old Adelaide. I used to drive an 80′s era Mercedes, which got wiped out by someone running a red light through it recently (RIP!) But we were driving through the streets of Adelaide with Erick Sermon chilling in the whip, bumping EPMD, man It was just funny! Erick said driving in the Merc made it like the Australian version of the EPMD Unfinished Business cover (check it if you haven’t seen it!) It was a very cool yet bizarre experience to just chill and hang out with a massive influence on music, a huge inspiration for me and one of the greatest hip hop pioneers to ever live. Definitely a story for the grandkids if their not too busy on their hover boards.

    4. Whats coming up in the future?

    I have a new album coming out in June called ‘The Vortex’ I’ve been working on with Adelaide producer Despair which features guest appearances from Delta, Social Change and Motion. It will be available nationwide on CD & 2LP Vinyl for all those nutty record purists! We also have some exciting gigs coming up supporting DJ Premier, The Beatnuts, Masta Ace & Edo G in Melbourne and Adelaide and then touring the album upon its release across Australia in July/August.
    Myself and Despair are already working hard on new music, diggin, producing, writing, recording everyday and in 2011 we’ll be going to New York to work on music and get absorbed in the Hip Hop Mecca…oh yeah and 2012! But for the immediate future, The new album and touring is my primary concern, which i believe has something for everyone. So be on the look out for Dialect & Despair in a city near you releasing our new album ‘The Vortex’.

    5. Australian Music is?


  • New Music! Fat Pockets - Butterthief Phat Tape

    New Music! Fat Pockets - Butterthief Phat Tape Available Now For Purchase

    Fat Pockets Phat Tape Fat Pockets - Phat Tape

    Funkwig and DJ Snair team up as Fat Pockets and deliver the “Butterthief Phat Tape”

    The “Phat Tape” is a 24 minute CD, featuring all original production by Funkwig and cuts by DJ Snair with new exclusive music by Social Change, Dialect, K21, Crossbred Mongrels & Chris Bass plus special guests 2Biz and Mesha.

    Starting out like a dusty beat tape packed with vocal samples, the Phat Tape winds it’s way thru various instrumentals and skits until reaching track 5 “Da Ultimate” on which Dialect and Social Change both bless the mic. This is followed by another collaboration “Flava” with K21 and Social Change sharing the funky beat, both tracks featuring straight lyricism, no hooks and songs here.

    Then the Phat Tape finally arrives at a new exclusive full length Social Change song in “Step” on which Social Change flips lyrics like “Coming correct with this / Microphone Checking this / Specialists / Effective at making it look Effortless.”

    “Step” is followed by a quick word from 2Biz of the almighty Crackhouse family (Mindfield, Sukatash, Common Cause) before heading into an exclusive “Crossbred Mongrels” track produced by Chris Bass with cuts by DJ Snair. This track was left off the recent Crossbred album but with Chris Bass smashing the beat and Snair going crazy on the cuts, it finds it’s home perfectly on the Phat Tape.

    After a quick shout out from Mesha and DJ Snair from Taylor Made Tactix the Phat Tape finishes up with another exclusive full length Social Change track “Forever”.

    The Phat Tape CD pressing also includes bonus Social Change track “REAL”.

    Available now in our store via the link below.


    Butterthief Butterthief

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